Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1433 – Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill

Chapter 1433 – Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill

After listening to the story of Yang Bufan in Evil Abyss told by Old Man Bai Weng, the public responded just like Old Man Bai Weng did when he first heard it. Besides feeling shocked, there was also deep respect. They believed that no one would be able to reach King Fan’s extent even if the person was given a similar environment and situation.

They had the same belief as Old Man Bai Weng, believing that King Fan was destined to rise, and the rise of such figure was definitely no accident. As compared to those geniuses who were enjoying themselves very much, Yang Bufan was a true genius. A man would only become stable after experiencing numerous incidents.

The decade spent in Evil Abyss was the time Yang Bufan used to acc.u.mulate experience and cultivation. It was his turning point and destined to be the experience he could use to surpa.s.s the other geniuses.

The environment in the Prefecture was fascinating. The Heavens and Earth Immortal Qi of this place was extremely rich. Comparing this richness to One-Line-Sky was unimaginable. This was a precious cultivation place, and directly beneath this place was the dragon mountain range. One could never lose his vigour while staying in this place.

Yang Bufan had prepared an incomparably serene courtyard with a garden surrounding it for Jiang Chen. The environment was extremely good. This showed how much effort Yang Bufan had put in to welcome the arrival of his brother.

“Are you satisfied with this place, Brother?” Yang Bufan asked with a smile.

“Not bad. Master Dog likes it. I’ll consider this as you, brat, still treating us well.”

Big Yellow replied before Jiang Chen could say anything, and he called King Fan ‘brat’, totally not regarding him as an outsider. He was afraid that only Big Yellow had such audacity.

Jiang Chen and Yang Bufan ignored Big Yellow and chatted pleasantly. They didn’t raise the matter of Young Master Futian’s death, but Jiang Chen knew that Yang Bufan must have already gotten the news from Old Man Bai Weng.

The reason Jiang Chen didn’t talk about it was because he didn’t put neither Fu Kui nor Corpse Yin Sect in his eyes at all. Yang Bufan also had the same reason for not mentioning the matter. As the King Fan of Great Qian Empire, there was no one who dared to offend him, and Futian had already been killed anyway.

Furthermore, King Fan was a man who understood Jiang Chen well. Once Jiang Chen got angry, there was no one that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to kill. And he believed that if it wasn’t because of Young Master Futian infuriating Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t make the decision to kill.

“Brother Yang, let me introduce an important person to you,” Jiang Chen said.


Yang Bufan felt surprised, as there was only Jiang Chen and Big Yellow on the scene. So it was completely unnecessary for Jiang Chen to introduce Big Yellow to him as he had already known this dog well.

“Sister Ning, you can come out now.”

Jiang Chen smiled and felt happiness washed over him as he called out the name. The invisible door of the paG.o.da was opened, and Wu Ningzhu strangely appeared right beside Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen!”

Standing next to Jiang Chen, Wu Ningzhu could no longer control her emotions. The rim of her eyes had turned somewhat red. She was once a saint girl, the cold lady with remarkable beauty that could only be melted before Jiang Chen.

She disregarded her image and went straight into Jiang Chen’s chest.

Jiang Chen felt a pang of pain. His palm gently patted Wu Ningzhu’s back continuously. He knew that she had suffered a lot previously.

“Sister Ning, it’s okay now. I have already killed that sc.u.m. With my presence, you will never suffer again.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was soothing, flus.h.i.+ng a strong sense of security down to her. He was the man who could always give someone a sense of comfort.

Upon seeing Wu Ningzhu, Yang Bufan’s eyes couldn’t help but glitter,such unparalleled beauty was extremely rare.

Wu Ningzhu had after all been to huge occasions. So she was able to settle down herself after a temporary breakdown and left Jiang Chen’s arm, quickly regaining her cold and composed look.

“Sister Ning, let me introduce to you. This is King Fan, the prince of Great Qian Empire,” Jiang Chen said.

“Greet King Fan.” Wu Ningzhu bowed.

“There’s no need to be so polite.”

Yang Bufan waved casually. He was no fool. How could he not notice the special relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Wu Ningzhu?

“Brother Yang, this is Wu Ningzhu, she is…my wife.”

Jiang Chen held Wu Ningzhu’s hands and claimed that she was his wife for the first time in front of someone. He felt the need to give her the t.i.tle.

Hearing Jiang Chen calling her his wife, her face couldn’t help but blush. After all, it was her first time. So it was only logical that she felt shy about it.

“Haha! Brother, you are extremely fortunate to have such a wife.” Yang Bufan laughed happily.

“Brother Yang, Sister Ning’s soul has suffered severe injuries. I’m going to help her expedite her recovery. The means of Corpse Yin Sect was after all too insidious. I fear that any delay will cause some irreversible effects,” Jiang Chen said with a frown.

The thought of this caused his eyes to radiate an icy cold light. Fortunately, he had already had Futian killed, which had helped him vent a large portion of his anger.

Upon listening to what Jiang Chen had said, Yang Bufan immediately knew the cause of the matter. It had to be Futian who had targeted Wu Ningzhu, and that had thoroughly infuriated Jiang Chen. It seemed like Young Master Futian’s death wasn’t because of unfairness. The moment he touched the reverse scale of the dragon, he was destined to end up miserably.

“Very well. In that case, I won’t disturb you anymore. Besides, brother should have a good rest after the long journey. By the way, here’s a soul nouris.h.i.+ng pill. It’s a high grade Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill, a good remedy for healing the soul.”

Yang Bufan took out a pill. It was a golden pill. The refres.h.i.+ng fragrance that emanated from it gave people the spiritual sensation of ascension. This was an Emperor Grade Pill that was as valuable as a city. Despite that, Yang Bufan gave it so casually.

“Thank you, Brother Yang.”

Jiang Chen received the pill, feeling very touched. He himself was also an Alchemist. He knew the preciousness of this pill all too well. The pills that treated one’s soul were already extremely rare in the Heavens and Earth, let alone this Emperor Grade Pill. Such a pill would certainly be priceless when it came to valuation.

He knew that Yang Bufan was a forthright person. So he wouldn’t be too courteous with him. After all, given Wu Ningzhu’s condition, she was in need of this Yiyang Soul Transformation Pill. As for the kindness of Yang Bufan, he could only remember it in his heart.

“Alright. There’s no need to be polite with me. Wait until you are done with Ning Zhu, then come and find me, and help your Big Brother figure out about the King-Conferring Ceremony.”

Yang Bufan patted Ning Fan’s shoulder, then turned and left.

“That brat is not bad.”

Big Yellow nodded. He felt extremely good to befriend someone like Yang Bufan.

“It isn’t easy to be prince. I hope that we can help him.”

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Bufan’s fading back and said plainly. Although he had very little understanding about the matter of Great Qian Empire, he could already guess the current situation of Yang Bufan. Putting everything aside, he was afraid that the matter of King-Conferring Ceremony alone wouldn’t be going smoothly.