Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1628 – The Annihilation of the City final

Chapter 1628 – The Annihilation of the City final

The Annihilation of the City (final)

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“Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!” “Ah!”

Lan Lingji didn’t bother to talk with those people and waved out four blue rays of light, which pierced through the forehead of the four like a sword. They died on the spot even before they could put up any resistance. The final thing that they left behind before they pa.s.sed away was their shrill screams.


“The saintess has come to saved us!”


The sudden appearance of Lan Lingji surprised the disciples of Exquisite Paradise. Their despairing faces were replaced by hope. After falling into the hands of the lewd men of All Pleasure Sect and being locked in the dungeon, there was nothing they could do besides sit in despair.

“Lan Lingji!”

The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley also showed a surprised look. The disciples of Celestial Flower Valley also began to react. After being imprisoned for so long in the cell, they could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley and Lan Lingji had maintained a good relations.h.i.+p. So in the disciples’ eyes, Lan Lingji was their ally.

“Who is it?”

A yell was heard. Those who were guarding the dungeon outside rushed into the dungeon at maximum speed. They then saw the four bodies lying on the ground with blood flowing out from their skull non-stop.

Lan Lingji moved again. A blue-light saint sword materialized in her hand before she thrust it to the disciples of the despicable sect. She didn’t waste even a second to speak with these people as though the act would only bring her disgrace.

The present situation was undoubtedly the best. As Dragon s.h.i.+san had already started his attack at the front line, it had drawn most of the disciples over there, leaving only a small number of guards behind at the dungeon which gave Lan Lingji the chance to sneak into it. Now that she had reached the cell of the girls, she would never let any of these lewd men to get near the female disciples.

“Ah…” “Ah…” “Ah…”

Mournful cries began to ring from the dungeon. In just a few blinks, all the disciples of the obscene sect died a tragic death under Lan Lingji’s sword. The entire process was fast to the extreme. As the current Lan Lingji had already reached the late Immortal Emperor realm, these lewd disciples were like insects waiting to be killed.

“Saintess, you have advanced to late Immortal Emperor, amazing!”

The enhancement in Lan Lingji’s power excited every one of them. Everyone knew that Lan Lingji was the representative of Exquisite Paradise and her power represented the strength of her sect.

“Let me help you all to cure your poison first.”

Lan Lingji performed seals with her hands and struck out a large amount of pure energy. Everyone was enveloped by the energy. All of their qi began to change. In just about three breaths, the poison in their bodies was fully removed.

This type of poison was very easy to cure. One could directly eliminate it using immense energy. The reason these disciples were poisoned was because their cultivation base had been suppressed by Yan Yulong before they were forced to take the poisonous pill, allowing the poison to spread and take effect in their bodies, causing them to lose their combat strength. Which was why they were unable to remove the poison themselves.

Now that Lan Lingji was here and with her power, she had eliminated the poison inside of them with ease.

“Sister Lan, we of Celestial Flower Valley will never forget today’s kindness. We owe you a favour.”

The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley came to Lan Lingji’s front and bowed slightly. The fellow disciples of the saintess also did the same. As this was a life-saving grace, they couldn’t help feeling grateful to Lan Lingji.

“There’s no need to be polite. The people of All Pleasure Sect should be punished. All of them in this ancient city should die. None of them shall be left alive. But let’s leave this place first.”

Lan Lingji spoke coldly. The other girls revealed extreme disgust on their faces as soon as they heard the name of the sect. They absolutely wouldn’t be lenient when it came to killing the people of All Pleasure Sect.

“That Yan Yulong is tremendously powerful. Although Sister Lan has advanced to late Immortal Emperor realm, I’m afraid Sister Lan is still not a match for him.”

The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley spoke worriedly and couldn’t help gritting her teeth when mentioning Yan Yulong.

“Don’t worry. Currently, Yan Yulong can’t even ensure his own safety. Someone is getting rid of him outside.”

Lan Lingji smiled. Regarding the strength of Dragon s.h.i.+san, she had no doubt about it. No matter how powerful that Yan Yulong was, it was his bad luck to encounter Dragon s.h.i.+san. Dragon s.h.i.+san could kill him without any effort.

Outside the dungeon, Dragon s.h.i.+san’s momentum was overbearing. When Yan Yulong was about to attack, his face changed when he heard the miserable screams coming from the dungeon. Given his intelligence, he had already figured out what had happened. It seemed like this yellow-robed youngster had brought a helper.

“Let me handle him. You all will go into the dungeon and check what’s going on.”

