Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1673 – Sun Divine Feather

Chapter 1673 – Sun Divine Feather

Sun Divine Feather

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This was Big Yellow’s last words before disappearing along with the mirror, as though they were never there.

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen bellowed hoa.r.s.ely. At this moment, tears trickled down his face. His heart was about to stop beating. He could feel the sadness buried in the depths of Big Yellow’s heart. All the memory he had with Big Yellow were appearing in his head non-stop.

You would never know how important something or someone was until you lost it. Right now, Jiang Chen was heartbroken and upset.

He suddenly felt that he had really lost Big Yellow. Only now did he understood that Big Yellow had been an indispensable part of his life. His remaining life was going to be dim without him.

He lowered his head. Apart from the mystical feather in his hand, there was also a spiritual talisman. He knew that this was the last thing Big Yellow gave him. It was the only clue he had in finding Big Yellow in the future.

He then gingerly kept the talisman in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da.

‘Desolate Ancient Land, Big Yellow, I will certainly come for you. You just have to wait for me,’ said Jiang Chen firmly.

What and where, the place wasn’t really important, because he would find out sooner or later. Big Yellow had kept too many secrets from him because he still had loads to catch up in terms of cultivation.

Until now, there was still no news of Yan Chenyu, while Wu Ningzhu had vanished along with the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao, and now Big Yellow had also left him. All of these made Jiang Chen depressed.

“Little Chen, where has Big Yellow gone to?”

Han Yan and Tyrant came to Jiang Chen’s side and asked. They had also been through life-and-death experience with Big Yellow. Now that Big Yellow left, they naturally felt that their heart was sinking.

“He has gone to a very distant place. Don’t worry. We are going to meet again.” Jiang Chen smiled, then s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the feather.

The feather was golden in colour. There was a wisp of flame on its surface. The flame is the Fire of Sun and the feather is the Sun Divine Feather, a feather stripped from the Gold Feather Fan. It was 3 meters long and weighed thousands of kilograms in Jiang Chen’s hand.

“It’s the Sun Divine Feather. The treasure in Jiang Chen’s hand is the Sun Divine Feather which came from the Great Thousand Mirror.”

“That’s right. It has to be the Sun Divine Feather, peeled off from the Gold Feather Fan. One feather is worth a city. This trip is going to be so fruitful if I can get it.”

“Kill, kill Jiang Chen and seize the Sun Divine Feather! He’s just a half-step Immortal Emperor, he isn’t qualified to get it.”

“The Sun Divine Feather is a divine item and a part of a peerless Sovereign Weapon. Only the strongest have the right to possess it. What gave Jiang Chen the right to obtain it?”


The quiet scene suddenly turned chaotic. No one knew what method Big Yellow used to throw out a divine feather from the mirror. This had immediately set off thousands of waves. That’s a sacred item of the Golden Clan. Everyone would surely be shaken by it. Whoever could control the Sun Divine Feather would be able to conquer the world instantly.

Jiang Chen ignored all the threats. The Sun Divine Feather was bouncing continuously in his hand, seemingly about to break free from his grip. Hastily he circulated the Fire of Sun and enveloped it with the flame. As though feeling the qi of its origin, the divine feather stopped moving and established a subtle connection with Jiang Chen.

However, he felt that even though he could obtain the recognition of the Sun Divine Feather, it would be very difficult to exert its true power that weighed more than a ton. But then again, at this moment, the Immortal Mark that had been hiding silently inside his Qi Sea was activated once more.

He was taken aback that the divine feather had triggered the Immortal Mark. One should know that it had remained silent ever since he ascended to the Immortal World.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The Immortal Mark bounced aggressively. He didn’t know the origin of it, but with the help of the Immortal Mark, the Sun Divine Feather seemed to have become closer to him. He could clearly sense that the feather was going to become part of his body. Integration was more important compared to recognition. Although recognition indicated that Jiang Chen could wield the Sun Divine Feather, with the help of the Immortal Mark, he could exert the greatest force of the divine feather.

This was a feather taken from an unparalleled Sovereign Weapon. The damage that it could do was beyond imagination.

“Jiang Chen, hand the Sun Divine Feather over and I can spare your life today.”

Xia Xiaotian shouted at Jiang Chen. His eyes were full of greed as he stared at the divine feather in Jiang Chen’s hand.

“Jiang Chen, even the Great Thousand Mirror and the Sun Divine Feather have emerged. There must be an even greater treasure in the Golden Clan. Many Great Sovereigns have fallen in there eons ago. Now that the clan has shown up again, the inside must be full of treasures. Do you really think that you can stop us?” Zhang Yulang yelled.

At this moment, most of their eyes had already become red. The greed and desire inside of them were eroding their consciousness. Just like what Zhang Yulang said, the scenes in the Great Thousand Mirror had shown them clearly that numerous Great Sovereigns had died in there. Anyone who tried to stop them from entering the territory would become public enemy.

“Jiang Chen, I will give you ten breaths of time to move away. Otherwise, you will die.”

Fengyun Zi’s qi was domineering. At this time, they were no longer concerned about Dragon s.h.i.+san. The Sun Divine Feather had drawn all of their attention. They would never be foolish enough to fight Dragon s.h.i.+san again.

Upon seeing this, Dragon s.h.i.+san began to worry. The situation was undoubtedly very unfavourable to Jiang Chen. Earlier, he had kept the six great experts busy as the six of them had placed their focus on him, regarding him as the greatest threat.

But now, their focus had been s.h.i.+fted. They were no longer interested in engaging a life-or-death battle with him. Even with his ability, he could only stop two experts at most, the remaining four would be left unguarded, which would jeopardize Jiang Chen’s life.

Facing the pressure of thousands of people, Jiang Chen’s hair fluttered frenziedly. His qi soared up to the sky. The Sun Divine Feather held in his hand seemed to disdain all beings in the world.

“Before Big Yellow left, he has entrusted me to guard the bloodline of the Golden Clan at all costs. As long as I’m here, anyone who dares to approach the gateway will DIE.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was cold and heavy. At this point, he seemed to have become a G.o.d of slaughter. The Sun Divine Feather in his hand was blazing with fire.

Many of them frowned, feeling slightly frightened by the sight of the divine feather.

“This man can’t control the Sun Divine Feather, can he?” someone said.

“Impossible. The Sun Divine Feather is a Great Sovereign Weapon. He’s just a puny half-step Immortal Emperor. How could he control it?” The crowd of people shook their heads.

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