Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1410 – Young Master Futian(1)

Chapter 1410 – Young Master Futian(1)

Young Master Futian

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Regarding the battle against Nanbei Chao, Jiang Chen had been ready for it, but he was also a person with wisdom. Given his present cultivation base, if he encountered Nanbei Chao, he knew that he wouldn’t be a match for him. Therefore, fighting this opponent would give him loads of pressure. However, speaking this from another angle, Nanbei Chao’s existence had become the driving force for Jiang Chen to progress, his greatest objective since he arrived in this world.

“Old liar, what you said isn’t worthy at all. Anyone I pick from the street can tell me the exact same thing,” Big Yellow said.

“What this Dog Brother said is right. Anyone would know these things, but since you two are newcomers, you will need a more patient person like me to explain the details to you, and this old man looks kind and easygoing. Any gesture of mine will project a friendly sensation. Therefore, having me explain this to you is most suitable.”

The old liar praised himself generously. The key was that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s face didn’t blush even a little while he was praising himself, or even show any expression of shame. Such a thick face definitely was rare.

“For Heaven’s Sake! This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d is even more brazen than Master Dog.” Big Yellow rolled his eyes.

“I agree.” Jiang Chen nodded. For once, he felt what Big Yellow said was reasonable.

“Old liar, tell me about this Futian Manor. Logically, such a luxurious manor shouldn’t be built on the border of Eastern Profound Domain, because that makes it look especially isolated.” Jiang Chen asked. He was quite interested in the manor he had just entered.

The old man smiled and didn’t seem to mind being called old liar. As though the t.i.tle had been accompanying him for a long time.

“Little friend Jiang Chen, speaking of the manor, it isn’t as easy as it looks, because the backer is Young Master Futian who is a terrifying genius that has reached the intermediate Immortal King realm at a young age. He’s even more famous in this generation. No one would dare to provoke him.”

The old liar said with joy, seeming to know Futian Manor very well.

“Go on, tell me why this Young Master Futian isn’t a person to be trifled with. An Immortal King genius indeed isn’t simple, but this level of genius doesn’t have a significant role in the whole Eastern Profound Domain, isn’t it?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“That’s of course. The Eastern Profound Domain is extremely huge. There are countless of geniuses among the eleven major powers. Those monstrous geniuses rarely appeared. In comparison with those monstrous geniuses, Young Master Futian naturally is nothing, but to any ordinary man, Young Master Futian is a rare genius. There’s a highly honorable city called Fu City in this region. The name of the city lord is Fu Kui, who is a mighty Immortal Emperor expert with extraordinary combat strength. No one would dare to offend him. To put it bluntly, he’s the supreme ruler of this region.”

The old liar continued energetically. “Speaking of Immortal Emperor, it is considered nothing across Eastern Profound Domain, as numerous cities not only have one Immortal Emperor expert in this generation. Of all the cities, only the city of Fu Kui is the least likely to be offended because Fu Kui has close ties with two major powers. Furthermore, Fu Hui has two sons who were also first-cla.s.s geniuses. The eldest son is Fu Wei, a disciple of Divine Line Sect. The second son is Fu Tian, a disciple of Yin Corpse Sect. Futian Manor is precisely built by the second son. Now, little friend should know how imposing the backer is. Even the n.o.ble people will have to behave themselves in here, not daring to cause any trouble. Anyone who’s below the Immortal King realm is not allowed to fly.”

Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow gained a better understanding of the manor after the introduction and explanation of the old liar.

“d.a.m.n! It turns out to be the affluent person of second generation. No wonder he’s so arrogant.”

Air was snorted out of Big Yellow’s nose. He had never liked this kind of rich kid. Plus, this was a member of Yin Corpse Sect that practiced evil cultivation. In truth, Yin Corpse Sect couldn’t be considered as an Immortal Sect, because their cultivation technique was evil, even more evil than Devil Cult.

In Eastern Profound Domain, very few people would be willing to have dealings with the people of Yin Corpse Sect, and even fewer people would be willing to offend them. Here, Yin Corpse Sect was the symbol of evil that worked on its own, and didn’t get involved with the other ten major powers.

However, one absolutely couldn’t deny the terror of Yin Corpse Sect. Despite having the same level, almost no one would be willing to confront the people of Yin Corpse Sect in battle, because their means were not only evil and ruthless, but also impossible to guard against.

“With the support of Divine Line Sect and Yin Corpse Sect at the same time, it really can make him the supreme ruler of this region.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Before having a real contact with this person, Jiang Chen would never make his evaluation, but since his opponent was a member of Yin Corpse Sect, it had already drawn an unpleasant feeling in his heart. Hearing the name of this sect made one uncomfortable.

“Old liar, the guard that almost hit you just now mentioned that there’s a Trade Fair here. Tell us more about the Trade Fair. Master Dog wants to see if I’m interested,” Big Yellow asked.

Both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were intrigued by the Trade Fair, because it was possible to encounter some precious items in this kind of gathering.

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