Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1634 – A Hundred Steps Fiery Stairs

Chapter 1634 – A Hundred Steps Fiery Stairs

A Hundred Steps Fiery Stairs

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Emperor Xiao Yao Qin > Empress Xiao Yao

When the word ‘Fire of Sun’ was heard, it immediately set off a wave of anxiety amongst the crowd. All pair of eyes were fixed on that ancient *qin, full of greed and desire. Facing such a peerless Sovereign Weapon, no one could keep their calm.

The Divine Bird Golden Crow was an incarnation of the Sun. Just like what Big Yellow said, the flame coating the ancient qin was precisely the fire of the Golden Crow and was also known as the legendary Fire of Sun. It explained why Jiang Chen felt that the flame wasn’t weaker to the three flames he had. Each of these flames—True Dragon Fire, Fire Qilin Saint Fire, True Thunderfire and Fire of Sun—was a flame of supreme Yang. Each of them was powerful enough to disdain the whole world. If Jiang Chen could acquire the Fire of Sun, he would possess four types of supreme flames. As to how powerful he would become, not even he would dare to imagine it.

“That’s truly the Fire of Sun. Legend says that the Divine Bird Golden Crow is the incarnation of the Sun and the fire of Heavens and Earth. Normal people won’t be able to control it. Never thought that it will appear here.”

“The legendary Empress Xiao Yao is the strongest female Sovereign in the ancient times. Some legends suggested that the Empress had all kinds of connections with the Golden Clan. Now, it seems like it was true, seeing the qin of the great Empress emerging today along with the Fire of Sun.”

“The benefits of getting this qin is simply unimaginable. Regardless of whether one can display the Qin’s power or not, one can still benefit greatly by just absorbing the Fire of Sun and essence on its surface. One may even rise to the top and become the strongest genius in the Heavens and Earth after acquiring the inheritance of Empress Xiao Yao!”


Who didn’t have a dream? Who didn’t want to dominate the world? Who didn’t want to be the conqueror of the Heavens and Earth?”

Now, the opportunity was displayed before them. The peerless Sovereign Weapon was just over there. It was enough to make numerous people lose their minds. Many of their hearts were constantly being eroded by desire. Greed glinted strongly in their eyes. The attraction of a Sovereign Weapon was too great; it was enough to drive people to madness.

The legends about Empress Xiao Yao had existed ages ago. Most of them were just rumors. Back in her time, there were too many incredible experts, but many of the Great Sovereigns, including Empress Xiao Yao Qin, Immortal Execution King, Great Sovereign Zhang Xian had vanished from the world. They now only existed in the legends that people spoke about.

Wu Ningzhu’s body shook more intensely. Her eyes began to let out strange light.

Jiang Chen was the first to notice the changes in her and hastily turned over.

“Sister Ning, are you alright?”

Jiang Chen shouted, but Wu Ningzhu seemed as if she had turned a deaf ear to Jiang Chen and focused only on the Qin.

“What’s going on? Could it be that Miss Wu is also being driven to madness by the Qin?” Yang Bufan spoke worriedly.

“No, Sister Ning absolutely doesn’t greed for benefits nor is her will so weak. Perhaps this ancient Qin has a different meaning to her.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He could clearly see the reflected images of the Xiao Yao Qin (name of the weapon) in both of Wu Ningzhu’s eyes. These type of images might also appear in other people’s eyes, but it definitely wouldn’t be as clear as what was reflected in Wu Ningzhu’s. It made Jiang Chen feel as though he was looking at the real Xiao Yao Qin.

“Don’t disturb her. He may have been summoned by the Qin itself. This is an immense opportunity. Little Chen, you should remember that Sister Ning used an ancient qin as her combat weapon back in Saint Origin World. I suppose she has liked music and is very good at it, but I think it’s a lot more than that.” Big Yellow said.

When the words were heard, everyone was shocked. They knew that most people wouldn’t be able to control a Sovereign Weapon like Xiao Yao Qin. A weapon like this would search for its own master. Judging by Wu Ningzhu’s looks, she was probably the master the Xiao Yao Qin was looking for. If this was really the case, it would certainly be an unimaginably great opportunity to Wu Ningzhu, an opportunity even greater than the Heavens.

Jiang Chen regained his senses. When he first met Wu Ningzhu, she was holding an ancient qin in her hand and her talent in musical rhythm was beyond ordinary. After hearing Big Yellow’s remark, Jiang Chen suddenly felt that all of these were preordained.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The Qin had been trembling very intensely after its appearance. That was a sign of excitement. There was no doubt about it. It was as if the wish it had for tens of thousands of years had finally come true.

“I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to act. If I can obtain it, I will be the king of Heavens and Earth.”

Someone who had already been overwhelmed by desire flew madly towards the Xiao Yao Qin.