Yan Yulong clamored at the remaining disciples who were extremely enraged at the moment. This ancient city was initially conquered by him and he was the absolute king of this city, but he had never thought that the tables would turn so quickly.

“Yes, Senior Brother Yan.”

Yan Yulong’s fellow disciples responded loudly and in harmony then headed towards the dungeon. They hadn’t bothered to think what was happening in the dungeon because obeying the order of Yan Yulong was always the top priority.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

Incredible qi waves rushed out of the dungeon. With a blast, the palace above the dungeon collapsed in an instant. Powerful figures charged out from below and lunged at the disciples of All Pleasure Sect.

“Kill them all. No one shall be left alive.”

The saintess of Celestial Flower Valley went for the kill without another word. The other female disciples also launched their most powerful attack at the enemies. This time, Lan Lingji didn’t join the fight. She gave those who had been imprisoned the chance to vent their anger which was the best way to eradicate these lewd people.

“Ah…” “Ah…”

Agonizing and earth-shattering cries came from the ancient city. Under the leaders.h.i.+p of the saintess of Celestial Flower Valley, the female disciples attacked as fiercely and mercilessly as a tiger.

Yan Yulong turned his head and saw the tragic scene. His captives had already gotten out of the imprisonment. That was to say, all the disciples who guarded the dungeon were dead. Now, the remaining disciples were under the siege of the two forces of females, and it seemed like none of them would live either. Even including those who had been crippled by Dragon s.h.i.+san, All Pleasure Sect’s forces were left with only one general.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Yan Yulong bellowed, seemingly about to go mad. This was too hard to accept. He and his fellow disciples had obtained tremendous benefits when they first arrived at this ancient city, causing their cultivation base to improve by leaps and bounds and making them one of the strongest forces in Golden Horizon. It would be hard for any forces out there to handle them. Yan Yulong who enjoyed his position as the king didn’t think that the situation would change so quickly. In just a few blinks of time, all his brothers had been killed. Now, he was the only one left.

“Yan Yulong. Now it’s your turn, however Brother s.h.i.+san will give you a chance. As long as you get down on your knees and kowtow to Brother s.h.i.+san and use your own weapon to cut off the t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es in your crotch, I will consider letting you live and not crippling your cultivation base. What do you say? This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I hope you cherish it,” Dragon s.h.i.+san said.

“Courting death!”

Yan Yulong was already on the verge of going mad. Immediately, he unleashed all of his qi and anger. The folding fan was spread and thrust ferociously at Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“He is indeed stronger than the previous one.”

Sensing Yan Yulong’s powerful momentum, Dragon s.h.i.+san couldn’t help but nod. He couldn’t deny that this dude was much stronger compared to the other disciples and even Ye Peng, but this was only a comparison amongst the disciple’s peers. Yan Yulong’s strength wasn’t worth mentioning in front of Dragon s.h.i.+san.


Treating the iron staff as a sword, he thrust it at the oncoming Yan Yulong. The top of the iron staff gave off a brilliant golden light that seemed able to pierce through everything. The qi waves struck out by the folding fan were shattered instantly.

The iron staff then hit the surface of the folding fan violently. Currently, the folding fan had already been turned into a clattering iron fan. The light emitted from the fan was even sharper than immortal weapons. It sliced the void into sections.

Nevertheless, the magnificent technique was no match for Dragon s.h.i.+san. Dragon s.h.i.+san was only given an iron staff ever since his birth. Up until now, he had yet to display any powerful combat technique. This absolutely wasn’t because he didn’t know any of them, but he had yet to meet an opponent worthy of his technique.

Once the innate ability of a Battle Saint Ape was displayed, it would definitely be an extremely terrifying scene. At least, this kind of terror was unbearable to normal people.

Yan Yulong was quickly rebounded by the impact and was sent a hundred meters away. The folding fan almost slipped off his hand. His expression changed dramatically as he looked at Dragon s.h.i.+san in disbelief.

“Ahh…!” “Ahh…!” “Ahh…!”

Meanwhile, wails were heard incessantly on the other side. Anyone could see that the disciple of All Pleasure Sect was dying successively in the hands of the female disciples. The two groups of females were madly venting their anger on these lewd disciples.

“Did you see that? Your All Pleasure Sect is being annihilated.” Dragon s.h.i.+san chuckled.

Yan Yulong’s face darkened as he observed the surroundings. He knew that all of the disciples of his sect would die today. He then turned back to Dragon s.h.i.+san who was standing opposite of him. He also knew that he was no match for this enemy. For his life’s sake, he could only flee. As long as he survived today, there was still a chance for revenge in the future.

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