Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1636 – The Escor

Chapter 1636 – The Escor

The Escort

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The people’s hearts were too delicate to handle such a stimulation. The attraction of the Great Sovereign’s inheritance was just too great. They had already given up on the fortune when they saw the changes happening to Wu Ningzhu, but after being provoked by Nanbei Chao, new ideas began to form in their heads. No one was willing to let the great inheritance fall into someone else’s hands, especially when that someone was even worse than them. Perhaps such an upheaval wouldn’t occur if the inheritance fell into the hands of a genius like Xia Xiaotian or Zhang Yulang.

Due to Wu Ningzhu being only a half-step Immortal Emperor, it made everyone think that her talent was definitely more inferior to any one of them. This was why everyone felt reluctant. It was also what provoked them. Nanbei Chao had been wanting this to happen. If they launched a joint attack, not only could they kill Wu Ningzhu, but also give him the chance to kill Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san. These two men posed too much threat to him, particularly Jiang Chen. Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation base wasn’t on par with him yet, Jiang Chen’s potential terrified him. If he allowed Jiang Chen to continue to grow, it would only be a matter of time before he was surpa.s.sed, at that time, it would be his time to die.

Jiang Chen’s face darkened instantly and he glowered at Nanbei Chao. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d had truly infuriated him.

“Son of a b*tch! Such a shameless act! He’s going to ruin everything.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san scolded furiously, his iron staff was already in his hand. His qi of immemorial battle spirit had been unleashed.

“Let’s kill this woman together.”

Nanbei Chao’s voice resounded across the crowd. Then, he struck out his claw. The void ahead was shattered, terrifying energy rushed towards Wu Ningzhu. At the moment, Wu Ningzhu was putting all of her focus on the fiery stairs. She couldn’t retreat at this point, otherwise Empress Xiao Yao might give up on her and pick another descendant.

However, Wu Ningzhu had no fear, because Jiang Chen was at her back. He was the man she trusted the most. As long as Jiang Chen was present, she wouldn’t care even if the sky was falling down. She knew her man’s capabilities, and that he would do whatever it takes to protect her.

“Nanbei Chao, how dare you attack a woman? Don’t you have any face left? Brother s.h.i.+san is going to teach you a great lesson today.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san was enraged. He swung out his iron staff, immediately destroying the attack of Nanbei Chao. He then blocked Nanbei Chao, not giving the man the slightest chance to get near Wu Ningzhu.

“You b.l.o.o.d.y monkey! I will kill you today. Even if you have stopped me, all the people around here are going to drown you all. You should know better than me about the allure of a Great Sovereign’s inheritance.”

The corners of Nanbei Chao’s mouth showed a trace of a cold smile. The effect he wanted had been realized, and he was very satisfied with it. His attack would become the prologue of the fierce battle that would follow.

“You shameless piece of sh*t! Eat Master Monkey’s staff!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke with gritted teeth and smashed the iron staff at Nanbei Chao. An intense battle broke out instantly between these two heaven-defying experts.

The influence of Nanbei Chao’s attack was just too great. Numerous people were about to strike.

“Kill that woman! Don’t let her approach the inheritance!” someone shouted and lunged at Wu Ningzhu.

“Courting death!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold. Instantly, he transformed into a dragon and came quickly to Wu Ningzhu’s side. His horrifying blood-red dragon claw grabbed the neck of the man. Even though that man was an early Immortal Emperor, he was as weak as a chick in Jiang Chen’s hands, powerless.

“Stop, how dare you harm the genius of Limitless Immortal Sect?”

Someone clamoured from behind. The man being grasped by Jiang Chen was a disciple of the Limitless Immortal Sect, one of the eleven major powers in the Eastern Profound Domain.

“So what if he’s from Limitless Immortal Sect? Anyone who dares to touch Sister Ning will have to die, including the people of Immortal Court.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were cruel. His attack was even more cruel. By exerting force, the neck of the disciple was crushed. The disciple died on the spot before he even got the chance to wail. His brocade pouch flew towards Jiang Chen’s front, but was crushed by Jiang Chen’s palm.

“Just a piece of trash that I don’t need.”

Jiang Chen’s murderous intent was soaring. He was truly angered by how they took advantage of someone’s perilous moment. He would never show the slightest bit of mercy to anyone who wanted to harm Wu Ningzhu. He wouldn’t hesitate to defend her even if that meant offending the whole world.

“Son of a b*tch! How dare you kill the genius of Limitless Immortal Sect? You’re dead!” A late Immortal Emperor from Limitless Immortal Sect unleashed all his murderous intent.

“Haha! F*** Limitless Immortal Sect! For those who dare to touch a hair of Sister Ning, don’t blame my brutality. If you refuse to accept this fact, come and attack. I, Jiang Chen, am going to start a ma.s.sacre today.”

