Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1624 – The secret ancient city

Chapter 1624 – The secret ancient city

The secret ancient city

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The response of Yang Bufan drew despair on Yun Yi’s face. That was right. Great Qian Empire would never be afraid of war. Whether it was in the aspect of strength or financial resources, Great Qian Empire wasn’t any weaker than them. Furthermore, Great Qian Empire definitely had a much higher position compared to Great Cloud Empire. The att.i.tude of Yang Bufan reflected the att.i.tude of Great Qian Empire.

“Did you hear that? I can honestly tell you that if a war is started, your Great Cloud Empire will face extinction.”

Jiang Chen was like a peerless commander. He stabbed through Yun Yi’s glabella with his sword, killing the genius instantly. The people that Jiang Chen and his comrade had just killed were geniuses of the major powers of Eastern Profound Domain, but this didn’t concern Jiang Chen. Even if all the major powers joined forces, Jiang Chen wouldn’t fear them. All along, he had offended too many major powers, even the Saint Origin Palace had fallen in his hands eventually that year.


A chant of Buddha Sect resounded in the air. The Dao Light Buddha Body of Tyrant became extremely terrifying. He smashed down like a huge mountain, dealing a considerable damage to Leng Qiuyi whose body almost cracked. Leng Qiuyi’s mind had gone chaotic. His resistance against Tyrant was faltering. Since Tyrant was powerful enough to gain the upper hand while fighting the three of them previously, he certainly wouldn’t have trouble dealing with one Leng Qiuyi.

Jiang Chen darted a glance at them then thrust his sword at Leng Du. As for Leng Qiuyi, he was basically finished. He would never be able to escape from Tyrant’s grasp. There was no need for Jiang Chen to interfere.

The current Ling Du was in a similar situation as Leng Qiuyi. He had completely lost his composure and could only think of escaping from this place. Which was why he had been losing the upper hand against the Blood Demon King. Now that Jiang Chen had entered the battle, he was utterly startled. He had become a bird in a cage. He wouldn’t be able to escape even if wings sprouted on his sides.

“Ling Du, last time I have let you escaped. But this time, you will stay here and die even if you have nine lives.”

Jiang Chen’s killing intent rose up to the sky. He wouldn’t give Ling Du the slightest chance. The long sword pierced through his body with a Pu Chi sound. Wild destructive energy spread out from Ling Du’s body.


Ling Du let out a final cry of despair. His entire body was eradicated by the terrifying sword qi, and was turned into a fog of blood. Jiang Chen then collected the genius’ immortal weapon and brocade pouch. Ever since Jiang Chen came to the Golden Horizon, the immortal weapons he had obtained were quite many. He had obtained the weapons of almost all the people he had killed. All of them were now stored in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. Although these weapons were of no use to him, they were immortal weapons with extremely high rank and value. It would be a waste to throw them away. In any case, this would be regarded as his spoils of war.


The instant Jiang Chen killed Ling Du, Leng Qiuyi also died under the Dao Light Buddha Body of Tyrant. The Dao Light Buddha Body originated from the G.o.d Trembling Monument. It was considered a kind of supremely divine body, extremely terrifying. Moreover, Tyrant had only reached its early stage and could only cast out a shred of its power. If he could cultivate it to it peak stage one day, the extent of its power was beyond imagination.

After killing Leng Qiuyi, Tyrant slowly kept his qi and returned to his original form. When he was in the state of Dao Light Buddha Body, he was like a peerless Arhat and the incarnation of Buddha.

By now, all the experts that laid siege on Yang Bufan were killed. None of them were able to escape. Such an outcome was truly tragic, and was certainly a huge loss to the three major powers. The bystanders let out a sigh. None of them would have thought that this fool proof plan would end up with such an outcome. They had never expected Jiang Chen’s group to win the battle and slaughter all of their enemies.

Jiang Chen didn’t stay any longer after that and departed along with the others to seek for a quiet place.

“Little Chen, I had never thought that your cultivation base would reached such a terrifying extent in just a few days. Even Cao Jiu was killed by you. At this rate, I won’t dare to imagine how terrifying you’ll become in the future.”

Yang Bufan couldn’t help being astounded by Jiang Chen’s incredible progress. Thinking back to the time when he first met Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen was still a tiny figure. Back then, Jiang Chen was as weak as an insect before the Evil Lord.

How long has been since that unknown figure surpa.s.sed Yang Bufan and became a figure that Yang Bufan could only look up to?

“Let’s not talk about all of these first. Here’s a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk. Quickly consume it. After you have completely refined it, not only will your injuries be fully healed, your cultivation base will also be boosted to the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm.”

Without saying another word, Jiang Chen took out another drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk and gave it to Yang Bufan. Of the nine drops of immortal milk, he had refined one drop, Lan Lingji had refined another, Dragon s.h.i.+san had taken one drop and now, another drop was given to Yang Bufan. He was only left with five drops. This was a rare treasure that needed to be kept safely.

