Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1672 – The Secret of Big Yellow

Chapter 1672 – The Secret of Big Yellow

The Secret of Big Yellow

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The projection of the ancient mirror caught everyone’s breath. Many people had guessed that those images belonged to the ancient great war that took place tens of thousands of years ago, but what had actually happened during that time? Why was such a huge clan wiped out? Would the secret behind everything be revealed to them by the Great Thousand Mirror?

Jiang Chen’s expression turned dignified as he looked unblinkingly at the mirror. The images in the mirror flickered continuously, sometimes clear, sometimes blurry, however it was already considered not bad based on the fact that the images were kept for tens of thousands of years.

On top of a 30 000-meter-tall mountain stood a middle-aged man with a strong built body, his hand holding a huge golden fan. As he waved ferociously forward, the whole world seemed to moved. Large batches of cultivators in his path were blown to death by the fan. This move had killed at least ten thousand enemies.

It was a pity that only see the shadows of the enemies could be seen and not their faces, nor the truth about how the war began.

“The Gold Feather Fan! That’s the Golden Great Sovereign. My G.o.d! He’s so domineering. The legendary Gold Feather Fan is said to be able to move anything, absolutely unimaginable.”

“That’s the projection of the Golden Great Sovereign, the leader of the Golden Clan, the ancient Great Sovereign that was on par with Immortal Execution King and Great Sovereign Zang Xian.”

“That’s an extremely fierce war. Even the Golden Great Sovereign himself took part in the war and displayed the Gold Feather Fan, however why can’t we see the faces of the enemies clearly? Could it be that the Great Thousand Mirror couldn’t display the true faces of those enemies?”


Even though the majestic gesture of the Golden Great Sovereign were tens of thousands of years ago, it had subdued all of them. The bearing he projected transcended everything.

The picture changed. A woman in a red dress held an ancient *qin. The surface of the qin was covered with a layer of raging flames. Her unparalleled beauty suffocated men. She was standing in the void, looking at the dark tunnel with incredible length above. It was a big hole in the void.

“It’s Empress Xiao Yao! Look, she’s holding the Xiao Yao Qin in her arms.”

Someone cried out. They hadn’t seen Empress Xiao Yao before, but they remembered the appearance of the musical instrument. Not long ago, Wu Ningzhu had acquired the Xiao Yao Qin when it emerged. That ancient qin matched perfectly with this image. The image was eons ago, anyone could guess that she was Empress Xiao Yao herself.

“Right enough, she had an unsurpa.s.sed beauty and elegance, and was the all-powerful empress that could display endless talent.”

“What had happened that year? Could it be that the powerful empress had really died?”

“Such a figure possess the same lifespan as the Heavens and Earth. It’s hard to believe that she had really died. Since, the Great Thousand Mirror emitted no sound and only recorded the images,, we don’t have any idea what had happened during that year.”


Everybody was startled by the picture of Empress Xiao Yao, even though it was incomplete.

Finally, Empress Xiao Yao leaped into the dark tunnel, carrying the Xiao Yao Qin. No one had any idea where she was heading.

The picture changed once more. An old daoist holding a divine whip was yelling something across the void at the top of his lungs. Unfortunately, his voice couldn’t be transmitted out of the mirror, his tragic emotion, although it had been thousands of years ago, could still be clearly felt, however.

“What had happened? What’s going on? Why do those ancient Sovereigns, omnipotent Immortal Sovereigns, seemed so miserable?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t remain calm. Scenes of the tragedy were everywhere in the mirror. Mountains and rivers had been crushed. Blood and flesh were flying everywhere. Many silhouettes could be seen. The immemorial war was ongoing. The only deficiency about the projection was that they couldn’t see the true faces of the enemies.

Jiang Chen turned to Big Yellow who now seemed petrified, looking obsessively at the scenes in the mirror, as though he had recalled some old memory. Jiang Chen could clearly see the tears at the corners of the dog’s eyes. This dog was truly moved by scene.

“Big Yellow, tell me what happened. You should’ve known what had happened.”

Jiang Chen came to Big Yellow’s side and prompted through divine sense. He was afraid that he might go crazy if Big Yellow still refused to tell him even at this time.

Unexpectedly, Big Yellow only shook his head and didn’t say no.

But after a long time, he spoke, “Little Chen, you have seen it. The Great Sovereigns are falling. It hasn’t reached the time for you to know yet.”

Suddenly, the scenes changed again. A youth wearing a cloak was standing in the void. He seemed to be fifteen or sixteen years old, but his cultivation base had reached a heaven-defying extent – he was also a mighty ancient Sovereign. He was surrounded by countless enemies, trapped in the circle of death. A golden horn had appeared on top of his head. He roared frenziedly at the sky and his body began to transform. The only pity was that the pictures disappeared completely at this moment, making it impossible for them to see what had happened after that.

“That’s a youth who is also a Great Sovereign. No, he is a Demon Sovereign. It seemed like he had been besieged, unfortunately the scenes have vanished.

“It’s a tragedy that even those Great Sovereigns have to die. What a terrible war!”

“No one knew what really happened back then. The images left in the Great Thousand Mirror are just remnants of the scenes.”


Many of them sighed. Such a huge war was simply beyond their imagination and acceptance.

However, at the last moment of the young Sovereign’s disappearance, Big Yellow got irritated abruptly and roared frantically at the sky. He had seen something that the others couldn’t see from the mirror.

Jiang Chen and Han Yan were startled. The current sight of Big Yellow gave them heartache. Tears filled his face and his roars were full of endless melancholy. They had never seen him in such a way, however they could imagine that the pictures in the mirror must have stimulated Big Yellow’s heart.

The scenes in the mirror continued to change. After several minutes, the Great Thousand Mirror began to let out a buzzing noise and shook violently. They realised that the mirror was going to disappear. At this time, Big Yellow suddenly soared towards the mirror.

“Big Yellow!”

Jiang Chen and Han Yan yelled, but Big Yellow didn’t seem to hear them, as if he was totally immersed in his own objective.

“Big Yellow, what are you doing? That’s a mirror.”

“Not good, the Great Thousand Mirror has formed an independent spatial universe inside. Big Yellow wants to go into it.” Tyrant and Han Yan were astounded, their faces were full of worries.

In just a matter of a few blinks, Big Yellow rushed into the Great Thousand Mirror. Then, a ray of divine light shot out of the mirror, reaching its target impartially. The target was precisely Jiang Chen.

At the same time, Big Yellow’s voice was heard in Jiang Chen’s ears. “Little Chen, control the Sun Divine Feather, guard the bloodline of the Golden Clan and my natal talisman. When you become strong enough, come to the Desolate Ancient Land and save me.”

*Qin – A plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.

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