Jiang Chen laughed frenziedly. He was never afraid of anything. Even if there were countless of geniuses on the scene, he wouldn’t be intimidated. Furthermore, there was no need for him to be merciful to these people. He was crystal clear about the attraction of the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao. Now that all of them had already been provoked, it was virtually impossible for them to reach a compromise, which left them with only two options. One was to let Wu Ningzhu voluntarily gave up on the inheritance. Second was to use a very terrifying force to deal with these people until they were frightened. No doubt, Jiang Chen chose the latter.

“Big Yellow, Tyrant, King Fan, escort Sister Ning until she reaches the stairway. Kill anyone who comes near.” Jiang Chen held the Heavenly Saint Sword with tremendous pride, instantly turning him into a peerless G.o.d of slaughter.

Lan Lingji and Hua Xiaoqian were looking at Jiang Chen with astonishment. This was their first time seeing Jiang Chen in battle. Putting aside the scariness of Jiang Chen, the domineering qi emitted from him made them didn’t dare to stare at him directly.


Big Yellow roared towards the sky. His body enlarged by a hundred meters, glowing with golden light and covered with dragon scales. Electricity was crackling between his dragon horns on top of his head as he flew towards the battlefield.


Tyrant put his palms together. His face was incredibly solemn. With a stride, he reached one side of Wu Ningzhu. Horrifying Buddha Radiance constantly surged out of his body. Without delay, he cast out the Dao Light Buddha Body.


Yang Bufan drew out a long sword and emanated his superior qi as the Evil Lord, seemingly ready for a great battle.

Their indomitable, irresistible and domineering qi had inspired Lan Lingji and Hua Xiaoqian.

“Let’s attack together to protect Miss Wu.”

Lan Lingji’s qi of saintess was emitted and she advanced. The disciples of Exquisite Paradise also acted, their combat weapons in their hands.

“Our lives were saved by them. Even if we have to make the ultimate sacrifice today, we must help.”

Hua Xiaoqian looked disdainfully at the group of enemies and advanced. No one from Celestial Flower Valley was afraid of death. They had fallen into the hands of All Pleasure Sect once. So they were considered to have already died once.

“Big Yellow, open your mouth.”

Jiang Chen yelled at Big Yellow. Big Yellow immediately did as Jiang Chen asked with no hesitation. He had absolute trust in Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen waved his hand, three drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk fell into Big Yellow’s mouth.

Instantly, Big Yellow became excited, being crystal clear about the thing that Jiang Chen had put into his mouth.

“Wicked! Let’s have a ma.s.sacre then! Master Dog is going to kill all of them. I would like to see who is blind and bold enough to confront me!”

Big Yellow was extremely excited. The violent energy continued to impact inside his body after the three drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk were swallowed at the same time. Amongst them, there was only Big Yellow who could bear such immense energy. Given his terrifying abilities, he could advance to late Immortal Emperor very soon.

The Blood Demon Kings had also been released. Both of them were defending Wu Ningzhu, escorting her towards the fiery stairs. The scene suddenly became so intense.

“Attack now. Don’t let that woman walk onto the stairs!”

Someone advanced, followed by a dozen intermediate Immortal Emperors. Each full of murderous intent.


Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword howled as it was slashed out at extreme speed. The intermediate Immortal Emperor couldn’t resist it at all and was slashed into half by the sword, blood spurted out in all directions.

“Brothers, let’s begin a ma.s.sacre today.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were blood-red. For the sake of Wu Ningzhu, he was willing to flood this place with rivers of blood.


Big Yellow rushed out in a stream of light. His cultivation base continued to climb. In just a matter of a few blinks, his cultivation base reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. The three drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk were being rapidly digested in his body. The progress of this divine dog couldn’t be measured with common sense.



With a wail, half of the body of an intermediate Immortal Emperor was destroyed by Big Yellow’s head. Despite being rare geniuses, they were no match for Big Yellow. No comparison could be made between both sides.

*Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+* *Swoos.h.!.+*

Powerful geniuses appeared one after another. For an instant, the scene was thrown into chaos. Destructive energy was everywhere, but a well-protected pathway was left for Wu Ningzhu while she made her way towards the fiery stairway.

“Ah…” “Ah…”

Shrieks continued to be heard. This was the cruelest ma.s.sacre. It could almost be viewed as a war. Jiang Chen and his comrades were defending their position with their lives.

As more and more people joined the battle, the scene intensified even more. Very quickly, mighty late Immortal Emperors also joined the fight. As there was only Lan Lingji who was a late Immortal Emperor in Jiang Chen’s side, there was a lot of pressure, but Jiang Chen, Big Yellow and Tyrant also had no trouble fighting against those late Immortal Emperors.

“Eternal Immortal Wind! Five Elemental Sphere!”

Jiang Chen yelled, casting out two skills at once. The ma.s.sive domain had enveloped everyone inside, including Jiang Chen’s allies, but he had perfect control of his domain and the Eternal Immortal Wind, making sure that none of his people would be harmed.

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