Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1402 – Blood-Boiling Atmosphere

Chapter 1402 – Blood-Boiling Atmosphere

“Qilin Treading the Sky!” The Fire Qilin clamored.

Horrifying sound waves rumbled like thunder. At the same time, the Qi of the Fire Qilin climbed to its peak. Red flames continued to spurt like a volcano. The beast’s supposedly huge and st.u.r.dy body enlarged once more.

A terrifying claw as huge as a mountain trampled against Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword. Every place that the claw pa.s.sed in the void was crushed to pieces. The whole sky seemed to be trembling, as if a crater was going to be created by the trample.

This treading technique had similar features as Jiang Chen’s Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. Both were incredible combat techniques and innate abilities, incomparable to any ordinary skill.

The void was completely broken. Gusts of storms were everywhere. The Fire Qilin trampled right on Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword. Its power almost shattered all the might of the sword.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen didn’t seem any weaker. He launched a terrifying strike. By using all his might, he could match the Fire Qilin.

*Pa…* *Pa…* *Pa…*

More wind escaped from the void, making the battlefield even gloomier. After slas.h.i.+ng a strike, Jiang Chen didn’t stop. He continued to attack. Each of his attacks was earth-shattering and irresistible. Plus, his speed was extremely fast. He didn’t need to worry about his energy consumption as the energy in his Qi Sea was inexhaustible.

The Fire Qilin naturally wasn’t any weaker. Jiang Chen’s terrifying combat sword wasn’t able to hurt the beast. Instead, the Fire Qilin’s fierce counterattack made Jiang Chen uncomfortable.


Although it seemed like the Fire Qilin was gaining the upper hand on the surface, it didn’t help to lift the beast’s fighting spirit. The Fire Qilin was very angry because this wasn’t the result he wanted. To him, having an intense battle with a puny Golden Immortal for so long was humiliating.

What was more humiliating was that he had worked so hard for so long, but not only was he unable to take down the opponent, he didn’t even cause a wound on the opponent’s skin. It was undoubtedly a serious blow to the prideful Fire Qilin.


On the other side, after Big Yellow refined the Immortal Execution Sword’s essence like crazy, he advanced once more, rus.h.i.+ng to the half-step Immortal King realm.

Advancing from the late Golden Immortal realm to the half-step Immortal King realm was an extremely big gap. Ordinary cultivators would find it extremely hard to overcome it. If it was a normal Immortal, even with the help of tremendous energy, he still wouldn’t be able to advance to the half-step Immortal King realm straight away, because within existed a kind of enlightenment. A big gap like this couldn’t be crossed over so easily.

However, such a gap and bottleneck was like non-existent to Big Yellow. It was just like when Jiang Chen reincarnated into a cultivator in Saint Origin World and had a smooth-sailing cultivation.

After advancing to the half-step Immortal King realm, Big Yellow’s combat strength had become even scarier. He had now become a Divine Dragon-Horse. The three horns on his head were flickering with electricity. As the electricity rushed out, instead of charging at the Fire Qilin, it wrapped around his skull.

Subsequently, he launched his attack. His attack was as easy as in the past. By using his head to aim, he launched himself forward like an arrow shot from a bow, rus.h.i.+ng forward with a swoosh.

“Courting death.”

Seeing what was happening, the Fire Qilin sneered. Using one’s head to attack was awfully ridiculous. It was absolutely a way of seeking death. Even if Big Yellow was now a half-step Immortal King, the Fire Qilin was still not concerned at all.

The Fire Qilin lifted his huge claw in lightning speed, then trampled at Big Yellow’s head. In his point of view, this was already enough to smash Big Yellow’s skull into pieces.


However, reality was always cruel. When the huge claw collided with the dog’s head, only then did the Fire Qilin understood why Big Yellow dared to use his head to attack. It turned out that it wasn’t a death seeking attack, but a mighty innate ability.

That was right. Big Yellow’s head was an innate ability, a magical and divine weapon.


Electricity crackled. Under the crazy impact, the Fire Qilin unexpectedly retreated by several paces. Although part of the reason was because of the Fire Qilin’s carelessness, it could also be explained by Big Yellow’s terror.

As a matter of fact, the Dragon-horse and Fire Qilin were both same level divine beasts, but there were some differences between them. Big Yellow belonged to the abnormal kind in the Dragon-Horse category. Although his bloodline wasn’t as n.o.ble as the Fire Qilin, his gift was no doubt much scarier.

Moreover, Big Yellow had many secrets and rich combat experiences. The strike just now might seem simple, but that was a full-force attack of Big Yellow. All of the power from his three horn had been infused into it. Only that could force the Fire Qilin backwards, given the fact that the Fire Qilin was careless.


The Fire Qilin went mad. He knew that he had met two abnormal beings today, the extremely abnormal ones, but this didn’t made him think of retreating. Instead, it fueled his desire to kill. In front of the n.o.ble bloodline, there were no words such as ‘retreat’.

However, such a n.o.ble thought would certainly harm him. Those who had never fought with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow before would never know their scariness, especially when the two of them worked together. If the Fire Qilin chose to escape at this time, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow wouldn’t be able to stop him, but if the beast stayed and continued to fight, it was conceivable what would happen in the end.

Big Yellow and Jiang Chen exchanged a glance, and saw solemnity in each other’s eyes.

“Little Chen, this Fire Qilin is too fierce. He possesses the mighty divine beast bloodline. It will be extremely difficult to get rid of him. Let’s not hold back anymore. Later, I will use my innate ability. You will use the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd to cause him serious injuries.” Big Yellow whispered to Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen nodded. At this time, the battle had basically reached the most critical moment. In order to get rid of the Fire Qilin, they could no longer hold back their strength. They needed to reveal their most powerful trump cards. Jiang Chen’s current trump card was the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. With his current strength and cultivation base, the Nine Dragons Extinguis.h.i.+ng the World is still his greatest technique.


The Fire Qilin roared once more, seemingly about to go ballistic. The flames around his body got stronger. The once normal battle had now turned into a life-or-death battle. One side was trying to get rid of the Fire Qilin while the other side was trying to devour Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, making it seem like a t.i.t-for-tat battle.