Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1629 – The Remains of A Great Sovereign

Chapter 1629 – The Remains of A Great Sovereign

The Remains of A Great Sovereign

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“Dragon s.h.i.+san, my sect is going to remember today’s incident. Sooner or later, we’ll settle this score with you.”

Yan Yulong left his last words whilst gritting his teeth, then tore apart the void and escaped into it. The losses today was too great to All Pleasure Sect. Most of the disciple who entered the Golden Horizon had stayed in this ancient city. By now, all of them had been killed. To put it bluntly, All Pleasure Sect suffered the greatest loss amongst the few hundred major powers. Majority of the disciples of other major powers had been separated into other parts of the Golden Horizon. All Pleasure Sect, however, had gathered together at once place, which was why they were so easily annihilated by the monkey.

“Wanting to run at this time? Don’t you think it’s a little late for that? If I let you run away now, where should I put my face at?”

Dragon s.h.i.+san’s qi fluctuated. How could he give Yan Yulong the chance to escape? Given his abilities, even if Yan Yulong had already fled ten thousand miles away from here, Yan Yulong wouldn’t be able to escape from his pursuit.


The iron staff was hurled into the air. An immense energy instantly shattered the interior of the void. Yan Yulong, who had already fled into the void, was forced to reveal himself again as he had lost his direction inside.

“I’m going all out with you!”

Yan Yulong’s eyes went red as he roared. The folding fan in his hand suddenly enlarged into a forty-feet cattail leaf fan, blotting out the sky above him and pressed against at Dragon s.h.i.+san with immense energy. If one was smashed directly by it, one would instantly be crushed into pieces.


Dragon s.h.i.+san harrumphed coldly. Sharp light shone from his eyes. The iron staff was once again raised high in his hand and slashed from above, immediately cutting the void in half. Then, it hit the iron fan of Yan Yulong like an indestructible sword with a boom.

*Hua La......*

Yan Yulong’s incredible energy was destroyed by this single blow. Infinite qi waves rolled and even the mighty iron fan couldn’t resist the blow. It was straightway smashed to pieces, leaving only the handle of the fan in Yan Yulong’s hand.


Yan Yulong spurted out blood. He lowered his head to look at his own hand which was now covered in blood and had gone completely numb. The strike had not only shattered his immortal weapon, but also almost shattered his palm.

“Impossible. How can he be this strong?”

Yan Yulong shook his head constantly. He had never imagined this situation. There were plenty of abnormal beings in this world, but it was definitely his first time seeing an abnormal like Dragon s.h.i.+san. He had been very confident in his own cultivation base and combat strength. Being defeated by an intermediate Immortal Emperor genius was considered humiliating enough, but now, he couldn’t even flee for his life. Such a psychological blow was too great to bear.

Not far away, all the disciples of All Pleasure Sect had been fully eradicated by the female disciples. Then, seeing the battle scene between Dragon s.h.i.+san and Yan Yulong, the ladies’ mouths widened. Even the saintess of Celestial Flower Valley couldn’t believe the current scene. As she had been captured by Yan Yulong, she deeply understood the terror of the man. But now, a yellow-robed youth that came from nowhere had countered the attack of Yan Yulong despite being only an intermediate Immortal Emperor. If she wasn’t seeing this with her own eyes, she would never believe it.

“Sister Lan, who’s that man?”

The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley asked. She knew that this man must have come with Lan Lingji, who would not have been able to save them in the dungeon if the youth hadn’t been outside to handle the enemies.

“He’s Dragon s.h.i.+san. He saved my life before and is a rare genius,” said Lan Lingji proudly at the mention of Dragon s.h.i.+san’s name.

On the other side, Dragon s.h.i.+san looked contemptuously at Yan Yulong and said coldly, “So vulnerable.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san took one step after another towards Yan Yulong. His killing intent radiated from him openly.

Yan Yulong’s facial expression changed completely. He had been used to a life of freedom and had s.e.x with countless women in his life and hadn’t had enough of it. His life had been full of excitement and pa.s.sion. He didn’t want to die yet, but now, he was undoubtedly sensing the scent of death that was creeping closer and closer to him.

“Don’t kill me. You won’t gain anything by killing me. All Pleasure Sect will never let you go.” Yan Yulong spoke in a quavering voice.

“Don’t worry. When I have free time, I will head to Northern Profound Domain to annihilate your unnecessary sect for good.” Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke coldly and hit the head of Yan Yulong with a wave.

Yan Yulong died.

By now, all the people of All Pleasure Sect had been killed. No, there were still a few of them who hadn’t died yet, but they suffered a hundred times more compared to those who died. They were suffering the cruelest torture in the world. Not only had they lost their dignity, but also lost their most important thing and cultivation base. They didn’t even have the ability to heal themselves.

