Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1669 – Blood Stirring

Chapter 1669 – Blood Stirring

Blood Stirring

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*Hong Long……*

The Heaven and Earth were shaken. The Battle Saint Technique was displayed to the maximum. It might seem like Dragon s.h.i.+san had lost the upper hand while fighting against the six, but if one looked closely, one could see how relaxed and confident he was while performing hand-seals.

In Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s opinion, the monkey was enjoying the battle. Dragon s.h.i.+san was perfecting his Battle Saint Technique under such a great pressure. This was more important than anything else. Furthermore, he knew the situation of the battle very well. Even if he couldn’t defeat all six of them, it was impossible for them to take his life.

“What a powerful combat technique!” Jiang Chen said in a surprised tone.

“This monkey has great luck. He found the true essence of the Battle Saint Technique. He’s now exploiting the pressure from his enemies to refine his combat technique, improving himself continuously. I’m afraid that amongst all late Immortal Emperors, only he can fight six half-step Immortal Venerables.” Big Yellow sighed. Even with his pride, he couldn’t help but praise Dragon s.h.i.+san’s talent.

“There’s one more person who can achieve this, Nanbei Chao,” said Jiang Chen.

The war had already begun, but Nanbei Chao had yet to appear. This showed that he had gotten some great treasures that not even the eighteen golden pa.s.sageways had attracted his attention. Jiang Chen was almost sure that once Nanbei Chao appears, he would be as terrifying as Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“That son of a b*tch better not show himself up at this time,” spoke Big Yellow.

He expected that the inheritance of the Golden Clan would vanish soon. That was to say, they only had to defend against these geniuses until the gateway disappeared. Although Dragon s.h.i.+san had reduced most of their burden by handling the six half-step Immortal Venerables, if Nanbei Chao appeared at this time, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Even if Nanbei Chao didn’t appear, the current scenario was still very unfavourable to Jiang Chen and the rest. Almost everyone here had regarded them as enemies, and when these enemies learned to work together, Jiang Chen’s forces wouldn’t be able to resist them.

“Kill them, kill Jiang Chen!”

Someone shouted. The speaker was Nanbei Yitu. Being the first genius of Nanbei Family to fight Jiang Chen, he was incomparably aggrieved as he still remembered that Jiang Chen was merely a little shrimp when they first met. He could easily crush Jiang Chen at that time if Yang Bufan didn’t interfere.

How long has it only been since they first met, Jiang Chen had already grown to the point where he, Nanbei Yitu, could only look up to? Although he had already advanced to the late Immortal Emperor realm, he didn’t even have the courage to stand out when Nanbei Jing and Nanbei Zhong were murdered by Jiang Chen. Now that thousands of people were advancing to kill Jiang Chen, he would surely unleash all of his anger at once.

*Hong Long……*

Countless people had launched their attacks from all directions. Multi-colored energy rays continued to bombard the Five Elemental Grand Formation. Jiang Chen and the rest were completely trapped in the ocean of energy. Even the domain created by the Eternal Immortal Wind was ripped apart. Their faces including Big Yellow had already became ugly. No one could tell how long the formation could hold. At this rate, it seemed virtually impossible for the formation to last until the golden gateway fade away.

“Get stuffed! Master Monk has come.”

At this moment, a loud voice was heard. Grandmaster Haoran dashed into Jiang Chen’s grand formation in a flash.

“I have come to fight side by side with you all.”

Grandmaster Haoran was a man of righteousness. His blood had long been stirred by Jiang Chen and the others’ heaven-defying act. First, Tyrant, a brother whom he liked very much, was amongst them. Secondly, when he fought Jiang Chen previously, he had been deeply impressed by Jiang Chen and decided to befriend him. Now that his brother and junior brother were in danger, he felt extremely uncomfortable being a spectator. Therefore, he rushed into the battlefield desperately. Confronting all the geniuses of the world was truly a pa.s.sionate, heroic and satisfying act. No matter what the outcome was, one’s life wouldn’t be in vain if one could join in this fight.

“Senior Brother, why have you come?” Tyrant showed a look of surprise.

“Grandmaster Haoran, you shouldn’t have involved yourself today. What would I do if you lost your life in the process?”

Jiang Chen cried out. He had never thought that Grandmaster Haoran would jump into the formation at this moment. The battle had already developed into a sure-death situation. Given Haoran’s intelligence, it was impossible for him not to see their current situation, however the fact that he joined them slightly touched Jiang Chen’s heart.

“And me, Mo Wuqing.”

“Me, Yang Lang.”

“Me, Shan Chong.”

For an instant, Mo Wuqing, Yang Lang, and Shan Chong rushed into the Five Elemental Grand Formation to help support the formation. All of them were late Immortal Emperors. Each having a huge increase in strength. Being the genius of devil cult, Mo Wuqing was brutal by nature. Even their chosen one had joined the battle, he naturally shouldn’t be just an idle spectator.

Yang Lang and Shan Chong had come for the sake of Yang Bufan. At the same time, they were startled by Jiang Chen’s heroic qualities and boldness. Sometimes, it’s easy for people to be affected by emotion. Once the emotion was stimulated, one would no longer pay attention to the repercussion. Just like now, Yang Lang and the other’s emotion had been stirred, feeling that it would make their life in vain if they didn’t join the fight.

“Haha! We’ll fight together today!”

Jiang Chen laughed aloud. His dominance was overwhelming. As more people joined their forces, the grand formation became even more stable.

*Hong Long……*

Another wave of fierce attack hit the grand formation. More and more geniuses took part in the war. Although the situation looked the same when the Xiao Yao Qin emerged, the disparity was too great. Today’s scene was incomparable to the previous.

The good thing was that the one who supported the formation right now had much higher cultivation bases than before.


At this moment, the golden warriors who had been guarding the gateway moved, radiating a sliver of will, their empty eye sockets looked at Jiang Chen and the others.

“Let them in. These golden warriors can feel what we are doing and want to give us a hand,” said Big Yellow.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen immediately tore a hole on the formation, letting the golden warriors in to help support the grand formation.

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