Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1465 – Punishmen

Chapter 1465 – Punishmen


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The scene was too stirring. Many disciples’ blood were boiling as they watched. It was rare to hit an elder. It was also rare to hit the haughty Cheng Jun. In addition, these two were both men of Crown Prince. In Genius Prefecture, they could find no one apart from the geniuses of King Ping Prefecture to oppose the geniuses of Crown Prince.

But even the geniuses of King Ping Prefecture weren’t as bossy as Jiang Chen. That was a kind of extreme insolence.


Cheng Jun was slapped to the ground. He wanted to stand, but was violently trampled by Jiang Chen. Cheng Jun yelled, but could do nothing about it.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you do this to me? How dare you humiliate and beat up the people of Crown Prince Palace? You are a goner!”

Both of his eyes went red. His mouth continued to let out threats. He was used in being overbearing on normal days. He had never suffered such humiliation. He had never thought that he would one day be trampled very hard by someone else’s foot.

“I have already reminded you not to provoke me, but you didn’t listen.”

Jiang Chen showed a look of indifference. No forces or organizations should think about suppressing him, because everyone who acted arrogant in front of him was eventually humiliated.

Seeing that the scene wasn’t going as planned, one of the geniuses of Crown Prince Palace left hastily, seeming to be calling reinforcements. At this point, the only way to deal with Jiang Chen was to call for the help of their rescue troops. They could already see that this Jiang Chen was totally lawless and was an extremely violent figure. It was no longer possible to suppress him using the name of Crown Prince alone.

Cheng Jun laid under Jiang Chen’s leg, struggling intensely like a dying dog, Jiang Chen didn’t even bother to glance at him. Today, he was going to reveal his demeanour and dignity, letting everyone know that he wasn’t a person to be trifled with. This kind of contemptuous look could drive people crazy.

The scene turned silent. The originally exquisite-looking courtyard had become a mess. Nothing like this had ever happened since the establishment of Genius Prefecture.

“Ruthless! This man is too ruthless. It seems like Genius Prefecture won’t have its peace anymore in the future.”

“That’s right. Genius Prefecture has never been serene because of the compet.i.tion between the geniuses of Crown Prince Palace and King Ping Prefecture. Now that another force named King Fan Prefecture has emerged, the situation will certainly turn even more chaotic. Jiang Chen is apparently building his own prestige by behaving so arrogantly today. Furthermore, he has the capability to do so.”

“See. The incident has gone big. Crown Prince Palace will never let this matter rest. The people of Crown Prince Palace aren’t for anyone to step on.”


Everybody sighed. Jiang Chen naturally had the ability to be arrogant, but comparing him to the whole Crown Prince Palace, he didn’t seem to be that powerful.

Jiang Chen’s eyes scanned the remaining people of Crown Prince Palace. They felt a s.h.i.+ver in their soul, and didn’t dare speak a word. Although they would like very much to help Cheng Jun, they knew their own limitations. Even if they attacked, they would only end up like Cheng Jun, or even worse than him.

Very quickly, two silhouettes appeared in the sky and landed in the courtyard. One of them was a young man, precisely the one who left earlier. The other was an elder who wore a uniform and with a dignified face. The moment the elder appeared, the atmosphere of the whole scene turned even more stifling. This is an Immortal Emperor expert, a true Immortal Emperor expert.

“It’s Elder Hu. Jiang Chen’s finished. Elder Hu is also a member of Crown Prince Palace.”

Upon seeing the elder, many of them couldn’t help shaking their heads. Opposing Crown Prince Palace as soon as he arrived in Genius Prefecture wasn’t a wise decision at all.

“Brother Jiang, this is Elder Hu Yao. Basically, he’s responsible for the day-to-day matters in outer prefecture. His cultivation base and status is a lot greater than Yang Ling. You’ve got to be careful. He’s also a member of Crown Prince Palace.”

Dong Fei quickly told Jiang Chen the background of the elder through divine sense.


As soon as Dong Fei’s divine sense was conveyed, Hu Yao’s eyes s.h.i.+fted to Dong Fei. That bright pair of serious eyes made Dong Fei lower his head at once, not daring to speak another word. The perception of a powerful Immortal Emperor was incredibly sharp. Any fluctuations of divine sensewouldn’t be able to escape from his senses. He could even obtain the content of the message in the divine sense.

Hu Yao looked at the wailing Yang Ling, and Cheng Jun who was struggling under Jiang Chen’s foot, and then at Jiang Chen. Unconcealed fury was seen in his eyes.

“Take your feet off.” Hu Yao spoke, then unleashed his aura of Immortal Emperor, frightening the people around.

Jiang Chen looked at Hu Yao, however he didn’t have any intention of moving his feet at all.

“Presumptuous! Jiang Chen, you surely have guts! Elder Hu is the elder in charge of the outer prefecture. When you see Elder Hu, not only did you not salute, you even ignored Elder Hu’s presence. Are you fed up of living?”

The disciple next to Hu Yao reprimanded loudly. Every disciple of Crown Prince Palace got excited. Jiang Chen’s power had made them feel terrified , but now that Hu Yao was here supporting them, they naturally had no fear anymore.

“Disciple is Jiang Chen, greet Elder Hu.”

Jiang Chen lifted his legs and held his fists at Hu Yao. Whether the other party was a member of Crown Prince Palace or not, Hu Yao was still an elder of the outer prefecture. Jiang Chen needed to give this elder face. Of course, this didn’t meant that he was afraid of Hu Yao. He knew that Elder Hu was an elder of outer prefecture. Despite being a member of Crown Prince Palace, Hu Yao wouldn’t do something unscrupulous because there were so many disciples watching them.

“Jiang Chen, you are truly bold. After your recent arrival in Genius Prefecture, you have already savagely beaten up an elder and a fellow genius. The nature of this incident is odious. As the elder of outer prefecture, I must punish you,” Hu Yao spoke coldly.

“Elder Hu seems like a man who can distinguish right and wrong. I believe elder will be fair and impartial. The cause of this incident can’t be blamed on this disciple. Elder Yang Ling, being the elder of the Registration Centre, not only did he not register this disciple, he even attacked this disciple. Disciple was merely defending himself.”

Jiang Chen said solemnly, making Dong Fei who was standing close stunned. Then, Dong Fei couldn’t help but smile. This Jiang Chen sure had a thick-skin. If he didn’t remember it wrongly, it was Jiang Chen who attacked first. The same went to Cheng Jun’s case.

“Humph! You still dare act in such a way after savagely harming an elder? I, as an elder of the outer prefecture, will surely sentence a punishment for the crimes you’ve committed. I will sentence you to face the walls in the valley ahead for a month. You can only come out after a month’s time.”

Hu Yao harrumphed coldly, pointing to the valley at his furthest front. That valley was precisely the place where Yang Ling had a.s.signed Jiang Chen’s accommodation.


Upon hearing this, the scene was instantly stirred. Hitting an elder was a very serious crime. If he was only sentenced to face the wall for a month, it would be too light for a punishment and was no different than having no punishment at all. From the surface, it seemed like Hu Yao was helping Jiang Chen, but the people of Genius Prefecture knew that this was the most serious punishment of all. It would certainly take Jiang Chen’s life. Although that valley wasn’t clearly marked as a forbidden place, it was strictly forbidden in every disciple’s heart.

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