Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1411 – The Trading Stall

Chapter 1411 – The Trading Stall

The Trading Stall

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At the liquor table, Jiang Chen knitted his eyebrows tightly, feeling regretful in his heart. Although the dishes were delicious, he didn’t have much appet.i.te. These two non-humans would render one speechless.

Both of Big Yellow’s front legs were placed on the table. The long tongue of the dog licked the plates on the table frantically and gulped the entire dish. His saliva was everywhere. One had to admit that the dish that was eaten by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was s.h.i.+ning, not even a drop of grease remained on the plate.

The old liar was even more violent. He shook both of his dark-looking arms, captured the food and stuff it into his mouth. His speed of eating was no less than Big Yellow’s. The point was that neither of the two minded each other. At this extreme rate of eating, the table of dishes were all eaten up pretty quickly.

“One more table of dishes, boss.”

The old liar gave no face to any of them as he knew how rare such an opportunity was.

Naturally such a scene had attracted many set of eyes. Innumerable people were pointing and snickering. Big Yellow and the old liar had undoubtedly become the beautiful scenery of the restaurant.

“Haha! Where have these two strange idiots come from? How shameful!”

“These two are like starved ghosts. Haven’t they eaten anything before?”

“That’s the old swindler! What a poor kid! He must be a newcomer that has been cheated by the old swindler. Apart from that, he still invited the old swindler to eat. That dog too behaves very much alike the old liar, I wonder where he comes from.”


The bystanders began to forget the dishes on their table while they were observing the frenzied eating of the old liar and Big Yellow.

“What the f*ck are you people looking at? Haven’t you seen such a handsome dog eating?”

Big Yellow took the time before the dishes arrive to turn and glare at those people with his big eyes and reprimanded. A large piece of meat fell off from his mouth, but his reaction speed was extremely quick. He gulped the meat before the meat touched the floor.


Jiang Chen tottered and almost fell from his seat. He was rarely impressed by someone but now he felt completely defeated. These two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had certainly impressed him.

*Cough…* *Cough…*

Jiang Chen let out a few coughs, stood up from his seat and walked towards an empty table nearby, pretending as if he didn’t know these two sons of a b*tch. At least, he would have to make it as though they didn’t know each other.

“Ai! This is what happens when you are making friends carelessly.”

Jiang Chen sighed. When he looked back at Big Yellow and the old liar’s uninhibited actions, he felt as if his world had darkened, giving him the urge to fly out through the winds, as this was just too embarra.s.sing!


Finally, Big Yellow and the old liar left the restaurant after having a contented meal. Jiang Chen strode at the front, feeling that he must keep a certain distance from these two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds at the back.

“Brother Dog, now that we have eaten and drank, where do you think we need to go to have fun?”

The old liar spoke intently as though he had found someone with the same interest. His eyes couldn’t help glancing at those brightly-lit streets. Big Yellow, however, didn’t seem to grasp the old man’s intention. He replied casually: “Let’s find a place to sleep.”

Sleep? F*ck! How could there be anyone coming to Futian Manor and sleep? Was he still a human? No, it looked like he was just a dog.

One would have to admit that this was an extremely luxurious manor. There was the aura of riches everywhere. Although Jiang Chen and the others were walking on a rather quiet street, the atmosphere around was enjoying and delighting.

“Old liar, you said that there are ways to join the social gathering with Young Master Futian?” Jiang Chen asked. He was quite interested in this social gathering. Perhaps, he could gain lots of benefits from this event.

“That’s simple. Just find a way to get Young Master Futian’s attention. As long as Young Master Futian invites you, you will be eligible to join the social gathering, however all the guests of this event were either rich or affluent. They are the geniuses of this generation. You are only a newcomer. I’m afraid that it won’t be easy for you to get Young Master Futian’s attention.”

The old liar explained. He didn’t mean to look down on Jiang Chen, but that was a fact. The social gathering held by Young Master Futian wasn’t an event that anyone could partic.i.p.ate.

“Little Chen, as long as you take out some treasures that can hook the eyes of the whatsoever Futian, it’s done,” said Big Yellow.

What he said was pertinent and correct.

“Alright, let’s find a Trading Stall then.”

Jiang Chen smiled. He already had an idea in his mind. This was an event he had to partic.i.p.ate, but he couldn’t take the initiative to find the Young Master as that would make him lose his status. Instead, he should make the Young Master invite him to the social gathering. Only then would his status be different there.

“There are a lot of places for trading here. Most of them are temporary stalls opened by cultivators from outside, but there are followers of Young Master Futian everywhere. Every trade made never escape those people’s ears and eyes. 30% of any revenue made from the trade will go to the manor. This is how the forces of Young Master Futian works,” the old liar spoke.

After listening to the percentage, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow swore in their hearts. This Young Master Futian was truly a money-sucking vampire. From this, one could already tell how much profits this manor makes. The fortunes and treasures that were earned had to be an astronomical amount.

“I heard that Young Master will take away ma.s.sive fortune and treasures each year and offer bribes in Yin Corpse Sect. This is the reason why Young Master Futian is able to do so well in Yin Corpse Sect,” the old liar continued.

“In that case, let’s go to the main Trading Centre of the Manor.” Jiang Chen said.

Every part of the manor was under surveillance of someone, including every trade that was made, but in order to achieve his objective, he had made up his mind to head for the main Trading Centre in the manor. In that way, Young Master Futian would be able to notice him at the quickest possible time.

“Okay. I know that place. I can bring you there. It’s true that those guards forbade me from entering the manor, but if I really want to come in, do they think they can stop me?”

The old liar patted his chest. It was rare that a man would have a boasting mouth to such an extent.

The interior of the manor was a luxurious place. Within was another small manor, a place where Young Master Futian himself resided. The Trading Centre was nearest to this small manor. It was a splendid-looking golden building that radiated an intense n.o.ble Qi. Anyone who stood before the enormous building would feel an inexplicable sense of pressure.

“Little friend Jiang Chen, this is the largest trading place in the manor. It’s built personally by Young Master Futian himself. The people inside are under the direct jurisdiction of Young Master Futian,” the old liar said.

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