Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1467 – A Decayed Courtyard

Chapter 1467 – A Decayed Courtyard

A Decayed Courtyard

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Countless people sympathized with Jiang Chen. Judging from Jiang Chen’s performance, Genius Prefecture had never had such a formidable genius after so many years. If such a genius was nurtured well, he would certainly become the hope of the empire, but now, he had been sentenced to death due to the compet.i.tion amongst the young kings.

Someone urged Jiang Chen to look for King Fan’s help. Although a punishment was inevitable, at least, he wouldn’t have to go to that horrifyingly forbidden place, which could save his life.

“Many thanks for your advices, but I, Jiang Chen, really want to go to that legendary forbidden place and have a look. Perhaps I really can get out of it alive.”

Jiang Chen shrugged and showed a relaxed look, showing no signs of fear. Many of them were stunned to see that. Initially, they thought that Jiang Chen had accepted the punishment because he was still clueless about the situation in the valley. They had never expected that Jiang Chen would take the initiative to go there. The brain of this man must have been fried.

“Ignorance. This is true ignorance. There had been so many geniuses who wanted to explore the secrets of the valley, but they all ended up dead. Do you think you can be the exception?”

“This is overconfidence. It is bad to be overly confident sometimes. Jiang Chen, let me advise you not to be too confident. You really can’t go to that place. Listen to me. Your life is more important.”

“There were no accidents. No one has ever gotten out of it alive. It would be impossible if you thought that you could create a miracle this time.”


A lot of people continued to persuade Jiang Chen to give up the idea for good. They had seen too many proud and confident geniuses like Jiang Chen, and none of them ended up well.

“Okay. I understand everyone’s good intention. I will return a month later.”

Jiang Chen spoke in a relaxed way, then led Big Yellow out of the courtyard, striding towards the direction of the valley. He had always been fearless and made the things that were impossible in other people’s eyes possible. Back when Tian Muyun sent him to Evil Abyss, everybody thought that he would definitely die and had zero chance of walking out from that h.e.l.l. In the end, he exited the abyss with ease and ruled the entire One-Line-Sky.

“Ai! This is why some said that a newborn calf isn’t afraid of a tiger. Another genius is going to fall. How sad!”

Looking at the sight of Jiang Chen’s slowly fading back, many of them couldn’t help shaking their heads and sigh.

“I’ll go bid goodbye to him. Although this is my first time seeing him, I’m pretty impressed by him,” Dong Fei spoke, then strode forward.

“Dong Fei, what are you following us for? Aren’t you afraid? That’s the FORBIDDEN place.” Jiang Chen mocked. He had quite a good impression of this Dong Fei.

“Yes, I am. Of course, I’m afraid. I will never go near that valley. I’m just here to bid you guys goodbye,” Dong Fei said.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen couldn’t help rolling his eyes. What did he mean by bidding them goodbye? It looked more like bidding them a good-death. Jiang Chen knew this was what Dong Fei was thinking right now. Dong Fei must have felt that this was a journey with no return. Once one entered the valley, he would almost be as good as dead.

It was reasonable for Dong Fei to think in such a way, after all the terror of the valley was a fact, no one had ever walked out of it alive, Jiang Chen didn’t care about it, however.

Soon, Jiang Chen pa.s.sed through the area of the courtyard and reached the edge of the region. Not far ahead was precisely the valley. Looking from his direction, it seemed like a circular sky hole. Its top was covered in mist. From the surface, the valley didn’t seem scary. The only thing that made people uncomfortable was that the valley was terrifyingly quiet. They were unable to pick up any signs of vital force. There wasn’t even a flying creature in such a huge valley, or it should be said that not even birds dared to fly across this place.

“Brother Jiang, I bid you farewell, however I still suggest you go back and find King Fan to help you solve this problem.” Dong Fei said, attempting to persuade Jiang Chen once more.

“There’s no need for that, brother. Life and death are decreed by fate. What if I can really get out of there alive?” Jiang Chen patted Dong Fei’s shoulder and smiled.

“If you can really walk out of there alive, I, Dong Fei, will follow you for the rest of my life,” Dong Fei said solemnly.

If Jiang Chen could really create this miracle, it would be the greatest miracle in the history of Genius Prefecture, which would also prove that Jiang Chen was a man with great fortune. Dong Fei would be more than willing to follow such a figure for a lifetime.

“Just wait.”

After speaking, Jiang Chen flew towards the valley along with Big Yellow. In order to recruit people and bring them into submission, he would have to do things on a grand and spectacular scale. Only then could he subdue the hearts of the people.


Dong Fei let out a sigh, then turned and left. This place was already very close to the valley. No one would have come to this spot during normal days. If he stood here any longer, he would surely feel some kind of a creepy feeling. That was the true feeling of horror.

Dong Fei didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could walk out of the valley, but for some reason, he still had a trace of antic.i.p.ation in his heart.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow scanned the mist and landed in the valley. Its size was only several dozen miles wide. It had a river of its own, a river that had already dried up. The whole valley gave people a cold and gloomy feeling. Not even a single flower or a gra.s.s grew in this place. One could never sense any vigour from this place, only discomfort.

“Big Yellow, can you feel anything weird here?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Not yet. But the environment is very uncomfortable. If there’s anything weird here, it will come find us sooner or later,” replied Big Yellow. His eyes sparkled as he swept around and discovered nothing.

“There’s actually a courtyard there. Let’s go over there.”

Not far away from where Jiang Chen looked was a very old courtyard that had been in existence for an unknown amount of time. It was covered with dust, built by stone and seemed very spooky. Both of them walked towards the old building where they would spend a month.

At this moment, one of the doors of the courtyard was already open, while the other was creaking back and forth along with the wind. This was the only sound in the entire valley, and it raised people’s goose b.u.mps.


Jiang Chen used his hand to push open the other door. The door fell to the ground as though it couldn’t withstand a little force, and with a bang, broke into countless pieces. Obviously, this door had been decayed for a long time. A single touch could crumble it completely.

A cold wave blew against their faces along with the scent of decay that could make people nauseous. Jiang Chen waved his hand and sent a wave of Qi, blowing away all the rotten Qi. Only then did they feel a little better.

“What in Heaven?! This place is awfully dilapidated.” Big Yellow looked around and couldn’t help but scold.

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