Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1414 – The Invitation of Young Master Futian (2)

Chapter 1414 – The Invitation of Young Master Futian (2)

The Invitation of Young Master Futian (2)

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Fu Yong approached Jiang Chen and handed the spatial pouch to Jiang Chen with a smile. He then spoke: “Young Master Jiang, here’s a thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones. You can count them.”

Jiang Chen received the pouch and said plainly, “No need for that. I’m still very confident in your credibility. Farewell.”

With that, he put away the spatial pouch, turned and left, but he knew that Fu Yong would stop him at this moment.

“Wait, Young Master Jiang.” Sure enough, Fu Yong called hastily the moment Jiang Chen spun.

A smirk was revealed at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. Then, he slowly turned and looked at Fu Yong with interest. “Huh? Is there anything else that Keeper Fu still want to discuss?”

“This old man wants to ask if Young Master Jiang has any more spiritual spring. If you have, our manor is willing to buy all of them at high price,” Fu Yong said.

Given his experience and eyesight, he could already determine the value of the spiritual spring. Even if it was a thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones for a bottle, he would never make a loss on the trade. Such spiritual spring was extremely rare and he himself hadn’t even seen one before. He speculated that Jiang Chen must still have spiritual spring, and plenty of them.

If a cultivator only had a bottle of such spiritual spring, he absolutely wouldn’t use it to trade for Immortal Meta Stones. The preciousness of the spiritual spring was self-evident. There were many ways one could obtain Immortal Meta Stones whereas Jiang Chen’s spiritual spring was one of its kind and couldn’t be measured by Immortal Meta Stones. If Jiang Chen was replaced by Fu Yong, he would never trade the spiritual spring for Immortal Meta Stones. Therefore, Fu Yong concluded that there would surely be more spiritual springs in Jiang Chen’s possession.

“To be frank, I indeed still have plenty of them, but I still need them to exchange for other treasures,” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“I wonder what treasures Young Master Jiang wants. Our Trading Centre do have quite a lot of precious items.” Keeper Fu said. Hearing that Jiang Chen still had lots of spiritual springs, his eyes beamed with delight.

“I don’t know what treasures I want yet for the time being. And since your place doesn’t have treasures that could attracts me, I might as well go outside and have a stroll, perhaps I can encounter something I like.” Jiang Chen shrugged.

“If Young Master Jiang doesn’t even like our treasures, there’s no need to speak about the trading stalls outside. However, there’s the social gathering of Young Master Futian two days later. At that time, some rare treasures will emerge. I wonder if Young Master Jiang is interested in attending this event.” Fu Yong said. In order to attract Jiang Chen’s attention, he had to use the social gathering as temptation.

“I heard that one has to receive a personal invitation from Young Master Futian in order to join this gathering. It’s a pity that I didn’t receive any invitation from Young Master Futian. So, I think I will just go outside to stroll around,” Jiang Chen said and feigned a look of indifference.

“If Young Master Jiang doesn’t mind, you can stay in our manor. This old man will personally provide a good accommodation for Young Master Jiang. When I return, I will seek Young Master Futian. I believe Young Master Futian will have a huge interest in your spiritual springs. At that time, he will definitely send an invitation to Young Master Jiang. What do you think Young Master Jiang?”

Fu Yong spoke hastily. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was a big client and the spiritual spring was too alluring. If he let go of Jiang Chen now, it would be difficult to find Jiang Chen again. As such, Fu Yong had to make Jiang Chen stay at all costs. Plus, he believed that anyone who entered the manor would at least be interested in Young Master Futian’s social gathering. Jiang Chen was no exception.

Jiang Chen feinged a contemplating look, then spoke with a feigned-awkward expression: “Keeper Fu is so gracious, if I still refuse, it will make me look somewhat bashful.”

Hearing that Jiang Chen accepted his offer, Fu Yong’s face was overjoyed, but he wouldn’t have known that this had been Jiang Chen’s purpose all along.

“Very well. Young Master Jiang, this way. This old man has already prepared a first cla.s.s accommodation for three distinguished guests.”

Fu Yong made an inviting gesture, then led Jiang Chen and the other two to the third floor of the golden building.

Here was full of rich and n.o.ble Qi. It was absolutely impossible for any ordinary person to come in. Only honoured guests could come into this building.

The third floor was full of rooms. Among them was a suite of most luxurious rooms. The décor inside was splendid and confusing. One could easily lose himself while enjoying in such a place.

“Young Master Jiang, would you like some of my servants to serve you?” Fu Yong smiled.

Hearing the word ‘serve’ the old liar got all excited, and immediately, he replied. “Yes, yes, it is better if you can arrange a few more.”

Jiang Chen frowned and glared at the old liar.

“No need, we will just have some rest.”

Jiang Chen smiled back at Fu Yong. Although the old liar was shameless enough to ask, Jiang Chen had no interest in them. He liked peace. To Jiang Chen , peace was a rare thing.

“Very well. Then have some good rest Young Master Jiang. I will go and find Young Master Futian now.”

Fu Yong said, then turned and left, not forgetting to close the doors of the room.

“Little Friend, this is free service. Don’t you think it’s too wasteful to decline it?” The old liar showed a face of reluctance.

Jiang Chen ignored the old liar, walked towards the table and drank a cup of tea.

When the old liar saw that no one was listening to him, he flopped down onto the stool, picked up a cup of tea and drank it.

“Little Chen, do you think that Young Master Futian will send an invitation to you?” Big Yellow asked curiously.

“Don’t worry. As long as that Young Master isn’t an idiot, he will send us an invitation. The spiritual spring of Little Friend can even attract the interest of an Immortal Emperor, let alone Futian.” The old liar spoke with incomparable confidence.

In the evening, Fu Yong reappeared. The door of the room opened by itself as soon as he arrived outside of the room.

Jiang Chen was sitting on a stool when he saw the grinning Fu Yong came in holding an invitation letter with a gold stamp. On top of the letter was engraved with the word ‘Meeting’.

“Congratulations Young Master Jiang, Young Master Futian has asked this old man to bring this invitation letter to you, inviting you to join the social meeting that will be held two days later.”

Fu Yong handed the invitation letter to Jiang Chen. In the manor, apart from the value of the letter, this letter also symbolized ident.i.ty. Due to it being personally created by Young Master Futian, it represented the will of the Young Master. Therefore, anyone who received such a letter was unordinary.

“Okay. I will surely join the meeting two days later.”

Jiang Chen took the letter. Regarding the social meeting, he was filled with antic.i.p.ation. Getting this invitation letter also meant that his objective of coming to the Trading Centre had been achieved. Next, he would have to wait to meet Young Master Futian and the geniuses of the region.

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