Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1637 1 – Ten Minutes

Chapter 1637 1 – Ten Minutes

Ten Minutes

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*Hua La……*

The Eternal Immortal Wind and Five Elemental Spheres had completely merged together. Jiang Chen had also cast out his Qilin Arm. He was ready to make the whole world his enemy. In order to protect Wu Ningzhu today, he would kill whoever that came, regardless of who the person was, with his fastest and most powerful skills.

“Disciples of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley, except for the two saintesses, all of you will have to retreat, otherwise your lives will be in danger,” Jiang Chen shouted.

Hostility had been created in the major powers whose disciples had been killed by Jiang Chen. As the allure of the inheritance of the Great Sovereign was just too great, more and more experts would attack. Nanbei Chao had used a very vicious trick. The more people that died in this battle, the greater the enmity and the greater the ma.s.sacre. It was bound to be a bloodbath. Jiang Chen didn’t want to involve the female disciples of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley. After all, their cultivation base was too weak and this battle would surely threaten their lives. In battle, not only could they not be of much help, but would also become a burden. Once the real battle begins, he was afraid that no one else would be able to protect them. Jiang Chen would surely feel guilty if any of them died in the process; he was touched by the fact that these girls were willing to join the fight even at such a situation.

“Young Master Jiang is right. You all should get out of here now,” Lan Lingji added.

Those female disciples exchanged glances with one another before hastily withdrewing from the battle. They weren’t fools. They knew what Jiang Chen meant. They surely couldn’t offer much help in such a battle. It might even cost them their lives; at that time, the losses would certainly outweigh the gains.

The female disciples retreated. No one stopped them. Most of the attackers had acted for the sake of stopping Wu Ningzhu from getting the inheritance. It had nothing to do with the female disciples.

In the rear, numerous late Immortal Emperors were waiting for their turn to strike, making the atmosphere even more tensed. A great war was inevitable. Wu Ningzhu was still making her way towards the fiery stairway. She seemed extremely anxious as she was crystal clear about everything that was happening around her.

“As long as Sister Ning stepped onto the fiery stairs, she will be protected by it, but for some reason, the ray of light that shot out by the Xiao Yao Qin made it extremely difficult for her to move. She can’t fly and can only move forward step by step. With her speed, we must hold on for at least ten minutes,” said Big Yellow in concern.

Under normal situation, she could reach the stairway within a blink. Also, ten minutes wasn’t that long during normal days. It could pa.s.s by in just a few blinks, but now, ten minutes had become the longest period in their lives. There would surely be fierce battle and bloodbath within these ten minutes.

The Golden Horizon itself was a place for ma.s.sacre. Today, countless geniuses from the three immortal domains had gathered together. Many of them wanted to stop Wu Ningzhu from advancing. Even Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, who had exceedingly powerful abilities, couldn’t help feeling worried. All they could do now was to defend Wu Ningzhu with all their might.

There were more than 10 000 people on the scene. There were at least a thousand of them who were ready to attack. The energy launched by them would surely be unimaginable and a disaster for any ordinary man. Jiang Chen and his comrades were now acting against the Heavens.

As a matter of fact, 10 000 was definitely not the correct number of people left in the Golden Horizon even though many had died in the process. After all, the Golden Horizon was just too big and consisted of numerous immortal vaults. Plenty of geniuses could be competing for other treasures in some places now, some of them might even be trapped in certain places and under seclusion to break through to the next cultivation realm. The Xiao Yao Qin had only attracted a major portion of them.

“Haha! How can Grandmaster Hao Ran miss out such an exciting battle?”

A laughter was heard, followed by a Buddha Radiance, then a monk emerged and joined Jiang Chen’s encampment. Without a doubt, the man was Grandmaster Hao Ran, the monk that Jiang Chen had fought previously and the senior brother of Tyrant.

His current cultivation base has progressed once more, from early Immortal Emperor realm to intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, which was now on par with Tyrant’s. Jiang Chen knew very well about the scariness of this monk, especially the technique Arhat Golden Body. What exceeded his expectation was that Hao Ran actually came to their rescue under such a situation. This showed that Hao Ran was a man who valued friends.h.i.+p. His strength couldn’t be underestimated, and having such an expert in Jiang Chen’s group was undoubtedly beneficial to them.

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