Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1617 – Luring Jiang Chen

Chapter 1617 – Luring Jiang Chen

Luring Jiang Chen

“Not long after I met King Fan, we were pursued by the experts of Corpse Yin Sect, Divine Line Sect and Great Cloud Empire. Due to their main target being King Fan, I was able to escape their line of sight, but even then, I was still hunted by the three disciples of Corpse Yin Sect. If I hadn’t met Senior Brother Jiang in time, I’m afraid that my life would’ve been taken by them.” Dong Fei spoke with a nervous look.

“Dammit! It must be the doing of King Ping again.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but curse. It must be King Ping who caused such a siege attack to happen so smoothly. King Ping had wanted to get rid of them on the first day they entered the Golden Horizon and didn’t seem to have given up. However, Corpse Yin Sect, Divine Line Sect and Great Cloud Empire only had grudges with him. They weren’t supposed to go seeking for King Fan.

“I’m not sure about that. They said that they wanted to kill you, but due to them not being able to find you, they will kill King Fan to recover a part of their losses.” Dong Fei said.

“Quickly take me to where they are.”

Jiang Chen spoke grimly. He knew that this incident must have something to do with him. After all, he was the one who killed most of the geniuses in those respective major powers. He was also the one who killed the Seventh Prince of Great Cloud Empire. Now that they couldn’t find him and knew that he was related to King Fan, it was common for them to go after King Fan. But Jiang Chen believed that King Ping must have been involved in this matter. Otherwise, the geniuses of the three major powers couldn’t have found Yang Bufan at the same time.

As to what method King Ping used to accurately locate Yang Bufan, Jiang Chen had no idea, but since King Ping and Yang Bufan were brothers and the young kings of Great Qian Empire, also King Ping being so cunning, he must have ways to find Yang Bufan.

But these weren’t important anymore. The top priority now was to hurry over. Otherwise, King Fan’s life would surely be in danger.

Jiang Chen flew with Dong Fei. Under Dong Fei’s guidance, he flew rapidly towards a certain direction, afraid that he would be slow to arrive.

“Dong Fei, what’s the current cultivation base of King Fan?” asked Jiang Chen.

“He has just advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm,” replied Dong Fei.

“That’s better. Given King Fan’s strength, it will be hard for them to kill him even in a siege attack, King Fan also wouldn’t have any problem escaping.”

Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He knew Yang Bufan’s abilities very well. As long as Yang Bufan advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm, there wouldn’t be any major hindrance anymore. Even if there were ten experts of the same level as Yang Bufan besieging him, he would still have a way to escape.

“No, King Fan is in a very dangerous situation now. Ling Du of Divine Line Sect has advanced to the intermediate Immortal Emperor. There is also Yun Yi of Great Cloud Empire and Niu Meng of Corpse Yin Sect who are also intermediate Immortal Emperor experts. More importantly, there’s also an expert named Cao Jiu of Corpse Yin Sect who successfully refined and absorbed a corpse of an intermediate Immortal Emperor that he got from somewhere, allowing him to advance to the late Immortal Emperor realm.”

Dong Fei spoke worriedly. If the most powerful opponent among them was an intermediate Immortal Emperor, they wouldn’t trouble King Fan at all and King Fan could flee with Dong Fei.


Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen immediately quickened his speed and kept his sigh. He had dealt with the people of Corpse Yin Sect before and knew how terrifying they were. Not only were their means terrifying, each of them carried a corpse puppet as strong as themselves. Jiang Chen’s techniques had a very strong effect on the people of Corpse Yin Sect, but Yang Bufan’s techniques didn’t. If there was really a late Immortal Emperor amongst the enemy, Yang Bufan would certainly be confronted with grave danger.

There was a thick mist all over the sky and a barren mountain that had gathered plenty of people ahead. Some were there just to look. Some were fighting against each other.

The closer it was to the centre of the Golden Horizon, the more the people. Too many people had come from three Immortal Domains. Most of them were unrelated to each other, and there were no grudges between them. Therefore, numerous had come to be spectators.

At the centre of the battlefield, a man was besieged firmly by a dozen people. The one at the centre wore a black robe, his hair was in a mess and his robe was stained with blood. He stood in mid-air shakily, seemingly about to fall at any moment.

“It’s a pity. I heard that this is the King Fan of Great Qian Empire. He has a very high reputation in Eastern Profound Domain. But now, he’s being surrounded by so many people. How tragic!”

“It’s very normal for such a thing to happen in this place. There are deep grudges between these people and their forces. So they would naturally fight to their death should they meet. There are people dying in Golden Horizon every second. Even if you are an outs.h.i.+ning talent in the outside world, it’s not uncommon for you to die here. Even a Great Sovereign had fallen in this ancient battlefield.”

“But this King Fan is truly amazing. He has maintained his stance while fighting the four intermediate Immortal Emperor. He was only severely injured when the late Immortal Emperor of Corpse Yin Sect attacked. It’s a real pity for such a genius to die here. If he still lives, he will surely have great achievements in the future.”

“Who would disagree to this? However this is fate. I’m afraid that King Fan has no choice, but to admit his misfortune unless there’s a miracle.”


Many of those who came to watch the battle felt sorry for Yang Bufan. They deeply felt that Yang Bufan was an extremely rare genius. Not even four geniuses of the same level as him could take him down until Cao Jiu acted.

“Yang Bufan, I suggest you to think of a way to signal Jiang Chen now, so that he can come to die. Otherwise, you are going to die very tragically.”

Yun Yi of Great Cloud Empire spoke coldly. He had another motive in besieging Yang Bufan – that was to lure Jiang Chen out. The news of the Seventh Prince being killed by Jiang Chen unsettled his heart. Only by killing Jiang Chen could he avenge the prince’s death. Last time, Jiang Chen had gotten the help of the evil creatures, which caused his mission to fail. Today, with so many experts around, including a late Immortal Emperor expert, Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t survive.

“That’s right Yang Bufan. As long as you draw Jiang Chen out, we will grant you a swift death.”

Ling Du of Divine Line Sect spoke. This time, they had joined forces, apart from killing Yang Bufan, they also wanted to kill Jiang Chen. In their opinion, Jiang Chen was the malady that needed to be resolved as soon as possible. Plus, Jiang Chen had killed too many of their people, so there was no way for them to forgive his deeds.

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