Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1419 – Not Wanting Face

Chapter 1419 – Not Wanting Face

Not Wanting Face

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The beauties moved like tide, showing off all kinds of bearing that confused people’s eyes, however some experts’ eyes were sparkling so brilliantly. Those who had attended the social meeting before knew that this was specially arrange by Young Master Futian. These girls were brought here only for the guests to enjoy. In the place of Young Master Futian, these girls were merely tools.

“All these girls are not normal. They are all controlled by some kind of means,” Big Yellow spoke softly.

About thirty pretty girls went to their respective tables, and put both of their knees on top of the table, with bright smile on their faces.

“Haha! I heard that Young Master Futian’s place is always full of excitement. Sure enough, it has a well-deserved reputation.”

An early Immortal King genius laughed aloud, then touched the girl’s body up and down in a natural way. Both of his hands went into the girl’s clothes, and caressed her ample bosom. The girl moaned and didn’t resist, allowing the foreign hands to touch her body as he pleased.

The others naturally didn’t stay idle. They understood that this was a gift given to them by Young Master Futian for them to enjoy. Furthermore, most of them who came here were seeking pleasure. Although there was still the trade session, the enjoying this moment was also very important. Almost everyone who came here weren’t very much decent. So naturally, they wouldn’t be polite about it.

A girl knelt in front of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow respectively. Both of them didn’t take any action, whereas the old liar acted unhesitantly by cuddling the girl, but there was a limit to his lascivious act unlike those who were touching the girls constantly.

The girl in front of Jiang Chen didn’t moving. As Jiang Chen didn’t touch her, she just knelt there obediently with a smiling face.

Jiang Chen looked into the girl’s eyes and found no vigour in it, like she was as stagnant and lifeless as still water. He could even see that her soul was already nearly exhausted. She was just like a walking corpse.

“Corpse Yin Sect has a rare corpse-seizing technique that can control people’s soul, and thus gaining control over the person entirely. It was supposed to be used on the dead. Corpse Yin Sect was good at using corpses. Some experts’ corpses would be carried back by them and would be turned into puppets using some secret techniques and used as soldiers in the battlefield. However, this Young Master Futian used the secret technique on these young and beautiful ladies by controlling them, turning them into his slaves, toys or tools.”

The old liar whispered to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow via divine sense. This showed that even the old liar felt somewhat angry about this matter. This might be the reason why he didn’t dare to caress the girl next to him.

“For Heaven’s Sake! Giving such a sc.u.m life will bring disaster!” Big Yellow was extremely angry, but he didn’t express it openly.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes slightly. Icy cold light shone from them. He would never have any good feelings towards someone like Young Master Futian. No matter how powerful this person was or how powerful his forces were, Jiang Chen would never be destined to be this young master’s friend.

Young Master Futian’s style of conduct reminded Jiang Chen of Young Master Blood Moon. When he first joined Black Sect, he had caused a havoc in the outer sect and beaten an outer sect elder. Later, Daoist Black punished him by ordering him to get rid of Blood Devils and Young Master Blood Moon. There was no difference between the character of this Young Master Futian and Blood Moon.

Although Jian Chen was also a ruthless individual, he only showed that side of his to his enemy. He would never kill the innocent. Even if he was killing out of revenge, he would have conscience in his killings, because the very foundation of righteousness of the Heavens and Earth was in his innermost soul.

“Why? Brother Jiang don’t like it?”

Young Master Futian looked over at Jiang Chen, he sounded a little displeased. This Jiang Chen started a fight in his territory but now, he was disdaining his girls. This was clearly not giving him face. One should know that someone like Futian valued face the most.

“It’s not because I don’t like it, but because I’m not interested in it.”

Jiang Chen said plainly, he no longer had the same politeness towards Young Master Futian as before. When you hated someone, it would be very difficult for you to converse properly with the person even if you had to pretend it.

“Jiang Chen, watch your word.” One of the expert couldn’t stand it anymore and reprimanded.

Jiang Chen stared coldly at the person with a face of disdain and chose to ignore him.

That person seemed incredibly angry by Jiang Chen’s response, but that’s pretty much the only thing he could do. Initially, he wanted to attack Jiang Chen, but he had to restrain himself in front of Young Master Futian. Also, it was a pity that he was only a half-step Immortal King. So even if he has a lot of guts, he wouldn’t dare lunge at Jiang Chen.

“Alright. Don’t allow some trivial things to affect everyone’s mood. Brother Jiang Chen is also an honoured guest today and has a rare treasure. I wonder what other good treasures you lot have brought. Let’s take out our treasures now. If I’m interested in it, I will trade for it.” Young Master Futian spoke, entering into the main topic.

