Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 192 – 410 Dragon Marks

Chapter 192 – 410 Dragon Marks

Chapter 192 – 410 Dragon Marks

“This Jiang Chen really is a trouble maker.”

Daoist Black laughed and talked to Guo Shan through his Divine Sense.

“Sect Chief, it looks like this Green Sanctuary Sect won’t give up easily, I think they bear a really deep grudge against Jiang Chen. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be coming here personally. I might just have a trick to solve this though.”

Guo Shan said.

“Tell me.”

Daoist Black said.

“The Green Sanctuary Sect’s purpose is to kill Jiang Chen to vent their grievance, so if that is the case, we’ll give them an opportunity. Just let them send one of their genius disciple to fight Jiang Chen. Since there is already Yun Can from the Heavenly Sword Sect, I don’t think Jiang Chen will mind fighting one more person. This can also be a test for Jiang Chen.”

Guo Shan said.

“Alright, we’ll do as you said.”

Daoist Black’s eyes lit up. He felt that Guo Shan’s idea was pretty good. In an instant, he turned towards Qing Styx, and with a loud voice he said, “Qing Styx, the Black Sect has no intention of fighting the Green Sanctuary Sect. However, no matter what, Jiang Chen is my disciple, and you can’t just bring him away from here. Beside, as a Sect Chief, fighting a younger generation genius is not something that fits your status. I have no idea what Jiang Chen did to your sect, but I’ll give you all an opportunity; you can send one genius disciple from the Green Sanctuary Sect, and no matter who it is, Jiang Chen will accept his challenge, as long as he is a younger generation disciple from the Green Sanctuary Sect that is. I promise that none of us from the Black Sect will stop their fight, and no one will help Jiang Chen during the battle either.”

“What a joke! Although that Jiang Chen is just a Mid Heavenly Core warrior, even an Early Divine Core Sect Elder was no match for him! Daoist Black, are you asking me to send my disciple here to get himself killed?”

Qing Styx angrily said. Although he had yet to meet Jiang Chen in person, it was a fact that one of their Early Divine Core Sect Elders were killed by Jiang Chen.

“Don’t tell me the Green Sanctuary Sect doesn’t have any core disciples?”

Guo Shan said with a loud voice.

“Qing Styx, this is my bottom line, genius versus genius. This is fair. If any of you old men want to strike, I, Daoist Black will definitely fight you till the end! Don’t forget, this is the Qi Province, the Black Sect’s territory. I believe you’d have zero advantages if we really were to fight.”

Daoist Black said with a stern expression.

“Sect Chief, we could get Huo Yuner back from the Karst Cave to fight this Jiang Chen.”

Liu Hong whispered to Daoist Styx.

“That’s right, Huo Yuner broke through to the Divine Core realm one year ago! With his unique body characteristic, the Heavenly Flame Skill he has been cultivating, as well as the fact that he has been cultivating in the Karst Cave for nearly a year, I’m sure Jiang Chen won’t be his match.”

Another Sect Elder said. All the other Sect Elders nodded their heads in agreement. When a core disciple was mentioned, all of them immediately thought about Huo Yuner.

“Fine, let’s return to the Qian Province now. Liu Hong, you’ll personally go to the Karst Cave to get Huo Yuner. Send him here to kill Jiang Chen.”

Qing Styx strengthened his spirit, then he led the rest of the Sect Elders and returned to where they came from. Although Qing Styx was eager to kill Jiang Chen, he knew that if Daoist Black got in his way, he might not even be able to see Jiang Chen’s face.

Also, he somehow agreed with Daoist Black’s words. Fighting a tiny younger generation disciple with his status as a Sect Chief, that would really damage his reputation. Since they had made it clear that they could send a genius disciple from the Green Sanctuary Sect to challenge Jiang Chen, no one from the Black Sect would stop them.

Although Jiang Chen could defeat and kill an Early Divine Core warrior, Huo Yuner was not an ordinary person, he was a genius that couldn’t be compared to any other ordinary warriors that were the same level as him. He was more capable of fighting than anyone who had a higher cultivation level than him.

The Green Sanctuary Sect had left, but the Black Sect was once again in a state of turmoil, and Jiang Chen had become everyone’s focus. Everybody were guessing what would happened two days later. There was already Yun Can who wanted to fight him, and now there was the Green Sanctuary Sect. Also, n.o.body knew how powerful the Green Sanctuary Sect disciple would be.

The restless situation didn’t bother Jiang Chen who was in secluded cultivation at all. For him, nothing was more important than absorbing the golden egg. He had now absorbed half of it, and that had allowed him to form another 70 Dragon Marks. He now had a total of 370 Dragon Marks, and he was close to having 400

Although there was still 50% left of the golden egg remaining, the more Jiang Chen’s cultivation advanced, the more difficult it would be for Dragon Marks to form. The energy required to form a new Dragon Mark would become bigger. But still, this golden egg was more than enough for Jiang Chen to break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, another day had gone by, and the night had come.

Jiang Chen who had been sitting quietly in his room for two days suddenly opened up his eyes. Two bright beams shot out from his eyes, and the energy that he unintentionally unleashed from his body shook the entire room.

“d.a.m.n it, such a powerful energy! Buddy really broke through to the Late Heavenly Core realm.”

Sensing the energy, Big Yellow who had looked bored and tired suddenly had his ears stand up. He immediately turned around and looked towards Jiang Chen’s room.

Within the room, Jiang Chen had completely absorbed the golden egg. He was in the middle of breaking through to the Late Heavenly Core realm. He shouted with a deep voice and retrieved a huge amount of Mortal Restoration Pills from his storage ring, then he just ate it all like it was something worthless.

