Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1601 – Let’s be friends

Chapter 1601 – Let’s be friends

Let’s be friends

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Hei Lang realized that this seemingly bookish guy was very unusual, but it was already too late for him to seize the corpse puppet over. Whether it was strength or speed, he was no match for Dragon s.h.i.+san.


Dragon s.h.i.+san didn’t take Hei Lang seriously. He didn’t even glance at the swooping Hei Lang before striking violently on the last corpse puppet’s head. Without accident, the last corpse puppet’s end was similar to the previous two, it was crushed by Dragon s.h.i.+san’s iron staff.

“Son of a b*tch!”

Hei Lang was angered. Another incomparably cold black blade appeared in his hand, and swung it at Dragon s.h.i.+san. Dragon s.h.i.+san casually raised his iron staff, colliding with Hei Lang’s big blade. One could only feel the scariness of Dragon s.h.i.+san after fighting him. Hei Lang could feel the surging energy released from Dragon s.h.i.+san’s body. That was the energy of destruction that could burst out at any moment. Even if he exhaust all of his techniques, he was still no match for him. There was an unimaginable gap between them.


As the big blade slashed on the iron staff, Hei Lang felt a huge repulsive force and was sent flying a hundred meters away while spurting out blood on the way. It was merely a simple move of Dragon s.h.i.+san, but it had already severely injured Hei Lang, giving him no chance of resisting.

“You think a trash like you is qualified enough to fight Master Monkey? You are too unaware of your own limitations.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san looked at Hei Lang contemptuously. That was an inborn haughtiness, Dragon s.h.i.+san had all the right to be haughty, however. A trash like Hei Lang was certainly not qualified to be Dragon s.h.i.+san’s opponent. Both of them were at two totally different levels.

Lan Lingji’s jaw remained opened for a long time. She was frozen. Her eyes glinted with a strange expression. As the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise, she had seen countless of geniuses, but none of them were as ferocious as Dragon s.h.i.+san. She knew the strength of Hei Lang very well as she had just fought him a moment ago and almost lost her life. This youth also had an intermediate Immortal Emperor cultivation base, but the difference between the two was just too great. She was able to clearly see that the mighty Hei Lang couldn’t even stand a chance in front of Dragon s.h.i.+san.

This monstrous genius comes from which major power? How can he be this powerful?

Lan Lingji’s heart was shaken, at the same time, she couldn’t help being fascinated and attracted by the demeanour of Dragon s.h.i.+san. A powerful man could always attract a woman. Furthermore, Dragon s.h.i.+san was her lifesaver. This alone gave her a good reason to not hate him.

It was very hard for an unparalleled saint girl like Lan Lingji to really pay attention to a man, but now, the actions of Dragon s.h.i.+san was branded in her eyes.

“Who-who are you exactly?”

Hei Lang asked viciously. After losing three corpse puppets, he had suffered a huge blow. Those were his life and blood, and they were destroyed just like that. Only he knew how much he hated Dragon s.h.i.+san now. If there was a chance to kill Dragon s.h.i.+san, he would never let Dragon s.h.i.+san die so easily.

Unfortunately, he also knew that it was virtually impossible to have this revenge because the opponent was just too powerful. It was already considered not bad if he could survive today.

“Someone who wants your life.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san was reluctant to speak anymore, held the iron staff and lunged at Hei Lang. With extreme speed, he appeared in front of Hei Lang in the blink of an eye.


Hei Lang was scared to death. Today, he had encountered someone who was even more vicious than him, who wouldn’t even give him the slightest face before making a move. He was truly in bad luck today. If the iron staff were to strike on his head, he would most likely be struck to death just like the previous three corpse puppets.

“What else do you want to say? Quickly say it,” said Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“Don’t kill me. You and I aren’t enemies to begin with. As long as you let me go, I guarantee that I won’t cause you any more trouble. I’m the most important genius of Corpse Yin Sect. Killing me won’t do you any good.”

Hei Lang was trembling with fear. All along, it was him who killed his opponents. He had never felt the feeling of death. Now, he could already smell the taste of death which was as scary and as cold as an icy cave. He didn’t want to die. How could a genius with high reputation and power in Corpse Yin Sect be willing to die? He still hadn’t gotten the Great Earth Immortal Milk yet.

“You are right.” Dragon s.h.i.+san nodded and mused deliberately.

Upon seeing this, Hei Lang’s face immediately revealed a look of surprise. It seemed like his ident.i.ty in Corpse Yin Sect had some effect on his persuasion, and had successfully deterred his killer. As long as he could escape today, he would surely have his revenge in the future.

“Good. As long as you don’t kill me, we can still be friends.” Hei Lang hastily added.

“Young Master Dragon, don’t believe in what this man is saying. This man is cunning and crafty. Keeping him alive will only breed disaster.” Lan Lingji said.

“You are right. Killing you won’t bring me any benefits, but someone is going to gain benefits after killing you.”

