Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1621 – Killing the Corpse Puppe

Chapter 1621 – Killing the Corpse Puppe

Killing the Corpse Puppet

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Jiang Chen was really terrifying. Even Leng Qiuyi deeply felt the scariness of Jiang Chen. Before, he had only learned about Jiang Chen from the mouth of Ling Du and was unconcerned about such a man. After all, hearing and seeing were entirely two different things.

Now, Jiang Chen was fighting Cao Jiu. This had made Leng Qiuyi feel the need to kill Jiang Chen as this man’s growth was just too fast, and was overly monstrous on top of it. If Jiang Chen wasn’t eliminated today, only G.o.d knew to what terrifying extent Jiang Chen would grow. If Jiang Chen was allowed to continue growing at such a rate, it would only be a matter of time before he became a major threat to their sects. They were all crystal clear about this.

*Hong…* *Hong…*

For a moment, all the experts unleashed their powerful combat strength. A cruel war was about to start.

As planned, Yun Yi and Leng Qiuyi charged at Tyrant from two different sides. Ling Du confronted the Blood Demon King, and the remaining early Immortal Emperors began to lay siege on Yang Bufan. Now that Jiang Chen had already been drawn here, they would no longer show mercy to Yang Bufan.

“Master Monk is going to send you all to western paradise.”

Tyrant said solemnly. His facial expression remained unchanged even after seeing two powerful experts lunging at him. His eyes shone with combat light. Both of his hands were waved outwards, casting the supreme dharma seals of Buddha Sect – the Acala Seal and the Karmapa Seal.

The two seals blasted out immense qi waves, rus.h.i.+ng at Leng Qiuyi and Yun Yi.

“What a powerful monk!”

Both of their expressions changed slightly. One would only know the horror of Tyrant if one fought him. They finally understood why Niu Meng died in the palm strike of Tyrant. They even appeared to be inferior in front of the incredible dharma seals, let alone Niu Meng whose abilities were suppressed.

They didn’t dare to slow down and sent out their most powerful immortal technique to fight Tyrant.

*Hong Long……*

The violent energy blasted a huge crater in the void. The cold qi gave people the creeps.

*Deng…* *Deng…* *Deng…*

Under such a strong attack, both Yun Yi and Leng Qiuyi were forced back a dozen steps before regaining their balance. Their faces darkened. They were sent backwards even though it was a two-versus-one battle. It only showed how powerful Tyrant was.


On the other side, the Blood Demon King roared hoa.r.s.ely. Similarly, Ling Du was perfectly suppressed by the demon. Besides that, those early Immortal Emperors who had besieged Yang Bufan found it hard to get near to him. There’s a saying that said: A camel that’s starved to death is still bigger than a horse. Although Yang Bufan had been injured, he was definitely still a match for these geniuses.

“Amazing! This group of people is too abnormal. It’s going to be very hard for Cao Jiu and the rest to kill Jiang Chen and his comrades.”

“I can see that the monk is extremely horrifying. Even Yun Yi and Leng Qiuyi are no match for him. And that evil creature too is extremely powerful. Ling Du seems to be suppressed by it instead. Unless, Jiang Chen is killed by Cao Jiu, otherwise the outcome will be hard to tell.”

“That’s right. They are too abnormal and terrifyingly powerful.”


The spectators were dumbfounded. It was supposed to be a battle without suspense, but now, it showed the opposite.

“Brother Leng, this monk is too powerful. Don’t hold anything back,” Yun Yi spoke.

A combat sword materialized in his hand. Leng Qiuyi had also summoned his iron fan. Both were formidable immortal weapons. After realising the terror of Tyrant, they didn’t dare to hold back anymore. They exerted all their might and lunged at Tyrant.

In the sky, the battle between Jiang Chen and Cao Jiu had reached its peak. Jiang Chen lunged at Cao Jiu, holding his sword in reverse grip. His sword looked like a dragon and was full of violent flames strong enough to incinerate anything. Even the qi emitted from Cao Jiu was incinerated by it. Cao Jiu launched out all the horrifying techniques of Corpse Yin Sect, but it was still no use against Jiang Chen’s sword. He was forced back each time and had lost the upper hand.


Cao Jiu was totally infuriated and went mad. Such a battle was incomparably suffocating. His combat strength was firmly restrained, causing him to be unable to fully exert his power. It seemed as though the flames were specially made to restrain him, giving him tons of unpleasantness.

What made him even more depressed was that even with his cultivation base and strength, he was still forced back by a puny Immortal King. It was something that didn’t even appear in his dream.

“Cao Jiu, today you will definitely die. Use all of your powerful techniques now. Otherwise, I’m afraid that you won’t have a chance for that later.”

Jiang Chen’s qi was overbearing. He held the tail of the dragon sword and slashed at Cao Jiu continuously. Each slash left a deep line of mark in the void.

“Corpse puppet, come out!”

Cao Jiu’s eyes turned red. He had already reached his breaking point. He must release the corpse puppet that he had recently refined. Now, even if he didn’t want to admit it, it was a fact that he wasn’t a match for Jiang Chen. He couldn’t lose this battle. If he really lost to an Immortal King, he wouldn’t have the face to return to Corpse Yin Sect and continue his path there.

An extremely powerful corpse puppet emerged. Similarly, it was of late Immortal Emperor realm. It charged at Jiang Chen as soon as it came out. In Cao Jiu’s opinion, he didn’t believe that he couldn’t defeat this Jiang Chen by joining forces with his corpse puppet.

“It comes just at the right time.”

Jiang Chen shouted and cast out the Qilin Divine Arm. Seals formed under his feet. At maximum speed, he appeared in front of the copse puppet.

“I’m done playing with you all. Go to h.e.l.l.”

The Qilin Divine Arm was totally formed out of three types of supreme flames. The True Dragon Palm integrated perfectly with the Qilin Divine Arm. Such a ferocious attack directly smashed the body of the corpse puppet with a bang.

*Hong Long……*

The incinerating flames gave the corpse puppet no chance to resist. It was beaten to death by Jiang Chen’s Qilin Divine Arm and was burned to ashes.

Upon seeing this, Cao Jiu was shocked. He initially thought of joining forces with the corpse puppet to get rid of Jiang Chen. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen acted so quickly and didn’t even give him the chance to cooperate with the corpse puppet? What was even more unexpected to him was that there was another powerful attack besides Jiang Chen’s combat sword that could give his corpse puppet an instant death.

“You son of a b***ch! You have destroyed all of my work!”

Cao Jiu bellowed. No one knew how much effort was needed to refine a corpse puppet that was on the same level as its master. Cao Jiu had expended all of his energy on creating the corpse puppet, which made the corpse puppet his greatest pride. Today, it had been destroyed by his enemy as soon as it was released into the battlefield. How could Cao Jiu accept that? More importantly, the death of the corpse puppet would have a certain impact on him. His combat strength would no longer be the same as before.

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