Unfortunately, when he was just 300 meters away from the Xiao Yao Qin, his body was suddenly engulfed by the fire and was incinerated to nothingness in the blink of an eye. Not a single remain was left.

“Humph! A group of ignorant people. Thinking that anyone can just pick the Xiao Yao Qin like picking up Immortal Meta Stones on the streets? They are just asking for death.”

Big Yellow harrumphed coldly. His emotions were also fluctuating wildly. The appearance of the Xiao Yao Qin unsettled him, but Jiang Chen could see that the uneasiness of Big Yellow was different from other people. The others acted that way because of greed whereas Big Yellow seemed to be reminiscing nostalgically.

Big Yellow can control the Immortal Execution Sword; today, he is unable to maintain his calm in front of the Xiao Yao Qin. Could it be he’s a figure of that era?

Jiang Chen was astounded by the bold speculation he just made.

“Don’t be rash everyone. The unparalleled Sovereign Weapon contained its own spiritual intelligence. It is likely that it’s searching for its master. Those without great opportunity and luck will only die if the approached it,” someone warned.

Listening to this, most of them began to restrain their greed. Although the sovereign weapon was precious, it was nothing compared to their lives.

However, a while later, another person rushed towards the Qin. That man had disheveled hair and red eyes. He, too, was another one who had lost his mind. The attraction of the mighty Sovereign Weapon had completely weakened his mind. That was right, the peerless Sovereign Weapon was looking for its master. What if he was the master that the Xiao Yao Qin had been looking for? What if he was a man with great opportunity and luck? So he had to try it, even if there was only a ten-thousandth of a chance. If he succeeded, he would surely soar to the top.

As a matter of fact, it was too idiotic to gamble his life for that tiny chance. Besides, if the Sovereign Weapon found its master, it would definitely show some kind of sign. It was afraid that those who reach for the Sovereign Weapon without it giving them any signs had even lesser than a ten-thousandth chance.



The outcome was certain. As soon as that man reached a certain distance, he was burned completely into nothingness.

At this point, most of them were jolted back to reality, knowing that it was a waking dream to acquire the unparalleled Sovereign Weapon.

“It’s too tragic. It seems like it absolutely won’t be easy for one to obtain the Sovereign Weapon.” Lan Lingji sighed.

“Before obtaining the peerless Sovereign Weapon, one must first have the potential to become a Great Sovereign. How many of them are descendants of the Great Sovereigns from the ancient times?” Big Yellow spoke in all earnestness.

“All things are predestined and fated.”

Tyrant showed a serious look. He was the most composed among them. There wasn’t the slightest fluctuation of emotions in his eyes even after seeing the great weapon. This was his disposition. Because of his deep affinity with Buddha, he had already reached the state where no worldly material could influence his mind. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to cultivate the Dao Light Buddha Body.

“Look, some changes have occurred.”

Suddenly, someone shouted. Everyone looked up and saw cracks appearing below the Qin. At the same time, countless fiery light rushed out from the inside that were then condensed into a fiery stairway suspending in the void, continuing to elongate downwards.

The strong fire had burned the void around. The fiery stairs stopped at the hundredth step, making it look like a heavenly stairway.

After the appearance of the stairs, an ancient palace emerged on top of it. The outside of the palace was surrounded with intense fire, concealing the palace’s true appearance from people’s eyes. But everyone could see that it was an old palace and Xiao Yao Qin was floating just above it.

“Look! That palace must be the inheritance of the Great Sovereign. It has been unearthed now. It’s an inheritance that has been around for tens of thousands of years. Truly unimaginable!”

“What a powerful pressure! I can feel my own soul trembling. The aura of the inheritance of a Great Sovereign is absolutely mind-blowing.”

“I wonder if we have the chance to go into that palace. If we have, we will surely obtain tremendous benefits. Even the qi of the Great Sovereign inside is enough to benefit us greatly.”


The emergence of the great inheritance set off a wave of commotion. Plenty of silent hearts were once again stirred. No one could keep their calm in front of the inheritance of an ancient empress who had existed tens of thousands of years ago. She must have unparalleled abilities in her prime, and had been looking for a suitable descendant ever since.

“Look at the fiery stairs. There are exactly a hundred steps on it. It seems to be summoning something, but it doesn’t seem to be summoning me.”

“Perhaps it isn’t as what you have imagined. This one-hundred-steps fiery stairway is a sign, in my opinion. The inheritance of the Empress has finally appeared. If we are able to step onto the fiery stairs, we will be able to go into the palace.”

“Are you mad? That’s the Fire of Sun! And it’s under the control of Xiao Yao Qin. Have you forgotten how the two men died? You will only step into your death by going near those stairs. The Empress’ inheritance is only valuable if you have the life to possess it.”


Qin/qin – A plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.

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