Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1474 – All were Smashed to Pieces

Chapter 1474 – All were Smashed to Pieces

All were Smashed to Pieces

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Ten days had pa.s.sed since Jiang Chen entered the valley. The discussions that had been going on in the outer prefecture had now settled down. Time could erase things. Although ten days were short, it was too long to be in that valley, because no one could last there for ten days. Or it should be said that there was no one who could stay in there at all.

In their point of view, Jiang Chen was already dead. Another genius had fallen and this was a once in a ten thousand year peerless genius. It was sad to think about it, but no one could help it. This was compet.i.tion.

“It’s a pity. It’s absolutely a pity.”

Someone would blurt out this sentence from time to time. When thinking about Jiang Chen, they couldn’t help looking in the direction of the valley.

Dong Fei had often walked to the edge of the valley, but he didn’t dare stay there for long. He had come here just to mourn for Jiang Chen. He had the same thought as the others – Jiang Chen was basically dead. He tried to look for King Fan as best as he could few days ago, but he heard that King Fan had gone into seclusion and allowed no visitors. So his final hope had been destroyed.

Of course, he understood that it was no use even if he found King Fan because Jiang Chen had already gone into the valley. What could King Fan do even if he knew about it? King Fan couldn’t go in there and save Jiang Chen out. That was a forbidden and very sinister place. Genius Prefecture would never allow King Fan to take such a risk.

Almost everyone believed that Jiang Chen was already bound to die. Most of them had even begun to forget Jiang Chen. After all, Jiang Chen had only been in Genius Prefecture not too long ago. He had been given one month sentence in the valley when he just arrived Genius Prefecture for less than an hour. So it was already considered good that he was remembered so deeply by the others.

No one knew what exactly had happened in the valley, because no one had gone into it.

The night arrived once more. As Jiang Chen expected, it was still the eight living corpses. After battling against Jiang Chen for so long, even the combat strength of the living corpses seemed to have improved a little. These killing machines had no spiritual intelligence, but when they saw Jiang Chen, they seemed as if their wits had been kick-started. Instantly, endless killing intent burst out and soared towards the sky as they lunged at Jiang Chen.

“I’m not going to be lenient to you all today. I will show you my true abilities.”

Jiang Chen’s physical strength exploded. His current physical strength was much more aggressive than before. At least, in the case of one versus one, none would be his opponent.

Jiang Chen thrust and cast the Nine Phantom Wolves. For a moment, Jiang Chen’s images were everywhere, confusing the vision of the living corpses. They began to attack randomly—the effect that Jiang Chen wanted. By scattering the attention of these living corpses, he could target them one by one.

With Jiang Chen’s combat techniques and flames, it was very easy for him to destroy these living corpses, but Jiang Chen didn’t choose to do so. He had an intense desire to improve. Since he had been fighting using only his physique in the past several days in a row, he would do the same to beat these living corpses to death. This was a kind of hegemony and might.

*Bang!* *Ka Cha!*

Jiang Chen’s punch heavily pounded on one living corpse. A bone-cracking sound was heard from it, one of its arms was broken.

Jiang Chen felt quite sorry and sad for these corpse-walking disciples of Genius Prefecture. Putting aside sympathy, he still wouldn’t forget to eliminate these enemies that wanted to take his life.

*Bang…* *Bang…*

Jiang Chen was very quick. After breaking an arm of the living corpse with one blow, he immediately launched a stormy attack. Each fist that fell on the corpse’s body was like a storm, it carried all the power of Jiang Chen that could even smash a huge mountain. No matter how strong the living corpse was, it couldn’t withstand such a fierce attack from Jiang Chen. It was blasted to pieces.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da released its Qi, devouring the blasted corpse.

On the other side, the images that were cast by Jiang Chen were destroyed by the living corpses. This was the only time he needed to get rid of one living corpse.

This, however, was just the beginning. None of these living corpses in front could escape Jiang Chen’s frenzied attack. None of them would be an exception.

“Nine Phantom Wolves.”

Jiang Chen cast the Nine Phantom Wolves once more and with impeccable timing. The living corpses couldn’t determine which was the real Jiang Chen, so they were destined to be confused. Very easily, Jiang Chen had found his opportunity.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Jiang Chen’s battle experience was so rich that he could find the most suitable opportunity in an instant. His fist was indestructible and could destroy everything. In the blink of an eye, the second living corpse was smashed to pieces and devoured by the paG.o.da.

Two out of the eight living corpses had already been destroyed. To Jiang Chen, such a battle was just like a fish swimming into water, so easy. The situation was already almost imaginable. A few minutes had pa.s.sed and the remaining six living corpses were all blasted to pieces and absorbed completely by the paG.o.da, leaving only a dried corpse that disappeared as the wind blew.

After getting rid of eight late Immortal King living corpses, Jiang Chen had obtained huge benefits. Although the energy left in the corpses was little, they were after all still late Immortal Kings. With eight of them together, the thirty-fifth level of the paG.o.da had been fully condensed. It had also helped Jiang Chen condense another 3 000 dragon marks. To him, every new formed dragon mark indicated an enhancement in his combat strength.

“Another level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da has been condensed, and my dragon marks have increased as well. I only needed 12 000 more to advance to the true Immortal King realm.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. Such an improvement truly satisfied him.

“Those living corpses will still appear. They will definitely be stronger the next time.” Big Yellow said.

“I hope that a half-step Immortal Emperor living corpse will appear. At that time, I will be able to refine my dragon form physique. If I’m lucky enough, it won’t be a problem for me to condense another 10 000 dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng my grade to the peak of the half-step Immortal Emperor realm, making it easier for me to break through to the Immortal King realm,” Jiang Chen said. He now was even more expectant of the next batch of living corpses.

On the next night, the cold wind rustled very powerfully. The entire valley seemed to be shaking. The dilapidated courtyard was shaking intensely, seemingly about to collapse at any moment. They hadn’t managed to take down Jiang Chen even after for a period of time. Such a situation had never happened before in the past. The hidden force seemed angered. This explained why the wind was especially strong tonight .

Jiang Chen stood at the centre of the courtyard with his hands crossed behind his back. His black hair fluttered in the air. His face was incomparable grim. According to the past, the living corpse would appear at any second now. Jiang Chen was full of antic.i.p.ation.

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