Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1403 – The Unbridled Immortal Execution Sword

Chapter 1403 – The Unbridled Immortal Execution Sword

Fury. The Fire Qilin had turned completely furious. It hadn’t been easy for him to come out and have fun. He never thought that he would suffer such a blow, which shook his belief of his invincibility.

He was going to unleash all of his terror. The Saint Fire had already condensed into solid form. Subsequently, the flames were infused into one of his huge claws, making his st.u.r.dy arm even more magnificent.

Unprecedented energy erupted from him. This was a method that could stimulate the power of the Qilin’s arm and was also one of the innate abilities of the Fire Qilin. By using the transformed arm to tread the sky, it would have no problem producing a huge crater. Its power was at least two times stronger than the normal Qilin Treading the Sky.

On the other side, Big Yellow had exerted his third horn once more. It was precisely the horn that grew due to the abnormal bloodline of the Dragon-Horse. It was also because of this change that created a different Dragon-Horse, a different Big Yellow. Such transformation gave the half-step Immortal King Big Yellow the strength to fight the early Immortal King Fire Qilin.

Jiang Chen acted as well. Both sides knew that this was an incomparably critical moment, this battle would decide their fates.

Jiang Chen kept the Heavenly Saint Sword, but not because the sword was useless. In terms of power, the sword was enough to match the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, or even surpa.s.sed it, but in a true battle, Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd still played a much important role as it could be used to launch the Heaven Dragon Nine Strikes. The Fire Qilin was overpowering, so he needed the Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World to suppress the beast.

“Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd! Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World!”

“Fatal Dragon-Horse!”

“Qilin’s Divine Arm, Qilin Treading the Sky!”

At this moment, the three of them used their most powerful attack. All of them had the same thought – that was to get rid of the opponent in one strike, or at least severely injure the opponent.

*Hong Long……*

This was an unprecedentedly fierce battle. Big Yellow had launched his Fatal Dragon-Horse perfectly for the first time. This showed how much importance Big Yellow attached to this battle. Of course, the Fire Qilin was a heavenly divine Saint Beast which was well-qualified to make Big Yellow treat the battle seriously.


Dragon roars were heard along with the howl of the combat halberd. There was also the roar of the Dragon-Horse and Fire Qilin. Boundless terrifying energy collided with each other in different forms. It was imaginable that if an ordinary Immortal King expert were to intervene in this battle, he would be killed instantly.

If it was a half-step Immortal King, the aftershocks of the impact alone could crush him to pieces, leaving not even the remains behind.

*Hong Long……*

The sky shattered and a huge crater was blasted in it. Boundless waves of fire were swooping down, seeming to wipe out the entire mountain range.

On the battlefield were the shadows of the Qilin, combat dragon and Dragon-Horse. In the air, the combat dragon spiraled and the Dragon-Horse swirled, darkening the color of the sky and clouds. If someone were to pa.s.s by at this time, he would be in a long dazed. This was a pinnacle Saint Battle amongst divine beasts, something that was difficult to witness even in a hundred years of time!


Under the joint attack of Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, the Fire Qilin was finally suppressed and sent backwards. The powerful gust of energy caused the Fire Qilin to spurt out a mouthful of blood. It could be seen that the beast had suffered some injuries from the collision.

But to him, it was only a minor injury and was still far away from being serious. That was to say, the Fire Qilin still has the capability to fight.

“*Roar……* Son of a b*tch! You two ants dare to harm me?! You are finished. You are totally finished. You have succeeded in provoking me!”

The Fire Qilin roared intensely. He couldn’t accept such a fact. Despite his physique of King, he was still injured by two Golden Immortals. This was exactly a ridiculous matter and a humiliation to him. He absolutely couldn’t allow this to continue to happen. In order to regain his face, he must eliminate his opponents. Only that could help him regain his lost dignity.

On the opposite side, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow felt very surprised as well. The power of the Fire Qilin had already exceeded their imagination, it was even scarier than what they had expected from the very beginning. Although the joint attack had dealt some damage to the beast, it had also consumed an enormous amount of Jiang Chen’s energy. At least with his current strength, it was almost impossible for him to launch the Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World once more.

The same was true for Big Yellow. Although Big Yellow still had a crazy supply of energy, his cultivation base wasn’t strong enough. Despite him having advanced to the half-step Immortal King, he still wasn’t strong enough to fight the Fire Qilin alone.

“For Heaven’s Sake! It seems like I’ll have to exert all of my strength today. Little Chen, go and keep him busy. Master Dog is going to use the Immortal Execution Sword.”

Big Yellow gnashed his teeth and made a crazy decision. He was planning to use the mighty Immortal Execution Sword. With the current situation, there was no other better way besides using the Immortal Execution Sword.

“The consumption of activating the Immortal Execution Sword will be ma.s.sively great. Are you sure?”

Jiang Chen asked with a frown. Worry was clearly plastered in his eyes.

“Rest a.s.sured. Others may not be sure about it, but Master Dog is very confident about it. The Immortal Execution Sword contained my bloodline. I have already gotten its full recognition. Of course, the cost of energy will certainly be humongous. As long as I can drink two more bowls of Saint Blood from the Fire Qilin after this, it will be fine.”

Big Yellow licked his mouth. Madness appeared on his face. The temptation of having a Saint Beast Qilin was indeed worth risking it all out.


The Fire Qilin raged, and lunged frenziedly at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.


Jiang Chen had been ready for it. The halberd blocked the Fire Qilin’s track and an intense battle broke out. What Jiang Chen needed to do now was to keep the Fire Qilin occupied, to buy some time for Big Yellow. One should know that it wasn’t an easy thing to activate the Immortal Execution Sword. The Immortal Execution Sword was initially a weapon that belonged to the Immortal Execution King. It was a very terrifying Sovereign Weapon. Now, it was fully rebuilt and was at least as strong as an Emperor Weapon. Given Big Yellow’s current cultivation base, he would have to forcefully wield the weapon in order to launch the sword’s tremendous power.

If an ordinary cultivator were to obtain the Immortal Execution Sword, he wouldn’t be able to launch its power. Big Yellow, on the other hand, had a certain history with the sword, and had been fully recognized by the sword, also there was still a huge amount of Immortal Execution Sword’s essence left in his body.

Even so, it was a crazy act to use the Immortal Execution Sword forcefully, but Big Yellow had decided to take the risk. As long as he could eliminate this Fire Qilin, everything would be worth it.