Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1623 – Not fearing war

Chapter 1623 – Not fearing war

Not fearing war

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At this moment, Cao Jiu’s expression turned incomparably ugly. With his eyesight, he could already antic.i.p.ate the death of all those early Immortal Emperors. None of them would survive. Ling Du and the other two were under the control of the monk, so none of them would be able to rescue the juniors. As for Cao Jiu himself, he was entangled with Jiang Chen and couldn’t even be sure of his own safety.

He now had the urge to cough out blood. Niu Meng was already dead. If more geniuses of Corpse Yin Sect died as well, the loss would be unthinkable. For the first time in his self-proclaimed lofty life, he felt powerless. He had thought that he could control all kinds of situations. Now, it seemed like it wasn’t the case. The true monstrous genius was far more terrifying than his imagination.

“Jiang Chen, tell that evil creature to stop. Let’s forget about today’s matter. I promise we won’t make things difficult for you anymore.”

Cao Jiu gritted his teeth and spoke. He was a man with deep subtlety. Even though he hated Jiang Chen to the very core, he could still choose to compromise and seem to forget about the vengeance of his corpse puppet. Such a man was undoubtedly terrifying. There were only very few of them who could keep their calm at such a moment.

However, to Cao Jiu, he had no other choice. He absolutely didn’t want to compromise, but the situation had exceeded his expectation. If this continued to develop, even though he was confident that he could escape, the geniuses of his sect would be slaughtered. This was something he didn’t wish to see.

“Haha! You want a compromise? Cao Jiu, you think that you are qualified for that? As I’ve said, none of you will leave today. Not even you, Cao Jiu.”

Jiang Chen laughed loudly. It must be a joke for Cao Jiu to ask for a compromise at this moment. Jiang Chen naturally wouldn’t agree to it. He had never left behind any seed of trouble, and always annihilate his enemies for good. Regarding those geniuses of Corpse Yin Sect, he definitely wouldn’t be lenient to them, he knew that if he was the one who fell into their hands today, his outcome would surely be horrendous. He certainly would have the chance to get a compromise.

“Jiang Chen, you’d better not go too far. Don’t think that killing my corpse puppet makes you capable enough to kill me. If you insist on having a life-and-death battle, you aren’t going to end up well either.”

Cao Jiu spoke maliciously. Even at this time, he still had some confidence in himself.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Wails continued to be heard. As Cao Jiu conversed with Jiang Chen, another three geniuses died in the hands of the Blood Demon King. Two of them were geniuses of Corpse Yin Sect. The remaining two were from Great Cloud Empire and Divine Line Sect respectively. Although they weren’t dead yet, they certainly weren’t far from it.

By now, all the geniuses of Corpse Yin Sect including Niu Meng had been killed, except for Cao Jiu.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Cao Jiu swore. Cold qi was fully unleashed from his body in an instant. This time, he was utterly angered. The last sense that he had had crumbled. This was the biggest failure he had ever experienced in a battlefield. It would surely become a disgrace to his life. Even if he fled now, today’s battle would surely leave an indelible shadow in his heart.

As a matter of fact, escape was just an extravagant hope of Cao Jiu as Jiang Chen had never thought of letting him go. The current Cao Jiu could no longer exert any pressure on Jiang Chen, and wasn’t regarded as an opponent by Jiang Chen any longer.


A full-moon black machete materialized in his hand. It emitted an incomparably gloomy and cold light. This was the Natal Immortal Weapon of Cao Jiu, but in the face of the flaming Heavenly Saint Sword, the qi of the machete faltered. Clearly, it had felt a tremendous restraint from the sword.

“Jiang Chen, I’m going all out with you.”

Cao Jiu channelled all of his energy into the full-moon machete and thrust it at Jiang Chen in the most aggressive manner.


The machete let out an ear-piercing howl that instantly cut the void ahead in half, appearing in front of Jiang Chen in the blink of an eye. This was the blade of death. The qi it emitted carried the frightening scent of death, but Jiang Chen’s countenance remained unchanged. Acting like the G.o.d of war, he swung the Heavenly Saint Sword forward.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

The Heavenly Saint Sword had transformed into a heavenly sword with infinite raging flames, looking like a fire dragon. The light shot out from it travelled a thousand meters and penetrated the sky. Waves of sword qi billowed and rolled as it collided with the aggressive machete.

*Hong Long……*

A vast area of the void was annihilated in an instant. Destructive energy drifted about everywhere. The energy of Cao Jiu was too cold to do any harm to Jiang Chen. The flames of Jiang Chen had incinerated even Cao Jiu’s own qi.

The impact sent Cao Jiu 40 meters away. Such an outcome was within Jiang Chen’s expectation. Due to Cao Jiu having lost his corpse puppet, he had been severely affected. His combat strength wasn’t as powerful as before. Adding the fact that his mind was in disarray now, any strike that he made would be less effective. Also, the three supreme flames of Jiang Chen had totally suppressed him.

“Cao Jiu, display all the techniques that you have to me.”

Jiang Chen pounced forward like a peerless war G.o.d. His eyes were as bright as the sun. He held the sword in reverse grip, appearing in front of Cao Jiu in the blink of an eye and made another ferocious slash.

