Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1490 – Meeting King Fan again

Chapter 1490 – Meeting King Fan again

Meeting King Fan again

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After hearing Dong Fei’s words, only then did Jiang Chen understand why Hu Yao had done so. Yang Bufan had once been the Evil Lord in Evil Abyss and had killed too many people. He had always been firm in his actions. His high and mighty aura of a king didn’t change even if he had already returned to Great Qian Empire.

“Dong Fei, go and find King Fan and tell him that I’m all right,” Jiang Chen said to Dong Fei.

He knew that Yang Bufan must be very worried right now. Since he had returned safely, there was no need for Yang Bufan to continue worrying over him. Plus, Yang Bufan’s advancement to Immortal Emperor realm was something worth celebrating.

“Alright, I’ll go now.”

Dong Fei turned and left, seeming to be very excited. In fact, how could he not be excited after witnessing a miracle? He was now a man of King Fan Prefecture. So he would naturally obey Jiang Chen’s words.

The news spread very quickly. Yang Bufan already knew what happened even before Dong Fei reached his place. It wasn’t just Yang Bufan, however. In just a dozen minutes, almost everyone in the inner prefecture knew about this miracle. The news of someone walking out of the valley alive was too earth-shattering. It had absolutely shaken the entire Genius Prefecture.

“What? Jiang Chen has just walked out of that valley alive? This isn’t possible. This is absolutely not possible. No one has ever walked out of that valley alive.”

The Crown Prince seemed incredibly shocked when he heard the news. He was forced to believe it as the news was told by Hu Yao.

“It’s true Crown Prince. This old man has just met him. He’s not dead yet,” said Hu Yao.

Not even he understood why Jiang Chen could walk out of the valley. This could no longer be described as a miracle. It was a forbidden land for many years. Anyone who went in died. Even Yang Zanqing didn’t know what kind of secret was hidden in that valley. It was hard to imagine that Jiang Chen did it.

“d.a.m.n! Where did that freak come from? He’ll be a big problem if he isn’t gotten rid of.”

The Crown Prince gritted his teeth, and clenched his fists. Jiang Chen’s performance in King Fan Prefecture might not have attracted his full attention. But now, the Crown Prince could deeply feel the threat of Jiang Chen. That kind of potential threat was much greater than the threat that King Fan posed, because a person who could create miracles would always be a threat, one could never know if he could create more miracles in the future.

On the other side, King Ping who had never showed himself since then, was astounded by the news. He had never appeared since then because he wanted to borrow the Crown Prince’s hands to get rid of Jiang Chen, but he didn’t know that such a thing would happen. King Ping had never looked down on Jiang Chen from the beginning, and knew how much of a threat Jiang Chen was. The fact that Jiang Chen could walk out of the valley indicated his unimaginable potential.

“This man poses tremendous danger. If I can’t make him my friend, I must eliminate him as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble.”

A cold light flickered in King Ping’s eyes. He knew very well how intense the compet.i.tion between the princes were. Despite the fact that they were all brothers, they were also the mortal enemy of each other. The consequences of such a compet.i.tion breaking out would be inconceivable. King Ping had already understood the fearsomeness of Jiang Chen and seemed ready to make a move.

Just like what Jiang Chen had said, this King Ping was even more terrifying than Crown Prince. Anything that Crown Prince did was visible and noticeable, whereas King Ping was full of subtlety. It was already conceivable that King Ping was definitely not a simple character, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible for him to achieve today’s result.

Soon, King Fan and Dong Fei appeared and entered the courtyard. When Yang Bufan saw Jiang Chen still intact after the trip to the valley, his face was filled with unconcealed joy.

“Haha......Brother, you are truly amazing, you have created the greatest miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture!”

Yang Bufan was extremely excited. Disregarding his own ident.i.ty, he walked forth and gave Jiang Chen a bear hug as a way of expressing his joy.

“Congratulations King Fan on advancing to Immortal Emperor realm.”

Jiang Chen smiled. It was also a great joy for him that King Fan advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm so quickly. After all, Yang Bufan represented King Fan Prefecture. And for King Fan Prefecture to become stronger, King Fan must become strong first. This was the most fundamental thing. Only by getting stronger could King Fan be qualified to fight King Ping and the Crown Prince.

“Greet King Fan.”

Under the lead of Dong Fei, a dozen geniuses bowed to King Fan.

“King Fan, these people are all willing to follow you. From now on, they are all people of King Fan Prefecture. The force of our King Fan Prefecture in Genius Prefecture has just begun. I believe that it won’t take long for us to be on a par with the Crown Prince and King Ping.” Jiang Chen said.

“Good. Our King Fan Prefecture is destined to be a sharp sword in Genius Prefecture and Great Qian Empire. I’ll never maltreat any of you.”

King Fan’s eyes swept across the dozen of people and nodded. Every desicple in Genius Prefecture was worth recruiting. They were all young Immortal Kings and had immeasurable future achievements.

“I pledge to follow King Fan and Senior Brother Jiang until I die.” All of them spoke in unison.

“Very well. You all can leave first. I have something to speak with Jiang Chen,” King Fan said.

He knew that it was all Jiang Chen’s credit that these people joined King Fan Prefecture. The fact that Jiang Chen had walked out of the valley alive had shocked the entire Genius Prefecture. Everyone in Genius Prefecture could see the potential of Jiang Chen, and knew that they would be successful by following such a man.

“Yes, King Fan.” Dong Fei led the rest of them out of the courtyard.

“Brother, how did you get out of the valley and what’s the secret of that valley?”

After the crowd departed, Yang Bufan couldn’t wait anymore and asked. The secret of the valley intrigued everyone’s heart, including Yang Bufan’s.

“King Fan, the secret of the valley is of great importance. You must never tell anyone what I’m about to tell you now, not even to Yang Zanqing, because once this secret goes out, it can cause chaos in the entire Great Qian Empire.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably solemn. He had no intention of concealing the secrets of the valley in front of Yang Bufan. Yang Bufan was once the Evil Lord and had experienced almost everything, his disposition was much more tenacious compared to most people, but the matter about the Heaven Devouring Devil Ape couldn’t be told to anyone. At least, not now. Once this secret was spread, the entire Great Qian Empire would be plunge into a serious turmoil because not even the whole Great Qian Empire could afford to provoke that devil beast.