Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1633 – Xiao Yao* Qin*

Chapter 1633 – Xiao Yao* Qin*

Xiao Yao* Qin*

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“Whenever you want!”

Dragon s.h.i.+san kept his qi, too. As a mighty Battle Saint Ape, he would never reject anyone’s threat, but even he had to admit that Nanbei Chao was an extremely powerful opponent.

Sudden changes happened abruptly in the middle of the life-and-death battle. But since the grudge had already been established, it was only a matter of time before the winner amongst them would be decided.

Innumerable eyes looked up and saw a huge opening appearing in the sky right above the remains of the Great Sovereign was located. It was like a heavenly river, boundless dazzling light was emitted from it.

“The vault of the remains of the Great Sovereign is about to be opened. Rush, everybody!” Someone yelled. Overwhelmed by the excitement in his heart, he shot towards the opening in a ray of light, but what happened next shocked countless people.

As soon as he touched the opening in the void, his body was instantly turned into a lump of meat paste and evaporated. Despite the fact that the man was an intermediate Immortal Emperor, he could only let out a wail in the face of the divine mouth.

However, this was also logical. After all, a puny intermediate Immortal Emperor was just like an ant to a great Immortal Sovereign. In fact, even a powerful Immortal Venerable expert stood no chance in front of a Great Sovereign.

“Not good! Don’t panic everyone. This isn’t the entrance to the vault of the Great Sovereign. Don’t get close to it.”

Someone cried out in alarm. Many geniuses who were already halfway hastily turned around and returned to where they were. Each of their foreheads was beaded with sweat as though they had just experienced a life-and-death crisis. They felt fortunate that they were a little slower. If they were a little faster, the consequences would be unimaginable – probably not even a piece of their remains would be left.

“What’s going on? Could it be that it isn’t the entrance to the vault? The remains of the Great Sovereign has been unearthed but why isn’t it letting anyone in? Why did it appear to begin with?”

“That’s true. The remains that have existed for ten thousand years suddenly emerged, but we aren’t allowed to enter into the vault. What’s the purpose of it?”

“That’s a very terrifying destructive energy. No one will be able to resist it. Even the strongest one in our group will certainly die if he intrudes into it. In that case, I might as well let go of this inheritance because my life is more important than any treasures.”


Innumerable remarks and sighs resounded across the air. All of them came here with the expectation that they could get even just a bit of the inheritance of the Great Sovereign. Now, it seemed like it wasn’t as simple. They couldn’t even enter the door of the vault, let alone finding benefits and treasures inside. It was only their wishful thinking.

“Big Yellow, can you tell what’s going on?” Jiang Chen looked over at Big Yellow.

“That isn’t the entrance at all. That’s a powerful killing intent unleashed from an unparalleled Sovereign Weapon. It’s combined with tens of thousands of years of killing intent. I’m afraid that even a powerful Immortal Venerable will die in that light. Those idiotic b.a.s.t.a.r.ds know nothing about it and are only asking for trouble,” answered Big Yellow.

“What? You said that an unparalleled Sovereign Weapon is going to be born?”

Yang Bufan asked with astonishment. Lan Lingji, Hua Xiaoqian and the other females were also staring at Big Yellow. Although it was their first time seeing Big Yellow, they didn’t have the slightest intention of looking down on him. The previous exchange of blows he had with Nanbei Chao was already sufficient to display his own strength. All of them knew that none of the people here was weak. Although Jiang Chen had the lowest cultivation base—late Immortal King realm—he was the least person they should underestimate as they had all heard about Jiang Chen’s name back in Eastern Profound Domain. Also, the fact that Nanbei Chao attached so much importance to Jiang Chen indicated that this youth with low cultivation base wasn’t as simple as he looked.

“That’s right. An unparalleled Sovereign Weapon is about to emerge.” Big Yellow nodded.

“Amazing! Everybody, be ready to seize it. If one of us is able to wield a Sovereign Weapon, that person will surely be able to go unhindered around the whole world.” A light of excitement glinted from Dragon s.h.i.+san’s eyes.

“Don’t get excited too early. It isn’t that simple to obtain a Sovereign Weapon. Each Sovereign Weapon has its own spirituality. They will find their own master. Even if one obtained it, one may not be able to wield it until one gets the recognition of the weapon. In addition, this type of weapon has been hidden for tens of thousands of years, and radiates dense killing intent. It will be hard for people to get near it. So everybody, hold your position. We’ll see what the weapon is first.”

Big Yellow warned the others. He seemed to know everything. He remained as composed even at the mention of a Sovereign Weapon.

The eyes of the people fell upon the newly-emerged Sovereign Weapon. However, something changed in Wu Ningzhu. Although her eyes were also fixed on the crack in the void, her expression was blank and her body s.h.i.+vered slightly, as though she had been summoned by some kind of tremendous force.

The warning taken from the previous cultivator made no one dare to act. Even a genius like Xia Xiaotian wouldn’t dare to joke around with his life. Although he was frenziedly proud, he wouldn’t reach the point where he would compete against a Great Sovereign.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Suddenly, billions of light rushed out from it, enveloping the entire sky above. Then, an ancient Qin* exited the opening. Infinite pressure was unleashed the instant the ancient Qin emerged, as if a Great Sovereign was descending from above, looking down on everyone, making people not dare to look at it directly.

Dazzling golden light radiated out from the ancient qin. There was also the red-gold flames that flashed continuously like the fire of life.

“Xiao Yao Qin. It’s the Natal Sovereign Weapon of Emperor Xiao Yao Qin!”

Big Yellow was surprised when he saw the Qin. He was able to tell the name of the ancient Qin at first glance.

“The legendary Xiao Yao Qin has disappeared for too long. I had never thought his weapon will show up here.”

Yang Bufan stared absent-mindedly at the Qin and spoke. He had heard the legends about the Xiao Yao Qin. Most of them were no stranger to this. Emperor Xiao Yao Qin was a peerless Sovereign, on par with the Immortal Execution King.

“What a divine ancient Qin! It emits the qi of a peerless Sovereign Weapon. It will surely be good if I could acquire it.”

“Stop dreaming. Even if you acquired this ancient Qin, you won’t be able to wield it.”


Everyone was shocked. The emergence of the peerless Sovereign Weapon had attracted everyone’s attention. Everybody began to talk about the legends and history of Emperor Xiao Yao Qin.

“Big Yellow, look at the flames on top of the Qin. It seems comparable to my three supreme flames.” Jiang Chen’s eyes became as bright as a torch as they fell on the flames covering the surface of the Qin.

“That’s the flame of the Divine Bird Golden Crow. It’s the Fire of Sun.” Big Yellow replied carefully.

Xiao Yao – it means free and unfettered

Qin – A plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family.

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