Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 191 – Elite Trouble Maker

Chapter 191 – Elite Trouble Maker

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Chapter 191 – Elite Trouble Maker

Qing Styx was furious, extremely furious. His lungs seemed like they were going to explode due to the unbearable madness. When a man was filled with hope, and had even seen the lights of these hopes in front of him, but suddenly discovers that all his hopes had become illusions, and everything had shattered like gla.s.s; this kind of emotion was not something ordinary people could understand.

The Green Sanctuary Sect and Firethorn Savage had fought a violent battle which had resulted in severe damage to both sides. At the same time, Firethorn Savage was the Green Sanctuary Sect’s biggest hope for rising. Qing Styx was dying to become a Combat Soul warrior and rule the entire Qian Province, he was longing for the Qian Province to become like the other provinces who also had Combat Soul warriors. He wanted to get the Martial Saint Dynasty’s attention.

But it was now gone, it was all gone.

Firethorn Savage’s demon soul was gone, but Qing Styx still brought the body with him. He carried the mountain-like body back to the Green Sanctuary Sect. Firethorn Savage’s body was filled with useful things, and just his fur alone would be enough to make a lot of defensive items.

On the same day after Qing Styx returned to the Green Sanctuary Sect, he immediately summoned a few Divine Core warriors and proceeded towards the Qi Province.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This is ridiculous! That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d really killed Firethorn Savage while he was in his weakest state, he has taken everything that belongs to the Green Sanctuary Sect!”

“Kill him, we must destroy him and get rid of our great hatred!”

“Let’s go, proceed to the Black Sect! We’ll ask Daoist Black to hand over Jiang Chen, and if he refuses then the Green Sanctuary Sect will become his enemy!”


All the Green Sanctuary Sect Elders were filled with righteous rage, and fury could be seen on their faces. The situation made it seem like Jiang Chen had just abducted their daughters, causing a deeply rooted hatred.

Qing Styx had become really furious this time. If he couldn’t kill Jiang Chen, a knot would form in his heart, and if he allowed this to keep pressuring him, he would never be able to break through to the Combat Soul realm for the rest of his life.

The mighty Green Sanctuary Sect was a respected sect in the Qian Province, but it was fooled by a young man. If they couldn’t do something about it and bring back their reputation, the Green Sanctuary Sect would become a laughing stock in the Qian Province.

Right at this moment, Jiang Chen was completely immersed in a state of cultivation, and all his focus was on absorbing the golden egg. Therefore, he didn’t pay any attention to what was happening outside.

The golden egg the size of a human’s head was revolving in midair in front of Jiang Chen. Countless blood red Dragon Marks dashed out from Jiang Chen’s body and covered the entire golden egg. The energy contained within the golden egg started flowing into Jiang Chen’s body, and with help from the Dragon Transformation skill, the energies were quickly transformed into the purest energy, then it entered Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea and circulated around his Heavenly Core, and started forming into new Dragon Marks.

Completely absorbing the golden egg was no easy task, it had to be done bit by bit. If it was absorbed too fast, the energy contained within would be wasted. In any case, Jiang Chen had plenty of time right now, so he wanted to fully utilize this golden egg and break through to the Late Heavenly Core realm.

After a restless night, a quarter of the golden egg had been absorbed, helping Jiang Chen form 25 Dragon Marks, making it a total of 328 Dragon Marks in his body. This was the terrifying power of the Dragon Transformation skill, with each new Dragon Mark formed, Jiang Chen’s overall combat strength would increase.

Jiang Chen was cultivating with a peace of mind right now, and Big Yellow was fulfilling his duty by guarding outside. However, none of the Black Sect disciples could have a peace of mind now. The arrival of Yun Can had created a turmoil amongst them, everyone knew what was going to happen in two days. If Jiang Chen really broke through, a violent fight was inevitable.

