Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1413 – The Invitation of Young Master Futian (1)

Chapter 1413 – The Invitation of Young Master Futian (1)

The Invitation of Young Master Futian (1)

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Spiritual spring was the spiritual thing of Heaven and Earth. It was a rare treasure. It could provide great help to any creature in the Heavens and Earth. In addition to the vast pure energy it contained, it also had the effect of restoring and improving one’s physique. During the time in the Evil Abyss, Jiang Chen had obtained the finest spiritual spring. This spiritual spring alone had attracted the attention of Fu Yong.

However, if it was merely a spiritual spring, he was afraid that it wouldn’t be enough to stir Young Master Futian’s interest. Only after Jiang Chen’s personal alteration of the spiritual spring that the scenario was changed entirely.

If the spiritual spring was already considered a treasure, then its altered version would be regarded as a rare treasure, because except for Jiang Chen, no one else in the Heavens and Earth would possess this kind of spiritual spring.

The modified spiritual spring not only had been added with Nine Solar Saint Water which enhanced the property and value of the spring, but more importantly the wood spiritual Qi. In this way, the spiritual spring not only exceeded its original effect, but also has a powerful healing ability. Such effect was truly precious particularly to the wounded ones. Its healing power was enough to surprise anyone.

In other words, this spiritual spring of Jiang Chen was the only one of its kind and could possibly be worth a city. Jiang Chen was confident that this spiritual spring alone was enough to catch Young Master Futian’s eyes.

“Good treasure.”

The old liar couldn’t help saying. His eyes sparkled, staring at the jade bottle in Fu Yong’s hands unblinkingly. It seemed like he was also a person with discerning eyes.

“Let this old man try it.”

Fu Yong’s expression was solemn. Immediately, he extracted a drop from the jade bottle and put it into his mouth. As soon as the drop of spiritual spring entered his mouth, it turned into a stream of water, flowing down his throat, and into his body.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

All of a sudden, buzzing sound rang inside Fu Yong’s body. For an instant, Fu Yong’s vigour was doubled.

“What a horrifying healing ability! This spiritual spring not only contains ma.s.sive amount of essence, but also has incredible healing power. I never thought that a mere drop of this spiritual spring could recover half of the injury in my body. It’s astounding to know that there’s actually such a unique spiritual spring in the Heavens and Earth. It would be impossible for me to believe it if I didn’t witness this with my own eyes.”

Fu Yong was shocked. He stared at the jade bottle, instantly feeling fond of this rare treasure. That incredible healing power would surely have a powerful effect even if it was used on a mighty Immortal Emperor. This was what made the spiritual spring so precious.

“If I had nothing good, I wouldn’t dare come here. Keeper Fu, I wonder if your Manor Master will find my spiritual spring valuable as well.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Haha! This is a very good move, Little Chen! This altered spiritual spring has a value that is equivalent to a city. Taking out a bottle of it to trade will definitely catch their attention. By then, Young Master Futian will certainly send you an invitation as he will surely want more of it. Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen via divine sense, praising Jiang Chen for having such a good plan.

The old liar finally understood why Jiang Chen insisted on coming here to trade. It was because this building was personally monitored by Young Master Futian himself. Take Keeper Fu for example, he was a henchman of Young Master Futian. He would certainly send this spiritual spring to Young Master Futian as soon as possible. This fact was almost certain, otherwise, Young Master Futian wouldn’t let Fu Yong run such a big trading place.

“Of course, of course, he will find this valuable,” Fu Yong hurriedly replied.

Encountering such a great item made him incomparably excited. He could almost imagine that Young Master Futian would absolutely be delighted if he gave the spiritual spring to him. Plus, this spiritual spring had recovered a part of the injury in his body. Now, Jiang Chen had become a distinguished guest that he couldn’t afford to offend.

“May I know what Young Master Jiang is going to exchange this bottle of spiritual spring with?” Fu Yong asked hastily.

“For Immortal Meta Stones,” replied Jiang Chen.

After listening to what Jiang Chen wanted, Fu Yong’s nervous heart felt relieved and a smile was revealed on his face. A moment ago, he was afraid that Jiang Chen would ask for something rare and precious that they didn’t have. That would surely make him lose the precious spiritual spring. In Futian Manor, the thing that they least lacked of was Immortal Meta Stones.

“The thing that our manor lacks the least is Immortal Meta Stones, may I know how many Immortal Meta Stones do Young Master Jiang want?” Keeper Fu said. When it came to Immortal Meta Stones, he was full of spirit. This indicated how much fortune the Futian Manor had.

“I want 1000 King Grade Immortal Meta Stones,” Jiang Chen said.

A thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones wasn’t a small amount and was already considered expensive even if it was used to trade for a bottle of spiritual spring, however he was sure that the other party would surely agree to him, although Futian Manor didn’t lack Immortal Meta Stones, this manor lacked things like this spiritual spring.

“One thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones? Isn’t it a little expensive?”

Keeper Fu frowned, he never thought that Jiang Chen would dare to ask for such a high price. One should know that a thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones was equivalent to 10 million high grade Immortal Meta Stones.

“If Keeper Fu is reluctant to do this business, you just have to go and find someone else. I believe there will be people who will be willing to do this trade. As for the drop that Keeper Fu swallowed just now, I would treat it as my gift to you.”

Jiang Chen said, not giving the opposite party the room to negotiate. What Jiang Chen lacked the most was Immortal Meta Stones. Even though he had gained 500 million high grade Immortal Meta Stones from Han Spirit Zone, this amount was still too little. The required number of Immortal Meta Stones for his future cultivation was just astronomical. It wasn’t even excessive to describe his consumption as endless. Plus, high grade Immortal Meta Stones were becoming less and less effective to him, and King Grade Immortal Meta Stones were what he was after right now.

“There’s no need to worry Young Master Jiang. Our manor will buy this spiritual spring with a thousand then. Please wait for a while, Young Master.”

Fu Yong was a man who could discern opportunity. Immediately, he agreed to the trade. Although a thousand King Grade Immortal Meta Stones was a hefty amount, it was considered nothing to the manor.

Fu Yong turned and headed straight inside the building, seeming to get the Immortal Meta Stones for Jiang Chen.

“Little Friend Jiang Chen, I never thought that you have such a treasure with you. This time, Young Master Futian will definitely notice you. I think he’ll personally send you an invitation.”

The old liar beamed with joy and his eyes were full of admiration as he looked at Jiang Chen. He felt as if he had dug out a treasure this time.

Not long after that, Fu Yong returned with a pale yellow spatial pouch in his hand.

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