Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1590 2 – Lan Lingji

Chapter 1590 2 – Lan Lingji

Lan Lingji

Yelps and exclaims were heard. A woman like Lan Lingji would cause a great pandemonium wherever she went. There was no question about it.

She was the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise. A famous figure in the young generation of Eastern Profound Domain. She was a model cultivator.

“There are really plenty of geniuses.”

Jiang Chen nodded. This time, it allowed him to witness the top geniuses of the young generation from the different major powers. Compared to those early Immortal Emperors like Yun Zhangxiao and King Ping, these geniuses were much better.

Of course, figures like King Ping and Yang Bufan couldn’t be underestimated because they were people with great luck. As long as they could acquire fortune in this place, they could advance to intermediate Immortal Emperor realm at any time. At that time, whether it was their cultivation or status, both would rise to the next level, making them comparable to figures like Lan Lingji.

“Brat, you already have three wives. Why are you still starting at Lan Lingji’s body? Are you shameless?” Dragon s.h.i.+san’s disdainful voice came from the inside.

“Go and f*** yourself. Whose three wives? Who is staring at Lan Lingji? I was only studying her, okay?” Jiang Chen was speechless.

“*Jie* *Jie*…… Lan Lingji, never thought I would meet you here. I have missed you very much.” An incompatible and sinister chuckle was heard. It was the voice of Hei Lang.

Lan Lingji lifted her head to glower at Hei Lang, then harrumphed coldly. “Hei Lang, if you don’t put your eyes away, I’m going to dig your eyeb.a.l.l.s out.”

“Whoops! The saint girl of Exquisite Paradise does have a bad temper. Lan Lingji, you are becoming more and more attractive now, which causes me to keep thinking of you every day and night. If you marry me, Corpse Yin Sect and Exquisite Paradise will become allies. At that time, we will be able to dominate Eastern Profound Domain. I really look forward to that day.”

Hei Lang continued to sweep his eyes around Lan Lingji’s body without the effort to hide his lascivious intentions.

“Courting death!”

Clearly, Lan Lingji didn’t have a good temper. Immediately, she struck out a ray of blue light towards Hei Lang.

Hei Lang flashed, leaving an afterimage behind. Lan Lingji’s blue light only manage to hit the illusion of Hei Lang which disappeared in a flash of black light.

“Hot temper, but I like it. I’m going to get you sooner or later.” Hei Lang licked his lips as though he had seen a delicious prey.

“Hei Lang, if you want to die, then I will fulfil your wish now.” Killing intent immediately burst out from all over her body. It seemed like she was serious about killing the offender.

“I’m not playing with you first. Once I acquire the treasures in the immortal vault and have my cultivation base improved dramatically, I will go and subdue you.” Hei Lan said.

Countless people’s murderous eyes fell upon Hei Lang. If one’s gaze could murder people, Hei Lang would have been torn to by pieces now. One should know that Lan Lingji was like an angel in many people’s eyes. Being blasphemous towards such an angel in the presence of so many people would naturally cause public indignation.

However, they had to acknowledge Hei Lang’s courage. Who in Eastern Profound Domain would dare to flirt with the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise? Hei Lang had just done something people wished to do but hadn’t dared to.

Those devouring eyes didn’t bother Hei Lang at all as he thought that those eyes weren’t actually looking at him.

“Hei Lang, what’s the point of being so arrogant? Your brother Hei Kui has already been killed by someone, but there was nothing you could do. Nevertheless, you have only come here to shame yourself, which makes me feel embarra.s.sed for you.” Lan Lingji spoke coldly. She wouldn’t miss this chance of insulting Hei Lang.

Upon hearing this, Hei Lang’s facial expression turned incomparably cold all of a sudden. Tangible killing intent shot out from his body instantly.

“You don’t have to remind me. It’s only a matter of time before I kill that Jiang Chen and avenge my brother’s death.” Hei Lang spoke coldly.

“Little Chen, looks like you have gotten yourself another powerful enemy.” Dragon s.h.i.+san reminded.

“The brother of Hei Kui? Very good, I hope that he doesn’t provoke me, or else he will go and reunite with his dead brother.”

The corners of Jiang Chen’s mouth revealed a slight sneer. His enemies had always been numerous. He didn’t mind having one more enemy. Although he didn’t expect Hei Lang to actually be Hei Kui’s brother, it didn’t really matter to him. He would never be lenient in killing the people of Corpse Yin Sect.

He would treat it as if nothing had happened if Hei Lang didn’t provoke him. If the opposite happened, Jiang Chen would never show any mercy. It was true that the cultivators of Corpse Yin Sect were very ruthless and had powerful means, but they were doomed to have bad luck if they encountered Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s existence was like an unrivalled enemy to the people of Corpse Yin Sect which was no different than those demonic devils and evil creatures.

*Buzz...* *Buzz...*

Suddenly, a buzzing sound burst out from the white light in the sky. The strong white light gradually dimmed.

“Look, the white light has dimmed. The entrance will appear soon.”

“That’s true. When the white light disappeared, the entrance will surely emerge. The immortal vault is about to be unearthed.”

“Be ready, everyone. Once the entrance appears, go straight into it.”


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