Late in the afternoon, another disturbance happened outside the Black Sect’s main gate. More than five overbearing energies were quickly approaching.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen, come out and face your death!”

A frightening loud shout sounded out throughout the mountains. The sound waves were many times more powerful than Yun Can’s, and even though it came from a distance far away, it still made many people feel pain in their ears.

“What the f.u.c.k, again?! What happened? When is this going to end?”

“d.a.m.n it, what did Jiang Chen do, why are there so many people with grudges looking for him? Look at them, I think their hatred towards Jiang Chen is extremely huge.”

“Since senior disciple Jiang came to the Black Sect, trouble has come with seemingly no stop; there is no peace in the inner circle or the outer circle. Senior disciple Jiang really is a devil incarnate, my idol!”


All Black Sect disciples were soon going to throw up their blood. All of them were wondering what had happened today; Yun Can just left in the morning, and later that day, another group of people who wanted to kill Jiang Chen appeared. Judging from their energies, this group was much more powerful than Yun Can.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

Once again, many disciples emerged from their locations. They were now even faster than they were in the morning, all of them wanted to see who were coming for Jiang Chen, and find out what Jiang Chen had actually done.

Outside the Black Sect’s main gate, a group of five old men were floating in the skies. All of them wore the same green uniform, and the leading man had the strongest energy, which was no weaker than Daoist Black’s.

“Heavens, where did these men come from? Their cultivation bases are so strong!”

“I can sense that the cultivation of their leader is no weaker than Sect Chief! However, I have never seen these people before… Since when did the Qi Province have so many strong warriors?”

“They are definitely not from the other three big sects, perhaps they aren’t even from the Qi Province? Oh my, what has senior disciple Jiang done? Look at their faces, it seems like they’re going to eat someone alive!”


When these disciples found out the cultivation levels of this group of people, all of them were shocked. The overall strength of these people were many times stronger than Yun Can. However, none of them knew where they came from. So many Divine Core warriors just to hunt Jiang Chen down, this could be considered as another kind of ability. None of the disciples here had the ability to make something like this happen.

“Get that Jiang Chen out here as soon as possible, I want him to hand over Firethorn Savage’s demon soul! If not, I won’t let him off easily today!”

Qing Styx’s shout was like a ma.s.sive clap of thunder, vast and mighty.

“Who dares wreak havoc in the Black Sect?!”

At this point of time, a shout similar to Qing Styx’s shout sounded out from the Black Sect’s inner area. In the next second, Daoist Black was seen flying through the skies. He arrived in front of the Black Sect’s front gate, and next to him there was a few more Divine Core Sect Elders, Guo Shan included.

“Who are you, and why are you shouting in front of the Black Sect’s front gate?”

Daoist Black glanced at Qing Styx and a few others. He was not familiar with these people.

“Judging by your cultivation level, I suppose you are Black Sect’s Sect Chief, Daoist Black? I am the Green Sanctuary Sect’s Sect Chief, Qing Styx. We travelled far for one single reason; we want Jiang Chen. We have no intention to seek conflict with the Black Sect, so as long as you can hand Jiang Chen over to us, we’ll turn around and leave immediately.”

Qing Styx went straight to the point. He guessed that Firethorn Savage’s demon soul was still with Jiang Chen, and therefore, as long as he could find Jiang Chen, there was still a chance for him to retrieve the demon soul.

“What? The Sect Chief from a big sect in the Qian Province came all the way to the Black Sect personally? When did Jiang Chen go to the Qian Province to cause trouble?”

“d.a.m.n, Jiang Chen really is a devil incarnate! Not only did he cause so much trouble in the Qi Province, he even went to wreak havoc in the Qian Province. What did he do to the Green Sanctuary Sect that p.i.s.sed them off so much?”

“What is a Firethorn Savage? Jiang Chen is a man who can really do a lot of things.”

Hearing that these men had come from the Qian Province, and that they were all Sect Elders of a big sect, including the Sect Chief, everyone on the spot became speechless. Jiang Chen’s ability to cause trouble was really good.

