Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1432 – Meeting an Old Friend

Chapter 1432 – Meeting an Old Friend

Meeting an Old Friend

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As a matter of fact, not only those guards had serious doubts about this person, but also the experts standing behind King Fan. They only knew that King Fan wanted to meet a friend out here, but no one had any idea what the friend of King Fan looked like.

Nevertheless, no one dared to ask. They were going to see the person anyway. Most of them revealed a look of admiration when they looked at King Fan’s back. A diligent person would always earn people’s respect. Plus, King Fan had an extremely powerful combat strength. Although he was only a half-step Immortal Emperor, no ordinary early Immortal Emperor was a match for him. The two Immortal Emperor experts understood this very well, including Old Man Bai Weng.

Three silhouettes appeared in the sky above the prefecture, then landed slowly. The emergence of two men and a dog had instantly attracted everyone’s attention. They naturally knew who Old Man Bai Weng was. So their eyes had fallen on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, but when they discovered that Jiang Chen was merely a Golden Immortal expert, disappointment was seen in their eyes. Despite their unwillingness, they knew that this white-clad youth was probably the person that King Fan wanted to welcome.

“Haha! Brother, you are back! Big Brother has been waiting for you for quite some time.”

King Fan revealed a smile upon seeing Jiang Chen. Since his return to Great Qian Empire, this was his first time laughing so unrestrainedly. He could only have such a smile the moment he met Jiang Chen.

Both Yang Bufan and Jiang Chen stretched out their arms at the same time and had a bear hug.

The scene shocked everyone on the scene. Even the Immortal Emperors were gaping at what they were seeing, they didn’t dare believe that this was real.

“Who is this kid? How can a puny little Golden Immortal be so close to King Fan?”

This was the common question popping out in everyone’s head. They could all feel that King Fan was truly delighted at this moment. At least, they hadn’t seen King Fan laugh so freely for a very long time. And the fact that he could hug the youth without considering his ident.i.ty showed how much importance he had attached to this young man.

Yang Bufan examined Jiang Chen thoroughly. Despite his mental preparation, he was still shocked by Jiang Chen’s progress.

“Brother, your advancement is too unacceptable.”

Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Although he was shocked, he wasn’t really overly surprised by it. After all, he had witnessed Jiang Chen’s talent. This man was a miracle by himself, a monstrous genius that he had thousands of admiration for.

“Brother Yang’s progress is equally shocking.” Jiang Chen said.

This was neither a pretentious comment nor a flattery. The fact that Yang Bufan could advance to the half-step Immortal Emperor so quickly really surprised him. After all, it wasn’t easy to advance from a late Immortal King to a half-step Immortal Emperor.

“King Fan, this Little Brother is?” An early Immortal Emperor asked.

“Let me introduce him to you all. This is Jiang Chen, the brother of mine, Yang Bufan. Since he has come to my prefecture, he’s our guest of honour.”

Yang Bufan said delightfully, as though he hadn’t felt as delightful for a long time. Although he and Jiang Chen hadn’t been separated for a long time, meeting here as compared to meeting in Evil Abyss were two totally different feelings.

“King Fan’s friend is naturally the honourable guest of the Prefecture.”

“That’s right. The origin of King Fan’s friend must not be simple.”


Everybody hurriedly greeted Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen was no fool. Naturally, he could hear that these people were only patronizing him. No one had really put this Golden Immortal in their eyes. After all, the gap between them was too big. They were half-step Immortal Emperors and true Immortal Emperors. How could they value a little Golden Immortal?

If it wasn’t for King Fan, he was afraid that they wouldn’t even bother to say a word to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was almost sure about this.

About these greetings, Jiang Chen replied only with his fists and smiled, and didn’t seem to take these things personally. How others think about him wasn’t his concern at all.

“Brother, come. How about having a look on my Prefecture? I have already prepared a place of retreat for you.”

Yang Bufan put his arm around Jiang Chen as they strode towards the Prefecture, making everyone envious about it, because they knew that they would never have the chance to get so close to King Fan.

“Bai Weng, who’s this kid? Why is he valued so much by King Fan?”

After King Fan and Jiang Chen left, a group of people immediately surrounded Old Man Bai Weng as they were all overwhelmed with curiosity. This youth was taken here by Old Man Bai Weng. So Old Man Bai Weng should more or less know about him.

“He’s called Jiang Chen, a friend King Fan made outside.” Old Man Bai Weng said with a smile.

“Nonsense. Everyone can see that. We are just curious why King Fan befriended a puny Golden Immortal given his ident.i.ty?” An Immortal Emperor elder asked.

“Puny Golden Immortal? You all must not underestimate this man. He has just killed the intermediate Immortal King Young Master Futian, the son of City Lord of Fu City, Fu Kui, the genius of Corpse Yin Sect.” Old Man Bai Weng said.


Upon hearing this, everyone exclaimed. Their faces were filled with disbelief. They had heard about Young Master Futian before, a genius of Corpse Yin Sect, who had a certain reputation in the domain. It was rare that he could reach the intermediate Immortal King realm at a very young age. More importantly, the cruel means of Corpse Yin Sect made them very difficult to deal with. Despite that, Jiang Chen had killed Young Master Futian with only his late Golden Immortal cultivation base. They would absolutely never believe it if these weren’t coming from Old Man Bai Weng.

Killing an intermediate Immortal King wasn’t a big deal because everyone on the scene could pinch such level of expert to death, but killing the expert while being only a late Golden Immortal was a very different thing entirely. This fact alone tremendously altered their impression of Jiang Chen. They could no longer underestimate Jiang Chen. Such a heaven defying talent was bound to have inestimable achievements in the future.

At the same time, they began to understand why King Fan attached so much importance to this Golden Immortal. Bluntly speaking, this youth was a stock with ma.s.sive potential.

“Do you all want to know the story of King Fan in Evil Abyss?” Old Man Bai Weng stroked his beard as he spoke.

“You know about it?”

Everybody seemed interested all of a sudden. They had been wanting to know about the story of King Fan in Evil Abyss all along. Hearing that even Old Man Bai Weng knew about this, he must have heard it from Jiang Chen.

“Of course, the rise of King Fan was no accident. You all will see. The future of Fan King is destined to be outstanding………..”

Old Man Bai Weng told everything he had heard from Jiang Chen to everyone, but since it was the Old Man who was telling the story now, he wouldn’t certainly miss the chance of exaggerating it.

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