Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1464 – The Forces of the Crown Prince

Chapter 1464 – The Forces of the Crown Prince

The Forces of the Crown Prince

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“Brother Jiang, his name is Cheng Jun, a peak-late Immortal King and also an outstanding genius of outer prefecture. He’s usually very arrogant. None of us dares to offend him. Now that you’ve beaten Elder Yang, you’ve completely offended the Crown Prince. Big trouble is going to happen. In my opinion, Brother Jiang should be patient. Don’t make it too big.”

Dong Fei’s voice sounded in Jiang Chen’s ears. He had a pretty good impression of Jiang Chen and was dumbfounded by Jiang Chen’s dominance. Moreover, he knew the underhanded activities in Genius Prefecture and how strong the Crown Prince’s influence was in the prefecture. Therefore, he wanted Jiang Chen to endure it, otherwise, trouble would just keep on coming.

A hint of timidity was revealed at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth, then he turned to the Qi-soaring Cheng Jun. He understood Dong Fei’s good intention, however, he also knew better that after the incident in King Fan Prefecture, even if he didn’t beat up Yang Ling and endured all the grievances today, troubles would still find him.

Jiang Chen didn’t like to swallow people’s insult and humiliation silently. He wanted to push forward with indomitable dominance. That was haughtiness, an essential requirement of cultivating the dragon transformation skill. He still had a long way to go, and in this path, he could never compromise.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you beat up the elder violently? This is just too unscrupulous and supercilious. This is Genius Prefecture. It isn’t a place for you to show your arrogance. It seems like you have yet to understand the environment that you are in right now,” Cheng Jun said coldly.

According to his style of action, Cheng Jun wouldn’t just stand here and converse nonsense with Jiang Chen. He would definitely attack and cripple his opponent. However, Cheng Jun also wasn’t a fool. He could feel Jiang Chen’s strength. Even if he attacked with all his might, he still might not be able to match Jiang Chen’s strength, or he would be no match for Jiang Chen at all. Thus, he decided not to launch an attack head-on.

“I, Jiang Chen, will hit whoever I want to hit. It’s not up to you people to control me. Don’t think that you can rule this place just because you are one of Crown Prince’s people. Even if I hit an elder, it’s not up to you to teach me a lesson. Don’t place yourself too high, or it would be easy for you to fall miserably, and he is the perfect example.”

Jiang Chen said in a flat tone, not forgetting to point at the sprawling Yang Ling. The current Yang Ling was beaten up so badly that he couldn’t even stand up, but luckily his senses were still intact. He could feel the countless eyes falling upon him. This was an absolute and endless humiliation to him. He gnashed his teeth with hate, wanting very badly to kill Jiang Chen at once. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen couldn’t be killed so easily.

Hubris! Arrogance! No one had seen such a haughty person before.

Everyone was convinced by Jiang Chen’s pride. Although there were too many crazy and sn.o.bbish geniuses in the prefecture, Jiang Chen’s degree of haughtiness had reached a new height that was beyond their reach. Anyone who reached Genius Prefecture would try their best to conceal their l.u.s.t for battle, but Jiang Chen did the entire opposite. He had beaten up an elder of the Registration Centre savagely and wasn’t even putting the people of the Crown Prince in his eyes.

In the whole Genius Prefecture, they were afraid that only Jiang Chen would dare to speak to the people of the Crown Prince in such a tone.

“Jiang Chen, I urge you to pull back immediately. You must not know what it meant to say those words in Genius Prefecture.”

Cheng Jun was angered. He had never felt so angry before. He restrained himself from going ballistic. As a matter of fact, he was afraid that he couldn’t win against Jiang Chen in a fight.

“You’d better not provoke me. This will be my kindest advice,” Jiang Chen said plainly.

This Cheng Jun looked somewhat stronger than Fu Wei, but he still had no chance of winning against Jiang Chen’s dragon-form in a fight. He wouldn’t stand a chance. That was why Jiang Chen did not put him in his eyes.

If Cheng Jun insisted on crossing the line, Jiang Chen would no longer be polite. Since he had already beaten an elder, it didn’t matter anymore if he beat up another disciple on the Crown Prince’s side. He was no longer concerned about who he was offending.

Furthermore, King Fan would be at odds with the Crown Prince sooner or later, and since Jiang Chen belonged to King Fan’s side, there was nothing much to talk about with the geniuses belonging to the Crown Prince’s side.

“Jiang Chen, I really am clueless about how you have gotten such guts. I know that you are following King Fan, but do you really think that King Fan can go against the Crown Prince? How naïve!” Cheng Jun spoke coldly.

Now that he had come here in person, if he failed to make Jiang Chen apologize, he would only bring shame upon himself. Not only would that humiliate him, but also the people of the Crown Prince’s side.

“People like you are abominable.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. With a flash, he appeared before Cheng Jun, lifted his palm and slapped Cheng Jun at lighting speed.

Cheng Jun’s facial expression changed. He had never thought that Jiang Chen would be so unreasonable. He didn’t think that Jiang Chen would attack even before their conversation was over. He then harrumphed coldly, raised his palm to block the slap.

He still have a very high confidence in his own strength. In his point of view, even if he couldn’t win against Jiang Chen in a fight, he didn’t think that he would be any worse.

Unfortunately, Cheng Jun’s perception was overly terrible. The current Jiang Chen was even stronger back when he killed Fu Wei. Due to the Snow-Jade King Ginseng, the current number of dragon marks inside Jiang Chen’s body had already reached 1 080 000, leaving only 20 000 more dragon marks to hit the mark of the Immortal King realm.

A character like Cheng Jun would never be a match for Jiang Chen in dragon-form even if the other exhausted all of his skills.


Cheng Jun’s response was extremely fast, at least much faster than Yang Ling’s. His hand blocked Jiang Chen’s dragon claw. Although it managed to stop Jiang Chen’s claw from hitting his face, he didn’t feel any better. In the collision against Jiang Chen’s dragon claw, his palm gave off a bone-cracking sound.

*Deng!* *Deng!* *Deng!*

Cheng Jun was forced backwards. The injuries he received made his hand numb. Only when he had collided with Jiang Chen did he realise the power of Jiang Chen. That was an una.s.sailable strength. He felt that both of them were not of the same rank at all.

“Jiang Chen, you dare hit me?!” Cheng Jun yelled.

This newly-arrived disciple was truly audacious and lawless, totally not putting the geniuses of the Crown Prince in his eyes.

Jiang Chen remained silent, then launched his hand. He hated this kind of people the most, people who chattered a lot. He initially didn’t want to attack, but it seemed like it was pointless to deal with these senseless people with words. The best way was to beat them up until all their teeth fell to the ground.



Cheng Jun was furious and unleashed all of his Qi, but as soon as his Qi was released, he was slapped violently. The palm of Jiang Chen felt as heavy as a mountain as it hit his face continuously, causing him to scream in agony. Despite being a late Immortal King genius, he was still defenceless under Jiang Chen’s fierce attack.

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