Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1620 – Combating Cao Jiu

Chapter 1620 – Combating Cao Jiu

Combating Cao Jiu

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Yang Bufan, who was behind, left his jaw wide open. He had witnessed the strength of Tyrant when they were in Evil Abyss, however he hadn’t thought that Tyrant would reach such a terrifying extent. He knew how powerful Niu Meng was when he fought the four of them. Even if Tyrant had ways that could suppress Niu Meng, the fact that Tyrant could kill Niu Meng with a single palm strike was really too shocking. He would never believe it if he didn’t see this with his own eyes.

“Ruddy monk! It seems like you have grown fed up with your life. How dare you kill the genius of Corpse Yin Sect? I would like to see how powerful the technique of Buddha Sect is.”

Cao Jiu was angered. There was no way he wouldn’t be angered. Tyrant just killed Niu Meng in front of him. Tyrant had just killed a genius figure of Corpse Yin Sect. This was no different than slapping his face openly. He must kill Tyrant himself in order to regain his face.

His surging qi roared at Tyrant. In his initial plan, he didn’t intend to fight Tyrant. After all, he felt that he was the strongest of them all and wasn’t needed to act. He thought that Niu Meng and Ling Du was enough to dominate the situation. But now, he must act to kill this abominable monk.


Tyrant put his palms together. Buddha Radiance flooded his body as he prepared to strike again. His current strength wasn’t inferior to Cao Jiu. If he could cast out the Dao Light Buddha Body, he would be able to restrain Cao Jiu totally. It was hard to tell who would win.

“Let me deal with him.”

Jiang Chen pulled Tyrant. He was ready to eliminate Cao Jiu himself. He wouldn’t even put Cao Jiu, whom everyone thought was an incomparably powerful genius, in his eyes as he had sufficient confidence to eradicate him.


An ancient kind of energy suddenly poured out of Jiang Chen’s body. Immediately, Jiang Chen’s body burst and turned into his dragon form. Then, he struck out the True Dragon Palm at Cao Jiu.

“How dare a puny little Immortal King fight me? Courting death!”

Cao Jiu was infuriated, feeling that he had been looked down upon. It was really infuriating that an Immortal King was brave enough to fight him.

He launched an enormous black palm at Jiang Chen’s blood-red dragon claw. In his opinion, this strike would surely blast this dragonman who didn’t have a clue about his strength to fragments. It was an ignorant act when the dragonman thought that he could fight him, Cao Jiu, just by temporarily enhancing his strength.

*Hong Long……*

There was a layer of flames coated on the dragon claw as it collided with Cao Jiu’s black palm. Powerful qi waves rolled over. A piece of the void was ripped apart. Terrifying residual waves spread across. If they hadn’t created a new battlefield of their own, the people below would surely be implicated by these terrifying waves. The consequences of it would be unimaginable.

After colliding with Jiang Chen’s flames, the power of the originally ghastly palm was instantly reduced by half, and was then disintegrated by the dragon claw. Jiang Chen on the other hand was still full of momentum and dominance, and didn’t seem to lose the upper hand in this round.


Cao Jiu exclaimed, changing the way he looked at Jiang Chen. The disdain in his eyes was replaced with a hint of solemnity. He had never thought that a puny Immortal King could blast out such a powerful combat technique. Despite the huge gap in their cultivation base, Jiang Chen was still able to tie with him. This was truly a scene that he couldn’t accept.

“My G.o.d! This Jiang Chen is exceedingly powerful. No wonder Yun Yi and Ling Du attached so much importance to him. Now, it seems like he’s an absolute genius!”

“Truly terrifying. He’s able to tie with Cao Jiu while being only an Immortal King. This is truly a great miracle.”


No one wasn’t astonished. This time, they were even more astonished compared to the death of Niu Meng because both scenarios were entirely different. It was understandable that Tyrant could kill someone that was on the same level as him. Jiang Chen, on the other hand, was able to tie with Cao Jiu who was so many grades higher than him. This was really uncommon.

Ling Du and Yun Yi’s expression changed slightly. They had already witnessed the power of Jiang Chen before. But now, it seemed like Jiang Chen’s strength had improved by a huge margin. Jiang Chen had already reached the point where he could fight Cao Jiu. This made them even more determined to eliminate this potential threat.

“Brother Cao, this man can’t be underestimated.” Yun Yi warned.

“Humph! A peerless genius? Today, I’m going to kill a genius like you with my own hands. All of you, go and kill that monk and Yang Bufan now. Let me handle this brat that *doesn’t know the immensity of the Heavens and Earth.”

Cao Jiu snorted furiously. The skulls on his robe let out ferocious howls. They looked as if they were coming back to life. Sinister wind blew. Using infinite qi waves, he struck out a giant ghost face at Jiang Chen.

“Devils won’t be able to withstand even a single blow from me.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He wasn’t afraid in the slightest. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand with a swoosh. Boundless flames surrounded the sword as he slashed it at the ghost face. Although he could restrain Cao Jiu’s power, he couldn’t deny Cao Jiu’s scariness. This was Jiang Chen’s first time fighting a late Immortal Emperor. Hence, he couldn’t help the excitement churning inside of him. He was going to use Cao Jiu to test his own combat strength. As for the situation below, he didn’t have the slightest worry about it. Tyrant’s combat strength had surpa.s.sed Ling Du and any one of them. Furthermore, there was the help of the Blood Demon King. With the Blood Demon King and Tyrant cooperating, they wouldn’t have a problem resisting Yun Yi and the other two intermediate Immortal Emperors. As for those early Immortal Emperors, although Yang Bufan had an injured body, he was still strong enough to defend himself against them. At least, he wouldn’t have trouble protecting his own life.

“Let’s attack together. Kill them all. This monk could kill Niu Meng because the technique of Buddha Sect had a suppressive effect on the technique of Corpse Yin Sect. As a matter of fact, this monk isn’t as scary as he looks. Ling Du, you go and stop that evil creature. Leng Qiuyi, both of us will kill that monk. Leave the rest to kill Yang Bufan.”

Yun Yi spoke like a commander of an army, however one had to admit that such an arrangement was undoubtedly the best. Based on the current situation, Tyrant was their most powerful opponent. So he needed to be tackled by two. That evil creature only needed one man to deal with it. As for those remaining early Immortal Emperors, they could go and eliminate the severely injured Yang Bufan.

Such an arrangement was undoubtedly perfect. Even if they couldn’t kill Tyrant in a short period of time, they could wait for Cao Jiu to kill him after killing Jiang Chen. All of them would have to die today. Since Jiang Chen had appeared today, they must ensure this threat was eliminated for good.

*doesn’t know the immensity of the Heavens and Earth – having an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities.

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