“Firethorn Savage’s demon soul?”

Daoist Black furrowed his brows. Perhaps no one else here knew what a Firethorn Savage was, but he knew about this demon beast. There was a Firethorn Savage residing within Misty Mountain, Qian Province, but it was impossible for Jiang Chen to obtain its demon soul.

“Sect Chief, let me explain what happened to you.”

Guo Shan immediately summarized all the information and pa.s.sed it onto Daoist Black through his Divine Sense, giving him a picture of what had happened. In order to save Yan Chenyu, Jiang Chen had gone to Misty Mountain to hunt for Firethorn Savage, and in the end, he had used the Green Sanctuary Sect and caused them to suffer great losses.

After digestion all the information, Daoist Black became stunned. Jiang Chen really killed a peak Mid Divine Core Firethorn Savage, and he even obtained its demon soul. If Guo Shan hadn’t told him this personally, Daoist Black would have never believed it at all.

“Good, perfect! This young man will definitely become someone great in the future!”

Facing this threatening group of men from the Green Sanctuary Sect, not only did Daoist Black not feel any panic or nervousness, he was excited. Being able to accomplish something so huge, it proved that Jiang Chen was a man with careful thoughts. At the same time, it also proved he was brave. A genius like this would definitely grow to be someone great in the future.

“Qing Styx, don’t you think that it is inappropriate for you to come here, in front of the Black Sect’s front gate to ask for our disciple?”

Daoist Black said.

“Daoist Black, Jiang Chen has cruelly killed the Sect Elders and disciples of the Green Sanctuary Sect, and he also framed us, causing us to suffer ma.s.sive damage! The reason I am here today is to kill him, and I don’t think Daoist Black will want to offend a big sect like ours just for a tiny little disciple, right?”

Qing Styx said.

“I’m sorry, but I have to disappoint Qing Styx. I, Daoist Black am well known for being over protective with my own disciples. Besides, the Green Sanctuary Sect is such a big sect, and yet, you can’t even fight a ‘tiny little disciple’ of mine, and you even suffered ma.s.sive damage? You should stay at home and do some self-reflection. Why do you still have the nerve to come here and ask me to hand my disciple over to you? Qing Styx, I think you better return to where you came from.”

Daoist Black said with a smile on his face. In his mind, Jiang Chen was his most precious disciple, so there was no way he would hand him over to them.

“That’s right, you are such a big sect, but you still suffered ma.s.sive losses because of senior disciple Jiang, that’s really shameful! How do you still have the dignity to come here?”

Some disciples shouted.

“Daoist Black, no matter what, I, Qing Styx want to bring Jiang Chen away today! Do you really want to make the relations.h.i.+p between the Black Sect and the Green Sanctuary Sect become tense?”

Qing Styx was still furious.

“Hmph! Look carefully at where you are standing right now! This is the Qi Province, not your Qian Province! Don’t tell me you’re going to attack us with just the few of you?”

Daoist Black let out a cold snort. As the Sect Chief, he had to behaving domineeringly. Not just because he wanted to protect Jiang Chen, even if it was just an ordinary disciple, he wouldn’t just hand him over easily. If he really did do so, he would lose the trust of all his disciples, and he would have a hard time managing the Black Sect.

“Sect Chief, Daoist Black’s words are correct. This is the Qi Province, and we hold no advantages if we were to strike.”

Liu Hong whispered to Qing Styx.

“Hmph! I can’t return empty handed! Besides, that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d Jiang Chen might not have had the time to absorb Firethorn Savage’s demon soul yet, we can’t just give up right now.”

Qing Styx let out a cold snort. Firethorn Savage’s demon soul could help him achieve his dream, there was no way he could just give it up so easily. However, this Daoist Black just didn’t want to give way, and if they really wanted to strike, they were going to suffer losses for sure.

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