Yang Bufan was also a brother that had experienced life and death situations with Jiang Chen. So Jiang Chen would never be stingy to him. The greater the cultivation base of Yang Bufan, the more helpful he would be in the future.

“What? Great Earth Immortal Milk?”

Yang Bufan exclaimed. His eyes immediately fell upon the Great Earth Immortal Milk. The pure and strong qi it emitted invigorated him.

“Sure enough, it’s the Great Earth Immortal Milk. I had never thought that such a rare treasure would exist in this world. No wonder your cultivation base was able to progress so quickly. I heard that this type of immortal milk is made from the essence of the Heavens and Earth. It’s a supreme divine medicine of the Heavens and Earth and has an effect of bringing the dead back to life and metamorphosis. You’re right about it. After refining this immortal milk, not only will I fully recover, my cultivation base will also be pushed towards the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. The benefits are too great.”

Yang Bufan wouldn’t be polite with Jiang Chen. Immediately, he took the drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk. He knew that politeness wasn’t needed between brothers. He also knew Jiang Chen’s character. Jiang Chen wouldn’t recover things that he gave to someone else. Additionally, he was willing to share the Great Earth Immortal Milk with him. This indicated that Jiang Chen had truly regarded him as a brother. Of course, there was no doubt about the intention of Jiang Chen, otherwise Jiang Chen wouldn’t have risked his life to come and rescue Yang Bufan.

The kindness of giving a drop of Great Earth Immortal Milk was immense. He, Yang Bufan, would never refuse such a friends.h.i.+p.

Meanwhile, Dragon s.h.i.+san and Lan Lingji had also arrived at their destination.

There was an ancient city ahead of them. It wasn’t huge in size. Its surrounding area was only a dozen *li wide, looking like a castle. This city had existed for a very long time. The surface of the walls were full of marks and stains. It was supposed to be a desolate city, however they could sense the qi of people coming from the interior of the city. It seemed like this city had already been conquered by people.

“Sister Lingji, you sure it’s here?” asked Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“That’s right. This is where the talisman indicated. Numerous disciples of Exquisite Paradise should have been trapped in this ancient city, but I don’t know what is trapping them.”

Lan Lingji displayed a look of concern as she could already feel the qi of her fellow disciples. There were at least ten of them in the ancient city. This was precisely the place that sent out the signal of distress.

“Let me check it with my Fiery Golden Eyes.” Dragon s.h.i.+san’s qi fluctuated. Just as he was about to use the Fiery Golden Eyes, he was stopped by Lan Lingji.

“Don’t do it brother s.h.i.+san. Your Fiery Golden Eyes are too strong. It will likely draw the attention of the people inside. If my fellow disciples are still in their custody, their lives would probably be in danger.”

Lan Lingji spoke worriedly. She had always been meticulous in her actions. Besides, the matter now involved the lives of her fellow disciples, so she must not be careless.

“There seems to be a guard outside the ancient city. Let me capture him to gather information about the situation inside.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san kept his Fiery Golden Eyes, saw the guard hidden outside the ancient city and immediately vanished out of sight.

Currently, outside the ancient city hid two young men in flowery robe who seemed to be enjoying their chit-chatting.

“Hehe! We have gotten a big harvest this time. So many beauties are captured at a single time. Why do you think the disciples of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley look so good? Each of their appearance is as beautiful as a flower and gives an itch to my heart.”

One man wore an evil and obscene smile on his face as though his mind was now filled with the pictures of those beauties.

“That’s of course. We have been paying close attention to Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley of Eastern Profound Domain. In this expedition, they are the biggest objective of the all the pleasure sects. Therefore, Senior Brother Yan searched for this ancient city and made it as our base camp, so that we can continue to capture the beauties of Exquisite Paradise and Celestial Flower Valley. *Kaka……*” Another man laughed sinisterly.

“Senior Brother Yan is infinitely powerful. He has captured even the saintess of Celestial Flower Valley yesterday. But it truly itches my heart to see those beauties being imprisoned, but not able to touch them.”

“Don’t think you know a lot about this. Senior Brother Yan has his own plan. After capturing the saintess of Exquisite Paradise, he will pick a day for us to perform our sect’s plucking technique at those beauties to improve the overall strength of our sect. I heard that the saintess of Exquisite Paradise is called Lan Lingji. She’s unparalleled in her generation. Senior Brother Yan has already coveted her for a long time.”


The two guards were immersed in their obscene fantasy, totally unaware of the danger that was going to befall them.

A silhouette appeared in front of them stealthily. Both of their expression changed slightly. The smile on their faces froze. Their bodies began to s.h.i.+ver because an unbearable mountainous pressure was falling upon them, making it difficult for them to breathe and call for help.

*Pa!* *Pa!*

Two huge palms landed on their shoulders respectively. They were then lifted up from the ground and vanished out of sight.

*li = half a kilometre

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