Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1602 – The Buddha’s Relic

Chapter 1602 – The Buddha’s Relic

The Buddha’s Relic

“This is normal. After all, there are 81 ancient routes here. Our luck isn’t considered bad. Although there are no treasures here, at least there are no dangers. We should seek for the centre of the immortal vault now. If someone arrived there earlier than us, I’m afraid the Great Earth Immortal Milk will be gone.” Jiang Chen spoke.

“You’re right. Why don’t we go there together?” Lan Lingji suggested. She still had injuries in her body and needed some time to recover. Joining forces with Dragon s.h.i.+san and Jiang Chen would undoubtedly be beneficial to her.

“Alright. We’ll go together then.” Dragon s.h.i.+san immediately nodded. This was what he had been wis.h.i.+ng for.

The death of Hei Lang was a kind of harvest to them and was equivalent to the elimination of a strong enemy.

Jiang Chen, Dragon s.h.i.+san and Lan Lingji, the three of them headed towards the centre of the immortal vault. By joining forces, the trio was virtually invincible in entire Golden Horizon.

Obviously, this spatial zone didn’t have any more good treasures. What they needed to do now was to go to the centermost part of the vault to seek for the Great Earth Immortal Milk which Jiang Chen was still very interested in. Although he had already advanced to the late Immortal King realm, the number of dragon marks in his body just reached 1 200 000 and his cultivation base wasn’t considered stable yet. If he was able to acquire the Great Earth Immortal Milk, his strength would surely be enhanced once more. When that time came, he would be able to act without fear.

Meanwhile, in another ancient path of the spatial zone, Tyrant had also discovered an ancient palace that was as battered and dilapidated as the one that Jiang Chen found.

It was located in an illusory and insubstantial land. It was very difficult for people to see it, but due to Tyrant having deep affinity with Buddha, his ability to sense the inheritance of Buddha was a lot sharper than ordinary people.

Similarly, the entrance of the palace was blocked by a formation. Due to it having existed for a long time, it had become old and vulnerable. To Tyrant, breaking this formation was just too simple.


Tyrant put his hands together. Pure Buddha Radiance appeared from his body and rushed towards the ancient palace. As though sensing the qi of Tyrant, the formation outside the ancient palace crumbled and the entrance opened automatically, as if this ancient palace was specially left for him.

Upon seeing this, Tyrant couldn’t help but reveal a hint of delight, but he also felt a trace of grief. After all, a powerful ancient Buddha Venerable had fallen here. As the descendant of Buddha Sect, he naturally wouldn’t feel good about it.

Regaining his senses, he began to stride towards the ancient palace. As this ancient palace seemed to have opened itself for him, there might be a fortune waiting for him inside. So naturally he wouldn’t let go of the chance. He had yet to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm and was still at the peak of half-step Immortal Emperor realm, but he was already infinitely close to the true Immortal Emperor realm. What he lacked now was a chance to make the breakthrough.

Speaking of breakthrough, Tyrant should have the biggest chance of obtaining the inheritance of the Buddha Venerable amongst all the geniuses.

As soon as he reached the interior of the palace, golden Buddha Radiance rushed out. For an instant, the dark palace had brightened up all of a sudden. The inside of the palace turned golden and the characters of Sanskrit that were drifting in the air looked tremendously divine.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The void trembled. A golden round ball the size of a fist floated back and forth in the sky, and then bobbing down in the front of Tyrant. Looking closely at the round ball, there were lines of divine Buddha Sanskrit on its surface. There seemed to have been an old eminent monk sitting cross-legged with a solemn face at the centre of the ball.

This was the peerless and the supreme Buddha. He looked like the legendary ancient Arhat. A casual movement from him radiated the pure qi of Buddha Sect.

“The Buddha’s Relic.”

Tyrant’s eyes perked up. This was the relic of Buddha Sect. It was the essence of the ancient Buddha Venerable’s life. The fist-sized relic was the biggest relic Tyrant had ever seen in his life. Judging from the qi emanating out from it, it should be left by a Great Buddha of at least late Immortal Venerable realm.

He gulped a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, and was rooted to the spot. This piece of relic was a truly peerless treasure. The Great Earth Immortal Milk became worthless to mention compared to this treasure. To a disciple of Buddha Sect like Tyrant, he would definitely obtain immeasurable benefits from this relic.

He lightly stuck out his hand, then realized that his hand was shaking. As his palm was about to touch the relic, he hastily withdrew it. He felt that it was really disrespectful to treat the inheritance of an ancient Buddha Venerable in such a way.

“Amitabha. Disciple is Tyrant. Disciple feels very fortunate and grateful to be able to obtain the inheritance of Buddha Venerable.”

Tyrant put his palms together and bowed deeply to the relic three times before extending his hand again.

A relic was the life essence and a true inheritance of a Great Buddha. Anyone who acquired the inheritance of a Great Buddha would surely skyrocket to the top.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

As Tyrant held the relic, the relic immediately bounded intensely. It wasn’t resistance but recognition and excitement, as though it had been reserved specifically for Tyrant. It couldn’t be helped. Tyrant’s affinity with Buddha was too deep. That was why he attracted the attention of the relic.

A relic of this type had its own spirituality. Even if it were to be placed here for a longer period of time, its spirituality wouldn’t disappear. It would never appear if it didn’t meet the right wielder. In other words, if it wasn’t Tyrant who appeared in this ancient palace, it was afraid that the relic would be less likely to emerge.

One had to say that the ancient Buddha who left behind this inheritance was incomparably wise. He had used the nine drops of Great Earth Immortal Milk as lure and bait to attract everyone’s attention. In truth, the treasures that he was truly concerned of were this relic and the Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra.

Needless to say, the relic contained the life essence and effort of the Buddha Venerable, comprising almost all of his inheritances. The Great Unrestrained Heart Sutra was also a supreme heart technique inherited from the Great Unrestrained Ancient Buddha. Its value could never be valued with price.

This was the great opportunity of Tyrant. This relic alone made his trip to Golden Horizon worthwhile as its weight was just too great. If he had refined it, no one could tell to what extent his cultivation base would grow.

Warmth and ancient aura began to spread in his hand, giving him a sense of familiarity.

Without hesitation, he wheeled and turned the doors of the palace, sat cross-legged and began refining the relic.

“By refining the relic, my cultivation base shouldn’t have trouble advancing to the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm within a short period of time.”

Tyrant was incomparably excited. He knew that his current cultivation base was too weak to survive in Golden Horizon. There were too many geniuses and he could easily find an Immortal Emperor amongst them. With this piece of relic, he was certain that he could boost his cultivation base in a short amount of time. While being in Golden Horizon that was full of danger, strength was always the most important thing.

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