Dragon s.h.i.+san nodded, then turned to Jiang Chen who was watching from afar and shouted. “Little Chen, come and kill him!”

Hei Lang’s words had undoubtedly reminded Dragon s.h.i.+san of something. Dragon s.h.i.+san would never be kind enough to let him go. As he knew that he didn’t have any brocade pouch, killing Hei Lang wouldn’t benefit him. If Jiang Chen killed Hei Lang, the scenario would be different. Jiang Chen could straightaway get the pouch from Hei Lang. Whether there was treasure in Hei Lang’s brocade pouch or not, his luck would absolutely be absorbed by Jiang Chen.

Upon hearing this, Lan Lingji and Hei Lang swivelled around towards where Dragon s.h.i.+san was yelling at and saw a youth in white-robe, walking towards them in a light pace with one hand behind his back.

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a slight smile. Without speaking another word, the Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in his hand, he thrust the sword into Hei Lang’s skull.

“He’s right. I will have loads of benefits by killing you,” said Jiang Chen. The Heavenly Saint Sword went into Hei Lang’s forehead. Blood poured out with red brilliance.


Hei Lang’s eyes widened. Even before his death, he still had a look of daze. The situation changed too quickly. He didn’t even have the chance to react. The joy and grief came too fast. He initially thought that Dragon s.h.i.+san had already agreed to let him go, but then, the result shocked him. He didn’t even know who this youth in white was, and what grudges and feud he had with his youth.

“I forgot to tell you that my name is Jiang Chen. So killing you now will save my time you will use to threaten me with your ident.i.ty in Corpse Yin Sect, because such a threat won’t work on me. Your sect and I have long been at odds with each other,” said Jiang Chen, making Hei Lang understand the reason of his death.

“You-you are that Jiang Chen……?”

Hei Lang revealed the last hint of shock before shutting his eyes, losing his vital force. The brocade pouch from his body drifted out into Jiang Chen’s hands. Hei Lang knew that he didn’t die an innocent death, because if Jiang Chen were the one who fell into his hands, he too, would kill Jiang Chen. So dying in Jiang Chen’s hand made his death pretty reasonable and understandable.

“You are the Jiang Chen that caused uproars across the entire Eastern Profound Domain?”

Lan Lingji looked over at Jiang Chen and asked with a surprised look. Jiang Chen’s reputation had been very famous across the entire Eastern Profound Domain. Apart from reputation, Jiang Chen had also done something pretty imposing in Golden Horizon. Being one of the experts of Eastern Profound Domain, it was impossible for her not to hear Jiang Chen’s name before.

Currently, seeing Jiang Chen in person made her slightly surprised. She didn’t think that he was so young and good-looking. His current look and the description from the rumours were two extremes.

“That’s right. I’m Jiang Chen. Today, we happened to pa.s.s by and saw the saint girl being surrounded by Hei Lang. Therefore, we have decided to help.” Jiang Chen smiled.

Upon hearing this, she couldn’t help but sigh. The thought of the previous crisis still gave her palpitations. She looked at Dragon s.h.i.+san with a softer expression. If it hadn’t been the initiative taken by Dragon s.h.i.+san to rescue her life, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Lingji thanks Young Master Dragon for coming to my rescue. From now on, you will be a good friend of Exquisite Paradise,” said Lan Lingji earnestly.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m a friend of Exquisite Paradise or not. It’s good enough that the two of us become friends.” Dragon s.h.i.+san smiled at Lan Lingji and didn’t forget to give her a wink at the key moment.

Lan Lingji lowered her head and blushed. If it was someone else who flirted in such a way in front of her, she would have beaten him up badly, but now, instead of feeling disgusted, she felt an unusual feeling.

When Lan Lingji realized this, she was incomparably shocked. That was an indescribable feeling. She knew that she didn’t hate Dragon s.h.i.+san and felt quite happy despite the frivolous behaviour of Dragon s.h.i.+san. She told herself that this was mostly because of the fact that Dragon s.h.i.+san had saved her life, but the truth was perhaps more than this.

“Young Master Dragon has saved Lingji. We can naturally be friends.”

Lan Lingji recovered from her state very quickly. After all, she was the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise. Her disposition was incomparable to ordinary people.

Furthermore, she was even more shocked by Dragon s.h.i.+san’s strength. She found it extremely unusual that she had never heard of such a terrifying and unparalleled genius before.

As for Jiang Chen, she had heard a lot about him, but Jiang Chen only had the cultivation base of an Immortal King. Therefore, the one that intrigued her the most was Dragon s.h.i.+san.

“I wonder if Miss Lan has obtained any treasures from this s.p.a.ce?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Not yet. There seems to be no treasures and dangers in this spatial zone.”

Lan Lingji shook her head. She naturally didn’t know that the greatest danger and treasure of this place had already been encountered by Jiang Chen and Dragon s.h.i.+san.

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