The energy from this ma.s.sive amount of Mortal Restoration Pills was absorbed by the Dragon Transformation skill, and was turned in streams of energies which rocked and flowed into Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea with great speed.

At this moment, the Heavenly Core residing within the Qi Sea begun transforming. The fist-sized golden colored Heavenly Core began producing a buzzing sound and started trembling violently. Countless blood red Dragon Marks forcefully penetrated into it, and made its size double.

Jiang Chen’s energy was extremely powerful, it was a foundation that no one could ever understand. He looked like an ancient demon beast, extremely formidable.

Right now, Jiang Chen had successfully broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, and he had a total of 400 Dragon Marks. However, due to the golden egg’s energy not being completely depleted, Jiang Chen didn’t stop cultivating. He also needed to stabilize the energy within his body and make his cultivation stand firmly at the Late Heavenly Core realm.

“He has broken through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, but he still doesn’t want to come out? Don’t tell me he is sleeping inside the room…”

Big Yellow had a depressed expression. However, he knew that there must be some reason why Jiang Chen hadn’t come out, therefore he didn’t disturb him, but continued guarding.

Early morning the next day, Yun Can arrived from far. He floated outside the Black Sect’s main gate while portraying an image of grandeur. Just like two days ago, he shouted, “Jiang Chen, come out now and face your death!”

“d.a.m.n it, that Yun Can is really on time, he arrived so quickly.”

“He is determined to kill Jiang Chen and get revenge for Liang Xiao. After waiting for two days, I’m sure he’s starting to get impatient

“We haven’t seen senior disciple Jiang for the last two days, I think he’s still cultivating.”


The arrival of Yun Can marked the prelude of a violent fight. All disciples of the Black Sect stormed out from their locations and gathered at different places within Black Mountain, then they stared at the high spirited Yun Can.

“Since Yun Can is here, I wonder when the disciple from the Green Sanctuary Sect will arrive?”

“I think he’s on his way. Looks like the Green Sanctuary Sect is determined to kill Jiang Chen.”

Many disciples carried excited expressions on their faces. This was the first time in history that a Heavenly Core warrior from the Black Sect was going to fight a core disciple from another sect, it had never happened before. Therefore, everyone were eagerly antic.i.p.ating it. If Jiang Chen could defeat Yun Can, the fight would definitely be recorded in the Black Sect’s history. Even Nanbei Chao doesn’t have such a record.

“Where is Jiang Chen? Why has he not come out yet? Does he really want to be a loser?”

With an arrogant and prideful expression, Yun Can repeatedly shouted from the skies.

“Can’t you be just a little more patient? Senior disciple Jiang will be here fore sure.”

“That’s right! Why are you so impatient to getting yourself killed? You can live longer since senior disciple Jiang isn’t here yet, why do you just not know how to cherish your own life?”

w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng were yelling back him. The two of them were the earliest batch of Jiang Chen’s followers, and their loyalty towards Jiang Chen had no comparison. Therefore, they kept provoking Yun Can for him.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you to talk to me like that, you are just seeking death!”

Yun Can’s eyes widened as he gazed at w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng. Yun Can would not take someone like them to heart.

“Such high self-esteem! Later, senior disciple Jiang will beat you so badly your own mother won’t be able to recognize you! I’ll wait and see how arrogant you’re going to be then!”

“Let him be, why are you talking so much to someone that is soon going to die?”

w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng were echoing to each other, they were provoking Yun Can and making him feel p.i.s.sed off. If his target wasn’t Jiang Chen today, he would definitely attack both of them right now.

“Ask Jiang Chen to come out and face his death immediately! There is no use wasting time and trying to be a loser!”

Yun Can continued his provoking.

Right now, within the Black Sect, Jiang Chen was still in his room. Big Yellow was walking back and forth outside his room. He could clearly hear all of Yun Can’s provocation, and it made him feel panicked.

“Big Yellow, what happened? Why haven’t brother Jiang finished cultivating?”

Guo Shan arrived from afar and asked with a worried tone. Yun Can was yelling and provoking outside, and if Jiang Chen didn’t go out to face him, it would seriously affect his reputation.

“I don’t know, this guy broke through last night, but he still hasn’t come out, d.a.m.n it!”

Big Yellow was fl.u.s.tered and exasperated.

Right as Big Yellow’s words left his mouth, the door to Jiang Chen’s room was pushed open. Jiang Chen who was wearing pure white clothes walked out from the room with a bright smile on his face.

After spending the entire night, Jiang Chen had finally absorbed the entire golden egg, giving him a total of 410 Dragon Marks, as well as completely stabilizing his cultivation base at the Late Heavenly Core realm.

“My ancestor, you’re finally out! If you hadn’t come out by now, your master dog would s.h.i.+t on your head!”

Big Yellow said as he bared his teeth.

“f.u.c.k you!”

Jiang Chen cursed out loud. He hadn’t done anything wrong, so why did this dog want to do something so disgusting?

“Big Yellow, I only asked you to guard me during my cultivation, why do you want to take a s.h.i.+t on my head?”

Jiang Chen felt speechless.

“Jiang Chen, come out now and face your death!”

Yun Can shouted once again. Only this time, Jiang Chen could hear him loudly and clearly.

“What happened? Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is seeking death?”

Jiang Chen’s expression immediately became fierce.

“Now you know why. That guy has been shouting and yelling for quite some time, and your master dog can’t stand it anymore!”

Big Yellow said as he bounced around.

“Who is that?”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows.

Translated by XianXiaWorld