Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1418 – Giving Face

Chapter 1418 – Giving Face

Giving Face

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After the appearance of the black-clad young man, the scene quieted down once more. Everyone turned and looked at the young man with reverence.

This had become the focus of attention. In this entire manor, there was only one man who had such influence, and that was Young Master Futian.

Jiang Chen’s eyes scanned Young Master Futian and discovered that the Qi that emitted from him was indeed of an intermediate Immortal King, which made him a rare genius, but Jiang Chen didn’t have very good impression of him.

As though the influence from Corpse Yin Sect was too great, Young Master Futian’s entire body was radiating a gloomy and cold air. b.l.o.o.d.y and brutal Qi also mingled in it. And from a the hint of an evil smile of this young master’s face, it showed that he was a cruel individual.

Furthermore, the cultivation of Corpse Yin Sect was originally known for its evil nature. Jiang Chen cultivated the Great Soul Derivation Technique and Great Divination Art, which allowed him to determine the features of an individual accurately. The expression of this Young Master’s eye was filled with evil, greed, obscenity and crime. By merging all of these expressions, he was destined to become a ruthless bloodthirsty devil.

“Greet Young Master Futian.”

All of the people present stood up from their seats and cupped fists at Young Master Futian. In the manor, no one would dare to show the slightest neglect and disrespect to him. They feared him not because of his cultivation base, but his means. Corpse Yin Sect had established a notorious reputation in Eastern Profound Domain. Anyone should be careful of those who had dealings with the Corpse Yin Sect as a single mistake would put the person in an irrecoverable state.

“En. Everyone is truly giving Futian face for coming to join my social meeting,” Young Master Futian held his fists and spoke humbly.

“Haha! Young Master is being too modest. It should be our great honour to be invited by Young Master Futian.”

“That’s right. No one in this region doesn’t know about Young Master Futian’s name, the genius of Corpse Yin Sect. Young Master Futian has a high reputation even across Eastern Profound Domain. Comparing myself to Young Master Futian makes me unworthy.”

“This piece of land is so wonderfully built by Young Master. It’s an exhilarating thing that the social meeting can be held in such a beautiful place.”


Many bootlickers began their routines. Before the meeting commenced, most of them already started to flatter the host. It would be best if they were able to establish a good rapport with Young Master Futian.

“Please seat, everyone.”

Young Master Futian waved, gesturing for everyone to sit down.

At this time, Young Master Futian turned over to Jiang Chen and approached him.

“Brother Jiang has injured the Young Lord and elder of w.a.n.g Family as soon as Brother Jiang arrived. This will make me feel more or less embarra.s.sed in front of w.a.n.g Family in the future.” Young Master Futian said plainly.

Every one of them was able to detect the discontentment in his voice. They knew that the host wasn’t concerned of w.a.n.g Family, but his own face. A newcomer named Jiang Chen had attacked someone in his territory. Such a behaviour was absolutely not giving him face.

Jiang Chen’s heart was as clear as a mirror. This Futian must be someone who could do anything. His previous action had indeed affected Futian’s reputation. If it wasn’t for the spiritual spring he had, he was afraid that Futian would have already sent him to h.e.l.l by now.

“Young Master Futian must be joking. Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare not give Young Master face. There are many people here who witnessed the scene. It was w.a.n.g Yao who didn’t give Young Master face first. Every one of the seat is personally arranged by Young Master, but w.a.n.g Yao has usurped someone else’s seat for his own. That’s truly not putting Young Master in his eyes. Due to me being unable to bear his actions, I attacked. If this was merely a seat, I could let it go, but this was related to Young Master’s face. I can never tolerate that,” Jiang Chen said.

He knew that Young Master Futian wanted to regain his face back in front of everyone. As such, he might as well grant the Young Master his wish.


Sure enough, after listening to what Jiang Chen had said, Young Master Futian burst into laughter. He had to admit that this Jiang Chen was an intelligent man who knew how to regain his face.

“However, you are now occupying two seats.” Young Master Futian looked over at Big Yellow and said.

“w.a.n.g Yao has left, which left the seat empty. Of course, this seat is up to Young Master to decide. As long as Young Master gave the word, my friend here will get up immediately,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Since Futian wanted face so much, he would give Futian all the face he wanted.

“Forget it. This seat is already empty anyway.”

Young Master Futian shrugged, then turned towards his seat. Since w.a.n.g Yao had already been hurled out, he would never come back again. So he might as well leave the seat for Jiang Chen.

But the fact that Jiang Chen attacked in his territory had violated his rule and created a grudge and murderous intent inside of him. However, for the sake of the spiritual spring, he had chosen to tolerate it for the time being. Once the trade was over, he would settle the score with Jiang Chen.

To put it bluntly, he didn’t put a newcomer in his eyes at all. In his point of view, a Golden Immortal without a strong backer wasn’t supposed to be ent.i.tled to join this meeting. The reason he had issued the invitation letter was fully because of the spiritual spring of Jiang Chen.

Two days ago, when Fu Yong took the bottle of spiritual spring to Young Master Futian, Futian was able to see its value at first glance, and wrote an invitation letter to Jiang Chen immediately.

Jiang Chen on the other hand was clearly aware of the hostility that Young Master Futian had on him. The corner of his mouth revealed a trace of a plain smile. He didn’t have the slightest interest in Futian, but if Futian insisted in putting him in trouble, it would be the misfortune of Futian. Given Jiang Chen’s late Golden Immortal cultivation base, killing Futian was just effortless.

Although the cultivation technique of Corpse Yin Sect was evil and frightening, Jiang Chen could suppress it with his skills, just like when he dealt the Evil Clan.

“Little Chen, this Young Master Futian seems a little annoying.” Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen.

“It doesn’t matter if his looks are annoying, as long as he doesn’t do things that annoy people.”

Jiang Chen took the cup of tea and took a light sip. From the beginning up to now, he had never put Futian in his eyes.

Young Master Futian reached his special seat and sat down calmly.

*Pa!* *Pa!*

Young Master Futian made several claps, then 30 girls in white dress emerged from the darkness of the courtyard.

Every one of these girls was as beautiful as flowers. Their faces were filled with bright smile, but if one looked close enough, it wasn’t hard to see the listlessness in their eyes.

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