Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1489 – Irony

Chapter 1489 – Irony


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Someone had successfully walked out of the forbidden place. This was a huge event, a major news. It was unbelievable to everyone. In fact, unbelievable wasn’t enough to describe it. Most of them were wondering what methods did Jiang Chen used to walk out of the valley. They were even curious about what actually existed in the valley. Perhaps Jiang Chen had the answer to this.

More and more people gathered behind Jiang Chen, also walking towards the direction of the Registration Centre.

After Dong Fei learned of the news, he was the first to fly out and reached out to Jiang Chen. When he first heard the news, he couldn’t believe it. He felt that the person must be joking, because no one had ever walked out of that forbidden place alive, but seeing Jiang Chen standing intact in front of him, he felt compelled to believe it.

“Brother Jiang, you have really come out of it alive!”

Dong Fei seemed very excited and delighted. Those feelings came from his heart and wasn’t just a facade. Soon, a large group of people encircled Jiang Chen. These were the friends of Dong Fei. Each of them looked at Jiang Chen in admiration. It was the admiration they had for Jiang Chen. They had witnessed Jiang Chen’s capability before. And now, Jiang Chen had created a miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture. They were smart enough to know that this indicated that Jiang Chen was a person that possessed great fortune.

“I have said that I will be back.” Jiang Chen smiled at Dong Fei who had given him quite a pleasant impression.

“Brother Jiang, you have created a miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture. I, Dong Fei, said that as long as you can walk out of the valley alive, I will follow you for the rest of my life. From now on, I will be a man of King Fan Prefecture.”

Dong Fei clasped his fists at Jiang Chen. Although he had no doubt made such a promise that time, he still felt that he wouldn’t have the chance to fulfill it. To his surprise, miracle happened for real. In his point of view, following a monstrous genius like Jiang Chen was a truly proud thing

“We will also follow Brother Jiang and are willing to join King Fan Prefecture. I believe that many of us from the outer prefecture will also be willing to join King Fan Prefecture.”

“That’s right. King Fan and Brother Jiang are people with great fortunes. We are most willing to follow you two both.”

“This will be our honour.”


Everyone spoke in a dignified manner. They hadn’t joined any forces before, but now they were determined to join King Fan Prefecture and follow Jiang Chen from now on. They weren’t blind. They could naturally see the potential of Jiang Chen and King Fan. With these two together, it would only be a matter of time before some great things happened.

Upon seeing this scene, Jiang Chen smiled, feeling very contented in his heart. This was originally the result he wanted. Strengthening the power of King Fan Prefecture was one of his main purposes in coming to Genius Prefecture. He could see that these people were willing to become his followers and join King Fan Prefecture. This would be the first step in achieving their goal.

“Very well. Since you all are willing to follow me and join King Fan Prefecture, from now on, you are the people of King Fan Prefecture.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated as he said. He knew very well the worth of these people. Every one of them had the potential of advancing to Immortal Emperor realm. In fact, every disciple in Genius Prefecture was an elite, a target of the young kings. The potential inside of them were boundless. Grasping on them was equivalent to grasping on the future of the empire.

“Brother Jiang, can you tell us what were the horrible things in the valley and how did you come out of it?” Someone asked. Many people got nearer, seemingly incomparably curious.

“I think it is better that you all don’t know about the matter of the valley. It won’t do you all any good. I’m going to find Yang Ling to get my cultivation accommodation a.s.signed.”

Jiang Chen said. He could never expose the secret of the valley. The entire Genius Prefecture would no longer be peaceful if it was spread to the public.

“Brother Jiang, Yang Ling is already dead.” Dong Fei said.

“Dead? How did he die? Don’t tell me he has committed suicide after I humiliated him.” Big Yellow felt dumbfounded. Hearing Yang Ling’s death made him happy, although he didn’t know how Yang Ling died.

“It was King Fan who killed him. Yesterday, King Fan came here looking for you after he advanced to Immortal Emperor realm. After learning that you were sent into the valley, King Fan was infuriated and killed Yang Ling on the spot. He also wanted to kill Elder Hu Yao, but was stopped by the Crown Prince, he also had an intense battle with the Crown Prince as a result. They were evenly matched which resulted into a draw. King Fan’s power was truly horrifying.”

Another person spoke. Thinking about the scene of King Fan causing havoc boiled their blood. King Fan’s power had left a permanent impression in their minds.

“What? King Fan has advanced to Immortal Emperor realm?”

Jiang Chen was shocked that Yang Bufan could make the breakthrough so easily. Apart from astonishment, he also felt happy for Yang Bufan. At the same time, he was also touched by the fact that Yang Bufan caused a havoc in outer prefecture, killed Yang Ling, and fought the Crown Prince for his sake. This only showed that Yang Bufan was very concerned of him and had completely regarded him as a brother.

“That brat is not bad. It was a good kill. If Yang Ling was still alive today, it’s inevitable that he will be beaten up again.” Big Yellow shook his head and said.


Just at this time, a light flashed past and appeared before Jiang Chen. The incomer wasn’t a stranger, he’s the person who had been beaten by King Fan yesterday. He was Hu Yao. Elder Hu Yao had quick access to news. He was able to know that Jiang Chen had walked out of the valley with such speed.

At this moment, Hu Yao had complicated emotions when he saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow standing unscathed before him. He had wanted to get rid of Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen had returned and created a miracle, instead. At the same time, he also felt happy that Jiang Chen wasn’t dead and he could still live.

“Jiang Chen, this is your key to the number 8 courtyard.”

Hu Yao tossed the key over. Jiang Chen took it in his hand and saw the number ‘8’ engraved on it.

After giving the key, Hu Yao turned and left. Such a move dumbfounded Jiang Chen. He initially thought that Hu Yao would definitely make things hard for him again. After all, Hu Yao had wanted him to stay in the valley for a month. As Jiang Chen had returned earlier than the agreed period, Hu Yao should’ve asked Jiang Chen for an explanation and put him to another trouble. Who would have thought that Hu Yao would give the key to Jiang Chen so forthrightly and a.s.sign a decent accommodation to Jiang Chen?

“Why do I think that this old man seems very happy? This isn’t normal. Shouldn’t he be angry after seeing us walk out of the valley alive?” Big Yellow was stunned. Hu Yao’s reaction was something he couldn’t think of.

“Brother Jiang must have not known the situation. Yesterday, King Fan had left a vicious remark before he left. If you were unable to come out of the valley alive, King Fan would kill Hu Yao, and said that not even the Heavenly King Father could stop him. Now that you have returned alive, you have saved his life.” Dong Fei said with a smile, feeling that this was a great irony.

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