Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1670 – Killing Nanbei Yitu

Chapter 1670 – Killing Nanbei Yitu

Killing Nanbei Yitu

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Jiang Chen finally believed that these golden warriors weren’t dead, because those that were already dead wouldn’t have will except the order to kill. Although these golden warriors were sealed in a certain way, they still possessed some kind of will and could sense what he was doing and the Fire of Sun inside of him. That was the fire of origin of their clan. That was why they were willing to help. They felt that they were helping their own clan if they do so.

Each of those golden warriors had the strength of a late Immortal Emperor. With their support, the Five Elemental Grand Formation became even more stable. Jiang Chen was even allowed to leave the encampment to kill some enemies.

“Tyrant, just like before, support the grand formation with the G.o.d Trembling Monument. I will rush out to kill them, seizing the chance to break their encampment, disrupting their effort to pool all their energy together.” Jiang Chen said to Tyrant and Big Yellow.

“Alright. Be careful.” Tyrant nodded.

“Don’t worry, I have the Great Void Technique. Not even thousands of experts can harm me.”

Jiang Chen smiled. The Great Void Technique was undoubtedly a technique that could protect his life. The enemy’s encampment ahead was incredibly huge, however he had no fear as the Great Void Technique could allow him to appear at any place, and dodge the attack of the enemies.


A pair of dragon wings emerged on his back as he rushed out in a ray of light. With the Great Void Technique and Nine Phantom Wolves combined together, his speed was simply too fast.


The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in his hand and he materialized in front of Nanbei Yitu. Currently, his cultivation base has already reached the pinnacle of the half-step Immortal Emperor, leaving him only a step away from the true Immortal Emperor realm. As a matter of fact, during the ten months of seclusion, he should have already broken through to the Immortal Emperor realm, but because of the dragon transformation skill having yet to evolve, it caused his cultivation base to stay stagnant. Although his cultivation base stagnated, his combat strength had improved tremendously. He might not be able to fight opponents like Nanbei Yitu before, but now, with his current strength, it was effortless for him to kill Nanbei Yitu. And with the coordination of the Great Void Technique and Nine Phantom Wolves, he’s allowed to appear at any place, at any time. He could either choose to attack from the front or from the back, it would surely confuse the opponent.

“Nanbei Yitu, go and die now.”

Jiang Chen’s qi was unparalleled. After locking on Nanbei Yitu, the terrifying Heavenly Saint Sword slashed downwards from above.

Nanbei Yitu was terrified. It was an all-out attack of Jiang Chen. A sense of extreme danger blossomed in his innermost soul. It also made him feel isolated and helpless. There were clearly many people around him, but he felt that none of them could provide him any help in the face of Jiang Chen.

Such a feeling was unpleasant. He didn’t dare believe that Jiang Chen’s strength had become so powerful that it could threaten his life.

In fact, Nanbei Yitu had just advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, hence his cultivation base was still very unstable.

As Jiang Chen had gone into his combat mode, he would never show mercy in his attack. This slash encompa.s.sed his most ferocious attack and power. How could Nanbei Yitu be a match for Jiang Chen?

Out of helplessness, Nanbei Yitu could only lift his sword to block Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword.

*Hong Long……*

The void around was torn apart. The slash of Jiang Chen carried the force of four supreme flames. Nanbei Yitu was directly sent flying away by the slash.

He let out a wail, spurted out blood and quickly hid in the crowd.

“Nanbei Yitu, I’m going to kill you. It’s no use hiding in the crowd, no matter how many people there are, I will still kill you.”

Jiang Chen’s voice sounded like the king of h.e.l.l, cold and emotionless. As soon as his voice faded, he appeared behind Nanbei Yitu like a ghost. There were five late Immortal Emperors who had joined forces to deal with Jiang Chen, however they instantly lost sight of Jiang Chen.


Nanbei Yitu exclaimed once more. He could feel the threat of death from Jiang Chen. He knew that Jiang Chen had already made up his mind to kill him, also Jiang Chen’s speed was just too fast, so fast that he couldn’t even react.

Jiang Chen gave Nanbei Yitu no chance. He stabbed with his sword.

Nanbei Yitu tried to dodge, but even so, he was still stabbed by the Heavenly Saint Sword. One of his arms was severed. Blood gushed out crazily.

“Save me, save me…!”

Nanbei Yitu was utterly shocked. He shrieked and ran. It made him felt isolated. Even though there were over ten thousand people on the scene, he felt that he was the only one facing Jiang Chen.

A dozen late Immortal Emperors immediately besieged Jiang Chen when they heard Nanbei Yitu’s call for help. They had already locked the void, making it like a death cell. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to escape from it even if he had three heads and six arms.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen still vanished with just a sway of his body. This type of death cell had no effect on him at all. The place where he appeared was precisely in front of Nanbei Yitu.

This time, Nanbei Yitu was stupefied. He began to despair, feeling that he couldn’t escape from Jiang Chen’s grip even with his late Immortal Emperor cultivation base. The opponent’s speed was too fast. He didn’t know how Jiang Chen did it. The siege attack of a dozen late Immortal Emperors was useless to Jiang Chen.

Without another word, Jiang Chen raised the Heavenly Saint Sword and slashed at the injured opponent. Terrifying sword qi interwove into a huge net, entirely enveloping Nanbei Yitu. Along with a miserable wail, he was beheaded, dying on the spot.

Jiang Chen would never be lenient to any member of Nanbei Family. Without delay, he lunged towards the ten-thousand-experts.

“Surround Jiang Chen, we must kill him. He’s too terrifying.”

Someone yelled. A large number of late Immortal Emperors began to notice Jiang Chen. Each of them unleashed their killing intent and charged at Jiang Chen. All of them saw the death of Nanbei Yitu clearly and deeply felt the scariness of Jiang Chen. Such a man was overly heaven defying. He would surely be a huge threat if he was kept alive.

*Hong Long……*

The scene was thrown into chaos. The spatial zone of the Golden Clan had straightaway turned into a vast battlefield. Blood and flesh never stopped spilling.

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