With their current condition, even if they were kept alive, they could live for only three days at best. Even if their tenacity help them survive more than three days, it was impossible for them to go anywhere in the Golden Horizon where dangers and killings happened almost everywhere. So there would be only one outcome for them – death. Any evil creature that spotted them would surely eat them.

Lan Lingji led the group to Dragon s.h.i.+san and said, “Brother s.h.i.+san, what should we do with those people below?”

“Let them run their own course.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san spoke plainly. He didn’t have the slightest sympathy towards those people. He wouldn’t even give them a swift death.

“They should all be tortured in such a way. All the people of All Pleasure Sect are abominable. Killing them is just letting them off too lightly.”

A female disciple of Exquisite Paradise spoke sternly. The fury in her eyes hadn’t vanished yet. The thought of the experiences they had in the ancient city made her grind her teeth in hatred.

“Alright. Let me introduce him to you all. He’s Dragon s.h.i.+san, the one who saved me when I was in a crisis, and also the reason why I’m able to stand here. After receiving your distress signal, he has come along with me to rescue you all.”

Lan Lingji recounted her encounters before turning to Dragon s.h.i.+san and added, “Brother s.h.i.+san, this is the saintess of Celestial Flower Valley, Hua Xiaoqian. The rest are the disciples of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley. Exquisite Paradise has always gotten along well with the Celestial Flower Valley, our master and the master of Celestial Flower Valley are also good friends.”

“Hua Xiaoqian thanks Young Master Dragon for rescuing us. Celestial Flower Valley will never forget your great kindness. From now on, Young Master Dragon will be the guest of honor of Celestial Flower Valley.”

Hua Xiaoqian slightly bowed to Dragon s.h.i.+san and expressed her grat.i.tude. She knew very well that without Dragon s.h.i.+san, Lan Lingji wouldn’t be able to save them and would probably fall in the battlefield. Of course, since Lan Lingji had advanced to late Immortal Emperor realm, it wouldn’t be an easy task for Yan Yulong to slay her.

“Thank you Young Master Dragon for saving us.” The disciples of the two sects expressed their thanks in harmony.

*Cough…* *Cough…* *Cough…*

Dragon s.h.i.+san feigned to cough for three times. Facing so many pretty ladies, he began to feel somewhat shy. He slightly scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

d.a.m.n! I’m the handsome and elegant Brother s.h.i.+san. How can I be shy in front of girls? How shameful! Dragon s.h.i.+san scolded himself.

“Brother s.h.i.+san, where are we heading now?”

Seeing the discomfort of Dragon s.h.i.+san, Lan Lingji hastily switched the topic to clear off the awkwardness.

“En, we will head towards the center of the Golden Horizon now and rendezvous with Little Chen,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

Regarding the suggestion of Dragon s.h.i.+san, none of them had any opinion as their destination was also the center of the Golden Horizon as well. So they might as well travel together.

Not long after Dragon s.h.i.+san and the group of girls left, the entire Golden Horizon suddenly shook violently.

*Hong Long Long……*

There was a roar that came from the Heavens and Earth. A tremor could be felt across the entire Golden Horizon. As long as one was in Golden Horizon, regardless of where the person was, he would be able to clearly feel the huge fluctuation. Dragon s.h.i.+san and the others’ facial expression changed slightly. They then saw a bright glow in the distant void. Clearly, that was where the great movement was coming from.

“What a powerful movement! What’s that over there? The light is getting stronger and stronger.” Hua Xiaoqian spoke with astonishment. Everyone’s gaze was fixed in the same direction.

“It has shaken the entire Golden Horizon with a casual movement. Could it be the birth of a Great Sovereign’s remains?”

Dragon s.h.i.+san was astounded. Immediately, he circulated the Fiery Golden Eyes but to his shock, he couldn’t see through it.

“Come on, let’s go. The movement this time is very big. I’m afraid that it’s going to alarm everyone. Little Chen will surely go there as well. It’s very likely that the inheritance of a Great Sovereign has emerged, or it may even be related to the secrets of the Golden Clan,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san. He then set off once again with the group of angels.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Yang Bufan were also alarmed by the momentum. Yang Bufan had just fully recovered, and his cultivation base had stabilized at the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. He had regained his full strength.

“That’s a very powerful qi! It’s so much stronger compared to the emergence of the immortal vault of the ancient Buddha. It has shaken the whole Golden Horizon. It’s possibly the emergence of a Great Sovereign’s inheritance.”

Jiang Chen’s expression seemed slightly affected. With no neglect, they flew towards where the movement came from.

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