Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1475 – King Fan’s Fury 1

Chapter 1475 – King Fan’s Fury 1

King Fan’s Fury (1)

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*Hu…* *Hu…*

The cold wind got stronger and stronger, along with the nose-stinging decaying stench that could make people nauseous. When the spatial waves began to drift around, a white silhouette finally emerged, stopping in front of Jiang Chen. That was precisely the spot where the other living corpses appeared previously.

After the emergence of the living corpse, the cold wind in the entire valley vanished. The atmosphere turned incomparably heavy, as if everything was going to a stop. This living corpse looked the same as the previous living corpses – wearing the uniform of Genius Prefecture and having lost its heart.

The only difference was its strength. Just like Jiang Chen had guessed. The corpse was a half-step Immortal Emperor. Without using his dragon transformation, he could feel an invisible and incomparably cold pressure from the corpse.

“The genius of a generation. What a pity! As the genius of Genius Prefecture, I ought to respect you very much, but unfortunately, you have to kill me, so I will have to kill you as well,” Jiang Chen said flatly.


The living corpse actually issued a loud and hoa.r.s.e roar, causing unpleasantness in people’s heart like being bitten by tens of thousand of venomous insects.

Without hesitation, the living corpse lifted his scary and frightening claws, then lunged at Jiang Chen.


The speed was very fast. It was at least ten times faster than the late Immortal King living corpses. A big crater was created in the void. Jiang Chen’s response was quick, but a gash was still made on his chest.


Seeing the fearsomeness of the living corpse, Jiang Chen didn’t panick or feel scared. Instead, he showed a look of excitement. That was right. It was excitement. If a half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse wasn’t that powerful, he would be disappointed.


Terrifying Qi waves began to roll. Jiang Chen used his dragon transformation. Under the condition of the dragon transformation, not only was his combat strength raised by tenfold, his physical strength and endurance also improved by ten times. Now would be the good time to refine his dragon physique by using this half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse.

“Come on, let’s have a good fight!”

Jiang Chen uttered a deep growl, then lunged at the living corpse.

This night, Jiang Chen found the pleasure of battling a living corpse once more. His potential strength continued to be stimulated. Both he and the living corpse fought until daybreak, then the living corpse vanished.

Jiang Chen had already adapted to this kind of situation entirely. His battle against the half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse was only the beginning. Tonight’s fierce battle was just a prelude. In the next few days, Jiang Chen would spend his time in this intense battles. This was what Jiang Chen needed.

Jiang Chen and that half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse had fought for five days in a row. The benefits that Jiang Chen obtained in those five days were undoubtedly great. The potential in his dragon body was being unlocked unceasingly. The dragon marks continued to soar. In just five days, it helped him condense another 5000 dragon marks.

Not even Jiang Chen himself believed such a progress.

Jiang Chen felt that he could already get rid of that living corpse with his physique alone, but he had already been in the valley for only half a month. Even if he eliminated this living corpse, he still wouldn’t know the secret hidden in the valley. This hidden force did not seem to have the intention of showing itself. No unusual signs were detected.

“Big Yellow, if I killed the half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse, do you think that the hidden force will emerge?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s hard to say. I guess that hidden force just can’t show itself directly. Otherwise, it would have emerged earlier.” Big Yellow shook his head.

No matter what, I won’t stall it anymore. In tonight’s battle, I will kill that living corpse.

A trace of a cold light flashed past Jiang Chen’s eyes. Secretly, he had already decided to get rid of the living corpse for good tonight.

At noon, in the inner prefecture of Genius Prefecture!

On one of the mountain peaks was a magnificent palace. At this present moment, waves of incomparably powerful golden Qi rushed out of the palace abruptly. The Qi waves turned into a ray of golden light pillar that penetrated through the clouds. Incredible momentum s.h.i.+fted left and right like a true dragon. Such a huge commotion had shaken the entire Genius Prefecture. Everyone s.h.i.+fted their gaze towards it.

“That’s a very strong Qi. Someone has advanced to the Immortal Emperor realm. Look over there. It’s like coming from King Fan!”

“That’s right. It’s King Fan indeed. King Fan definitely is amazing. I remember back when he had just returned, he was merely at the late Immortal King realm. Not long after that, he advanced to half-step Immortal Emperor. After arriving at Genius Prefecture for just half a month, he has already advanced to Immortal Emperor realm. This is just way too terrifying.”

“This is certainly a great thing for Genius Prefecture. Every emergence of a new Immortal Emperor is a great news for the prefecture. There is going to be a celebration. King Fan is definitely worthy of being called a genius. After advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm, his strength can already match Crown Prince’s and King Ping’s.”

“I heard that King Fan values Jiang Chen very much. Previously he has been in seclusion, trying to break through to the Immortal Emperor realm. If he knew that Jiang Chen was sent into the valley, I wonder if he would go berserk.”

“A powerful and young King and an Immortal Emperor genius as well. King Fan’s ident.i.ty and status is going to be much more distinguished than before now that he had reached the Immortal Emperor realm.”


No one wasn’t shocked. Everyone looked at the ray of light pillar. The birth of an Immortal Emperor was a huge thing to the entire Genius Prefecture. Many of them admired King Fan very much. To them, King Fan was a legend. Back then, he left the Imperial Capital. Ten years later, when he returned, his name immediately rose to fame. Now, in the shortest time, he had broken through to the Immortal Emperor realm, becoming a true and young superior figure. Such a genius would certainly become the idol of countless young geniuses.

The ray of golden light pillar had lasted for half an hour before it faded gradually. Everyone saw the silhouette of King Fan walking out of the palace. With a flash, he vanished. When he re-appeared, he was already at the Registration Centre of the outer prefecture.

Noontime was when the number of people were the least, but because of King Fan’s advancement, he had attracted a lot of people. Now, there were people everywhere in the outer prefecture. As soon as the geniuses saw King Fan, they quickly lowered their heads.

Yang Bufan showed a relaxed look and a smile. After advancing to the Immortal Emperor realm, he had no reason to be unhappy.

“Where’s Jiang Chen?”

Yang Bufan approached a man and asked.

The man s.h.i.+vered in horror, raised his head to give King Fan a glance, and then lowered his head again.

“Greet King Fan, Jiang Chen……”

The disciple greeted Yang Bufan, then stammered in his words.

Upon seeing this, Yang Bufan’s smile vanished. His brows were knitted together. He scanned around and discovered that no one dared to look at him. Immediately, he realised that something had happened and this must be related to Jiang Chen.

“Tell me, where’s Jiang Chen?”

Yang Bufan shouted coldly. After being the Evil Lord for ten years, a very intense and superior Qi had grown deep in his bones. His expression could already make people tremble.

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