Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1468 – The Second Snow-Jade Ginseng

Chapter 1468 – The Second Snow-Jade Ginseng

The Second Snow-Jade Ginseng

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The courtyard was badly broken. The materials used to construct the building had already decayed. The houses to the left and right of the courtyard were roofless. Rustling sound could be heard every time the wind blew. In the cold wind, it felt as if there were ghosts around. Just by standing there gave people the creeps.

It was noon, but the mist in the valley had obscured the sunlight, making the environment here incredibly cold and dark. It felt like evening, as though darkness would befall them in the next moment. Such a feeling was very unpleasant. Being at this place alone arouse one’s feeling of isolation and desolation.

“It’s been a long time since someone came here. I have already swept the surroundings with my divine sense, but found nothing unusual. Only the environment here is bad.”

Jiang Chen said, he knew pretty well in his heart that this place wasn’t as simple as it looked, however. Everyone in Genius Prefecture feared this place; they even regarded it as a forbidden place. There must be a certain reason behind it. Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid of it, and was ready to cope with any kind of changes.

“Big Yellow, let’s just find a place to retreat and wait for something weird to occur.”

Jiang Chen said, waved his hand to dig out a huge rock and sat cross-legged on it. Big Yellow did the same, but acted more directly. He laid on the rock and went snoring. Describing Big Yellow with the word ‘heartless’ was most appropriate. He was afraid that only Big Yellow could still get such a good sleep in this place. If he was replaced by someone else, that person would surely be on the verge of being frightened to death.

While lying on the rock, his body began to radiate a golden brilliance. Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head helplessly. He had witnessed the divinity of this dog’s body. This dog might look like sleeping on the surface. But in fact, his sleeping was equivalent to him cultivating. It was a unique secret art of Big Yellow. No one would be able to learn it even if they wanted. At least, Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to learn or do it.

There were still a huge amount of essence of the Immortal Execution Sword in Big Yellow’s body, which would be a great help in Big Yellow’s cultivation. Jiang Chen also went into seclusion. What he wanted to do now was to rush to the Immortal King realm. After all, there is still a certain gap between a half-step Immortal King and a true Immortal King. After truly advancing to the Immortal King realm, his combat strength would surely get stronger. By then, not even a half-step Immortal Emperor would be a match for his dragon-form.

The environment was harsh and cold. Despite that, the man and dog were undergoing the most fundamental cultivation. Across the entire Genius Prefecture, there were only a few who had such courage.

Although Jiang Chen was in a state of seclusion, his divine sense was constantly sweeping around the valley. His soul force had spread across. With this, any movement in the valley wouldn’t be able to escape his senses.

Jiang Chen didn’t expect this one month to be smooth and steady, because that would only be a wasted trip. He was now waiting for the fabled strange event to come to him.

On the other side, at the Center of Genius Prefecture.

At the peak of a golden paG.o.da suspended in the air above the Genius Prefecture. It was the highest and mightiest place of the prefecture. It was where Yang Zanqing lived.

At this moment, on the peak of the paG.o.da, in the miniature spatial zone, Yang Bufan saluted Yang Zanqing. “Greetings, Master of Prefecture.”

After Yang Bufan arrived in the Genius Prefecture, he was immediately summoned by Yang Zanqing. This indicated how much attention Yang Zanqing paid to Yang Bufan.

Yang Zanqing looked at Yang Bufan with a kind and gentle face.

Even though Yang Bufan was given the t.i.tle of King Fan, he still wouldn’t dare show any neglect and disdain before Yang Zanqing. He knew very clearly who this man standing in front of him was. He was a legend of the whole empire. Both his ident.i.ty and status were transcendent.

The Emperor of Great Qian Empire had entrusted Genius Prefecture to Yang Zanqing. This showed how special the qualities of Yang Zanqing was. Putting aside his ident.i.ty and status, his strength alone was extremely strong. He was a half-step Immortal Venerable, which was only a step away from the true Immortal Venerable realm. Someone predicted that if an Immortal Venerable were to emerge in Great Qian Empire, it would be Yang Zanqing.

“En, not bad. You’ve experienced the different facet of life in ten years. I didn’t misread you. I heard that you have given the Snow-Jade King Ginseng that I gifted you to that kid, Jiang Chen. You sure are generous,” said Yang Zanqing with a smile.

“Bufan knows that it was wrong,” Yang Bufan responded.

“What wrong have you committed? I admire your way of doing things greatly. The Snow-Jade King Ginseng is a Venerable Grade Spiritual Herb, a rare treasure. Giving away such a treasure requires plenty of courage and boldness. It was an act of magnanimity. Great magnanimity is a fundamental requirement for a superior person. It won’t be too bad even if the future of Great Qian Empire would be handed into your hands,” Yang Zanqing said.

He seldom praised someone, but he couldn’t help prasing Yang Bufan. As a matter of fact, he had summoned Yang Bufan here today because his act of giving away the Snow-Jade King Ginseng to Jiang Chen had gained his recognition.

Just like what Yang Zanqing had said, only people with great magnanimity could become a great figure that could influence people to follow him willingly.

“Brother Jiang is the greatest genius that I have ever seen. His future achievements will certainly be higher than mine. It would be a great boon for us to have such a talent in the empire,” Yang Bufan replied.

He had known Jiang Chen for quite some time now and had experienced storms and waves together with him in Evil Abyss. Despite his pride, he couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was the most monstrous talent that he had ever seen.

“En, that kid is indeed very good, but you can’t let yourself fall behind. Currently, the Crown Prince and King Ping are already Immortal Emperors. Given your current strength, it’s not impossible for you to rush to the Immortal Emperor realm. You have already fortified your foundation. So it’s only the chance that you lack. Back then, I have obtained three Snow-Jade King Ginseng that were grown in a conjoined body. I have already refined one and gifted you the other one, so I only have one left now. Since you have already given yours to Jiang Chen, I will give the last one to you with the hopes that you can advance to the Immortal Emperor realm as soon as possible, and don’t disappoint me,” Yang Zanqing said.

He turned his palm, then took out the Snow-Jade King Ginseng and brought it in front of Yang Bufan.

“Master of Prefecture, this……”

Yang Bufan seemed somewhat excited. He wouldn’t have thought that Yang Zanqing would give him a second Snow-Jade King Ginseng. He knew all too well how much this herb was worth. Yang Zanqing only had three in total. It could be regarded as a treasure collection of his. Nevertheless, he was now giving Yang Bufan another precious herb, which made him even more generous than Yang Bufan. Yang Bufan suddenly had a feeling of adulation. Everyone knew who Yang Zanqing was, but how many could receive such a kind and generous treatment from him?

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