Jiang Chen’s movement was just too fast and ferocious. Out of helplessness, Cao Jiu could only lift the machete to block the sword.

*Hong Long……*

It was another earth-shaking collision, bouncing Cao Jiu away once more. This time, he flew a hundred meters away.


Cao Jiu spurted out a mouthful of blood. The arm that he used to hold the machete was trembling. Jiang Chen’s attack was too powerful. He was already losing the strength to defend.


Jiang Chen burst into a wild laughter. He was matchless. He lifted the sword once more and slashed from above Cao Jiu’s head.


Cao Jiu was going crazy. As a first-cla.s.s figure of Corpse Yin Sect, he had never fought such a stifling battle. As a huge portion of his combat strength had already been suppressed by Jiang Chen, he was unable to exert all his power. Otherwise, he wouldn’t end up like this. Although Jiang Chen was powerful, if he could still use all his combat strength, Jiang Chen stood no chance against him.

It was a pity that the fact wouldn’t change. In the face of Jiang Chen’s ferocious attack, he could only defend against it.


This time, he was in an even more miserable state compared to before. The machete in his hand was struck away. One of his arms bled crazily due to the force of the impact. His mouth continued to cough out blood.

“Cao Jiu, you are finished.” Mercilessly, Jiang Chen launched another slash.

Upon seeing this, Cao Jiu was jolted back to reality from his anger. Then, he ripped apart the void, preparing to flee. He could already antic.i.p.ate that if he didn’t leave now, the thing that awaited him next would only be death. He didn’t understand why today’s flawless plan turned out in such a way, however he didn’t have time to figure all of that out. Rescuing himself was the top priority.

“Don’t you think that it’s already too late to leave now?”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a cold sneer. If Cao Jiu had chosen to leave from the beginning, Jiang Chen perhaps wouldn’t be able to make him stay here, however it had already become virtually impossible for Cao Jiu to escape now. Jiang Chen would only feel disgrace if he allowed Cao Jiu to leave right now.

*Chi La……*

The Heavenly Saint Sword slashed at the air, through the interior of the void. Instantly, a wail was heard. Cao Jiu who had already disappeared into the void was forced out. One of his arms had been severed by the sword.

“Don’t kill me Jiang Chen.” Cao Jiu was scared. As a matter of fact, no one wanted to die, let alone him.

“What’s the use of keeping you alive?”

Without bothering to converse any further, the sword was swung across the neck of Cao Jiu. Instantly, the full-moon machete and the ident.i.ty brocade pouch fell into Jiang Chen’s hands automatically. The great genius of Corpse Yin Sect, a late Immortal Emperor genius had fallen tragically in Jiang Chen’s hands. The whole process was a one-sided battle. Cao Jiu couldn’t even put up any resistance.

Countless spectators stood, transfixed with shock. The outcome of the battle was beyond their imagination. Jiang Chen’s name would surely be spread across the Golden Horizon, and his prestige was destined to grow after today’s battle.

“Ahhh!” “Ahhhh!”

Almost at the same time Cao Jiu was killed, two screams were heard from the other side. The last two early Immortal Emperors failed to escape and were shattered to pieces by the Blood Demon King.

Yang Bufan raised a thumbs up to the Blood Demon King and said, “Awesome.”

Now, Tyrant’s battle against Yun Yi and the other two was left on the scene.

Currently, the faces of the three changed dramatically. They wouldn’t have thought that Cao Jiu would be killed by Jiang Chen so quickly. The flawless plan of eradicating their enemies had eventually become a burial for them.

“Cao Jiu is dead. Let’s escape now!”

Leng Qiuyi yelled then turned and fled. He could no longer care about his face at this moment. They had already lost the chance to have their revenge. Even if they succeed in escaping today, they would always remember to avoid encountering Jiang Chen.

“Stay here. None of you can leave.”

Jiang Chen’s momentum was still as strong even after killing Cao Jiu. The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in front of Yun Yi, blocking his path ahead. Leng Qiuyi had also been blocked by the Blood Demon King. Ling Du naturally wasn’t let go as well because Tyrant wouldn’t allow that to happen.

It was three versus three now. Their expression were plastered with despair now. Tyrant and the Blood Demon King might not be as scary to them, after all, they could still choose to escape even if they couldn’t fight them, but Jiang Chen was just too horrifying. The fact that Jiang Chen could kill Cao Jiu meant that he could kill them all.

“Jiang Chen, do you really want to go this far? By killing me, there will be a war between Great Qian Empire and Great Cloud Empire,” threatened Yun Yi.

“Humph! My Great Qian Empire never feared war!”

Yang Bufan’s cold voice was heard. He absolutely wouldn’t hesitate in killing Yun Yi. If it wasn’t for Jiang Chen’s timely arrival, he would have died here even if he had three lives. Just like what Jiang Chen had said, none of them could leave today. Regarding the war that Yun Yi said, he wasn’t in the slightest bit afraid of it. If there was a real war between the two empires, he would be the first to attack the enemy’s army.

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