“This Young Master Futian truly is a superficial person. He has held this meeting only to obtain treasures. Everyone who came here today are all powerful experts. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have precious treasures. Although Young Master Futian asked everyone to take out their treasures and trade as they see fit, if he spots a treasure, no one will dare to compete with him. Plus, no one here won’t give him face. As long as he’s interested in the treasure, he will trade for the treasure with the lowest price,” the old liar explained softly, seeming to understand the situation very clearly.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow nodded, however they had already antic.i.p.ated it after discerning the true character of Young Master Futian. Therefore, it was impossible to say that Young Master Futian didn’t have any ulterior motives for this social meeting.

“I will go first. I have once pa.s.sed by an ancient tomb and got nothing but a corpse. I have no idea how many years this corpse has existed because it had yet to rot. As I had observed, it should be at least left by a late Immortal King expert. This corpse is useless to other experts, but it’s of great use to Young Master Futian.”

A young early Immortal King spoke and took out a spatial ring. He was called Huo Ying, a genius of Yellow Spring Sect, which was one of the eleven major powers that was no weaker than Corpse Yin Sect. As such, Huo Ying had a certain position amongst these experts.

“Oh, is that so?”

After hearing the corpse left behind by a late Immortal King, Young Master Futian’s eyes lit up. Just like what Huo Ying had said, the corpse was of no use to other people, but it was extremely useful to Futian. Being a disciple of Corpse Yin Sect, he knew a secret technique that could change corpses to puppets. The value of a late Immortal King puppet could be worth a city.

“I don’t want to trade this corpse. I will give this to Young Master Futian as a gift and a token of my kindness.”

Huo Ying was incomparably forthright. He got along quite well with Young Master Futian and often came to Futian Manor for enjoyment. It could be said that he was in the same group of people. Using a corpse to win the happiness of Young Master Futian was worth it.

“Haha! What a forthright act, Brother Huo! In that case, I, Futian, won’t be polite.”

Young Master Futian laughed loudly, seemingly delighted. With a casual flick of his hand, the spatial ring flew from Huo Ying’s hand and landed on his palm.

After seeping his divine sense into the ring, the smile on his face intensified. “It sure is top grade.”

“Brother Huo’s corpse is certainly a good item. I also have a treasure that’s very rare. Have a look everyone.”

Someone stood up and said. An old black ginseng appeared on his hand. Cold air was emitted from its one meter human-like body.

“This is a ten-thousand-year-old cold ginseng. I suppose this is going to be extremely beneficial to Young Master Futian’s cultivation. Today, I will also show my kindness to Young Master by giving this to Young Master as present. I hope Young Master likes it.”

Another word, giving away a ten-thousand-year-old cold ginseng. Young Master Futian’s face was full of smile. He would never refuse a gift. Immediately, he kept them.

“For Heaven’s sake! Ten-thousand-year-old cold ginseng, a top grade spiritual herb. It’s given away just like that! Dammit!” Big Yellow clenched his teeth, feeling that it was really a waste.

In the following time, everyone took out their treasures – Immortal Weapons, precious and rare items and profound pills – one after another. Every treasure they took out was worth a tremendous amount, but they were all given to Young Master Futian as presents and it left Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s mouths open. None of them even ask for a reward. They were all selfless contribution.

“For mother’s sake! How can this be called a social meeting. They are coming here just to give away items!”

The old liar rolled his eyes, he finally knew that he still hadn’t understood the social meeting enough.

“F*ck! Master Dog finally knows why Young Master Futian held such a meeting and knows why he will send you an invitation letter, instead of making a trade with you privately.”

Big Yellow suddenly got the whole picture. This was no social meeting or a trading event, but a tribute to the emperor. This emperor was truly a super greedy one.

After obtaining so many treasures, Young Master Futian naturally couldn’t put away the smile on his face.

“Brother Jiang Chen, everyone has taken out their own treasure. You should do the same, I suppose.” Huo Ying looked over at Jiang Chen and said.

At this point, everyone had already presented their treasures except Jiang Chen.

“I heard that Brother Jiang Chen has an extremely rare spiritual spring. Why not you take it out now. I can buy it from you or trade it with a treasure,” Futian said with a smile.

Big Yellow felt compelled to rush ahead and bit the hateful face of the Young Master. This son of a b*tch was just too shameless. This was clearly robbing, so much for the trading and buying proclamation. This was no different than stretching one’s hand and stealing. How ridiculous! Every one of them just gave away their treasure for free. If they wanted reward, it would be equivalent to not giving Young Master Futian’s face and be turned into a common target.

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