Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1590 1 – A Beauty?

Chapter 1590 1 – A Beauty?

A Beauty?

More and more people had come. Some of them had lost the excitement they had earlier and their faces began to wear a glum expression. Most of these people weren’t very strong. The more experts came, the greater the threat to them and the lesser their chance of obtaining fortune and treasures. After all, there were too many experts and these people knew their own limitations, knowing that competing against those geniuses for treasures was an act of courting death.

However, none of them retreated. What a joke! Who would want to quit at this time? Compared to the tens of thousands of people who entered the Golden Horizon, this number of crowd wasn’t considered huge. As long as one remained vigilant and did his best to not offend those monstrous geniuses, one would be fine. If one was lucky enough, one might even get some precious treasures.

*Hong Long……*

The jade white light ray was about to be solidified as it continued to shake its head and tail and let out a powerful roar each time it shook. The momentum of the white light alone was enough to show the extraordinary nature of the immortal vault, but the treasure that was inside and who had left such a vault behind remained unknown. Perhaps these questions would be answered after the vault was opened. This was what everyone had been antic.i.p.ating.

At this moment, an incomparably gloomy qi raced from the sky afar. A dark shadow zipped past like the black wind in the night, reaching the mountain range in the blink of an eye. The newcomer was a youth that wore a baggy black robe embroidered with several gloomy looking skulls.

This youth was very skinny, had a long neck and black lips. One look at him and one could tell that he wasn’t a righteous cultivator. The qi this person emitted was evil. It seemed like he cultivated the devil cultivation and was even more devilish than the people of devil cult.

“*Jie* *Jie*…… There are a lot of people here.” The youth looked around and let out an evil cold smile.

“It’s Hei Lang of Corpse Yin Sect of Eastern Profound Domain of Ethereal Immortal Domain. Never thought he will come as well. How annoying!”

“That’s right. The people of Corpse Yin Sect are abominable. They cultivate the evil art and are ruthless, worse than the cultivators of devil cult. They specialize in refining people’s corpses. If you encounter a cultivator of Corpse Yin Sect, there’s 80% chance that you will die. After entering the immortal vault, it’s best to stay away from this evil star.”

“I heard that the people of this sect live in the gloom. Their actions were always frowned upon by the people of the world. They are all sinister and cruel beings. The cultivation base of Hei Lang has already reached the peak of intermediate Immortal Emperor and has very scary means. In any case, we’ll just stay away from him.”


The appearance of Hei Lang had aroused the disgust of many people. Corpse Yin Sect itself was an abominable sect, as their style of conduct wasn’t acceptable by the world. So that’s why even in the Eastern Profound Domain, only very few people were willing to deal with them. Most people would stay as far away from them as possible and wouldn’t offend them.

Later, several intermediate Immortal Emperors emerged. They were from different domains. Some were even from different immortal domains.

As more and more people came, the more vigilant they became. By now, Ye Peng was the only late Immortal Emperor. After all, there were too few experts like this and some didn’t happen to be in this region. It was already considered not bad that one expert as such could emerge in this place. Furthermore, the presence of Ye Peng had let lots of geniuses feel enormous pressure.

No one was willing to clash with Ye Peng. Plus, Ye Peng was the genius of the high and mighty Immortal Court. Who would dare to offend the Immortal Court? Unless the person chose to die. Even a great major power like the Great Qian Empire wouldn’t dare to offend the Immortal Court. The mighty Immortal Court could annihilate the entire Great Qian Empire with ease.

Suddenly, light flickered and an unparalleled beauty emerged. She wore a blue dress and came by stepping in the void.

The appearance of this beauty had immediately attracted countless gazes, or it should be said that the gaze of everyone.

Beautiful! She was extremely beautiful!

She was a very beautiful woman. Even with her blue dress fluttering in the wind, it couldn’t conceal her graceful and elegant figure. Her exquisite b.r.e.a.s.t.s had given her the biggest pride. Her face was as white as jade. Her lips were naturally red. Her black hair flowed freely in the wind. Her eyes were as deep as an abyss and as bright as gems.

Her flat eyebrows, proud eyes and the pride that radiated from her bones, all of these were a kind of n.o.ble disposition. Her stone cold expression gave people the urgency to stay a thousand miles away from her.

“What a pretty lady! Who is she? Despite being so young, she has already reached the terrifying intermediate Immortal Emperor realm. She’s the saint girl of which major power?”

“She’s Lan Lingji. She’s the saint girl of Exquisite Paradise of Eastern Profound Domain. I have heard about Lan Lingji’s beauty long ago. They said that her beauty was incomparable. Sure enough, her looks are extraordinary. She’s just too pretty. Her beauty is going to make innumerable heroes drool.”

“This Lan Lingji doesn’t just have the looks. She is also endowed with incredible gifts. She has reached the intermediate Immortal Emperor realm at a very young age, outs.h.i.+ning the young generation of her sect. It’s really an honour that we can see her.”


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