Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1618 – A powerful attack

Chapter 1618 – A powerful attack

A powerful attack

Whether it was Great Cloud Empire, Corpse Yin Sect or Divine Line Sect, their main target was Jiang Chen. They were bent on eradicating this monstrous talent, so as to save themselves from a serious problem in the future. Unfortunately, they simply couldn’t find where Jiang Chen was. So they had come after Yang Bufan, thinking of using Yang Bufan to draw Jiang Chen out then eliminate the two of them.

The close relations.h.i.+p of Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen was no secret. In their opinion, Yang Bufan must have a certain way to communicate with Jiang Chen, or else they would have killed him long ago.

Upon hearing this, the corner of Yang Bufan’s mouth showed a hint of a sneer. He stared coldly at the people who surrounded him and spoke, “You bunch of idiots. It’s your luck that Jiang Chen didn’t come. If he comes, it will be the end of the lot of you. Do you all really think that you can kill Jiang Chen? You all are too foolish to make Jiang Chen your enemy.”

Yang Bufan’s confidence in Jiang Chen exceeded his. These people were destined to end up dead in Jiang Chen’s hands. There was no doubt about it. Also, he and Jiang Chen didn’t leave any spiritual talisman for emergency before they left, otherwise, he would have messaged Jiang Chen before the threat of these people.

“Humph! Yang Bufan, I reckon that you are just thinking too highly of Jiang Chen. He just merely relied on the help of an intermediate Immortal Emperor evil creature, or else I would have killed him last time, and the Seventh Prince wouldn’t have died. I swore to not let Jiang Chen leave the Golden Horizon alive.”

Yun Yi harrumphed coldly. He absolutely disdained Jiang Chen in his heart. Thinking about the day the Seventh Prince died made him grit his teeth. If he knew about the existence of the evil creatures beforehand, he would’ve fled along with the Seventh Prince. Jiang Chen’s cunning and evil plan of hiding the evil creatures caused the prince to die a tragic death. This unsettling feeling inside of Yun Yi made him want to tear Jiang Chen apart so badly.

“Haha! Yun Zhangxiao died because of his incompetence. If you want to kill me, then do it now. Jiang Chen will never emerge.”

Yang Bufan laughed loudly. He had heard about the death of Yun Zhangxiao and the Crown Prince. He also heard that Jiang Chen had killed Yun Zhangxiao in revenge for the Crown Prince’s death, which would surely be regarded as a great contribution to Great Qian Empire. He was afraid that only Jiang Chen could have such a perfect plan.

“Don’t waste time on talking nonsense with him. Kill him now. After that, we’ll kill Jiang Chen,” said Ling Du coldly.

Since Yang Bufan couldn’t draw Jiang Chen out, they might as well not waste anymore time and kill Yang Bufan immediately. As for Jiang Chen, they would still have a chance.

“Yang Bufan, as the King Fan of Great Qian Empire, do you have any last words to say?” Cao Jiu of Corpse Yin Sect asked.

“Come and kill me now, would ya! Why are there so much nonsense?”

Yang Bufan showed a cold and proud face. The fact that he would fall today indicated his lack of luck. He couldn’t blame anyone for that. As the Evil Lord, he was never afraid of dying. Ever since he stepped into the Evil Abyss alone, he had basically been sentenced to death.

“Very well. Stubbornness... Unfortunately, you won’t be able to escape from death today,” Cao Jiu spoke.

A wave of cold killing intent surged out of his body, he was about to strike Yang Bufan.


Just at this time, a loud voice could be heard from afar. Countless eyes turned towards the source of the sound, and saw two silhouettes stepping towards them. Both of them had incomparable qi and surging killing intent. They reached the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

These two were naturally Tyrant and Jiang Chen. As for Dong Fei, he was currently resting in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. There would certainly be a great war later, so it was inappropriate for Dong Fei to partic.i.p.ate.

The sight of the incomers replaced the despair on Yang Bufan’s face with excitement. He knew that Jiang Chen had appeared and he would be saved. That was the earnest trust between them. There was nothing Jiang Chen couldn’t do in this world. Jiang Chen had already created lots of miracles; Tyrant was also not a stranger to him. Back in Evil Abyss, they had fought side by side in the war. What surprised him was the cultivation base of Tyrant. He knew how much Tyrant had progressed from the time in One-Line-Sky until now.

“Jiang Chen.”

When Yun Yi and Ling Du saw Jiang Chen, they gritted their teeth. Their eyes almost spurted out fire. Judging from their looks, they wouldn’t hesitate to rush forward and shred Jiang Chen to pieces now.

“It turns out that they are looking for Jiang Chen.”

“He’s merely a late Immortal King. What a nonsense! How can such a man be taken so seriously? Could it be that this Jiang Chen is a monstrous genius?”

“I thought that Jiang Chen was some sort of scary figure. It turns out that he’s not even an Immortal Emperor. The monk is much stronger. Although he has an intermediate Immortal Emperor cultivation base, this is still no different than seeking death by coming here.”


Innumerable gazes fell upon Jiang Chen. When they sensed that Jiang Chen’s cultivation base was merely at the Immortal King realm, they all showed a look of disappointment. Earlier, they had imagined Jiang Chen as a very divine and formidable figure from the tone of these experts. So it surprised them that Jiang Chen was merely a puny little Immortal King when he appeared.

It was Cao Jiu’s first time seeing Jiang Chen. His cold gaze fell upon Jiang Chen, as though trying to see through Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen ignored the eyes of the onlookers, stepped into the centre of the battlefield and came to Yang Bufan’s side.

“Are you alright?” asked Jiang Chen.

It seemed like Yang Bufan was still very much intact, and this made him heave a sigh of relief, knowing that he wasn’t too late in coming here. If he only saw the corpse of Yang Bufan when he got here, he was afraid that he would go crazy.

“It’s no big deal. Jiang Chen, Tyrant, be careful. That Cao Jiu is very powerful. He probably also has the same level of corpse puppet with him.” Yang Bufan reminded. He knew that the next fight wouldn’t be related to him anymore.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m the unbeatable rival of Corpse Yin Sect.”

The corners of Jiang Chen revealed a cold smile. If Cao Jiu was another late Immortal Emperor expert, Jiang Chen might not be a match for him. But this man was a genius of Corpse Yin Sect, and Jiang Chen had numerous techniques that could restrain him totally. A supreme genius like Cao Jiu could only exert the strength akin to an ordinary late Immortal Emperor at best. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was now at the peak of late Immortal King realm. It wouldn’t be hard for him to eliminate Cao Jiu.

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