Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1384 – The Foresight

Chapter 1384 – The Foresight

The Foresight

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The Yun Family wasn’t the only major power that was alarmed. It included the experts of Profound Sun Sect and Huangfu Family. Given that they had half-step Immortal Kings, how could they not sense it?

For an instant, all four mighty half-step Immortal Kings—Huangfu Qun, Huangfu Yaotian, Dugu Sheng and Xuan Yangyi—flew to Skycloud Pavilion and arrived at the scene almost at the same time as the two experts from Yun Family.

Their eyes fell upon the intense battle in the sky above. When they saw clearly the faces of the two combatants, their jaws dropped, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“That’s Jiang Chen? I can accept that Tian Muyun has advanced to the Immortal King realm, but how can that Jiang Chen be so powerful? He can actually fight Tian Muyun?”

Dugu Sheng felt an urge to cough up blood. They had been searching for Jiang Chen all this while, intending to exterminate him before he could grow to a powerful extent. It blew their minds that Jiang Chen’s speed of growth was beyond their imagination.

“d.a.m.n! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is truly a monster. Such advancement speed is just too scary. How long has it only been since the expedition in the ancient tomb? But he has already advanced to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. Not just that, he could actually fight a true Immortal King at that level. Doesn’t this mean that we will definitely die if we encounter him?”

“That’s too fast. We don’t even have the time to react. Jiang Chen has already become a great threat. We have already lost the chance for revenge, and our fate will be very likely controlled by him.”

“Not necessarily. These two are indeed very strong, but they have regarded each other as enemies. To us, this is a great thing. Do you realize that their strength are equally matched? That is to say, when this intense battle reaches the end, both of them will be severely wounded. Even if one of them is killed, the other will be at their most vulnerable state. And that time will be our last chance. As soon as their battle is over, it will be our time to strike and get rid of them for good.”


They were in despair for a moment when they found out that Jiang Chen and Tian Muyun’s combat strength had surpa.s.sed theirs, but after that, they realized this battle had also presented an opportunity for them.

Tian Muyun and Jiang Chen were from Skycloud Pavilion. If the two of them joined forces, they would be invincible in One-Line-Sky, and the major powers could only kneel before them.

Unfortunately, the two of them were fighting against each other like the inextricable battle between fire and water. This was undoubtedly a chance for the three major powers; their final chance.

“That’s right. This is going to be our last chance.”

Yun Zhonghe gritted his teeth. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, they must act regardless of what the outcome of the battle would be, even if that meant risking their lives doing it.

This was because both Tian Muyu and Jiang Chen were people with cruel means. Regardless of who won the battle, they could already antic.i.p.ate that the person would absolutely strike them in the future. Therefore, they would have to root out the threat today no matter what.

Of course, they would only do whatever it took to kill Jiang Chen and Tian Muyun if their battle was about to end, when they were already severely injured, and now was absolutely not the right time for such act, doing so was no different than seeking death.

“Look. The weapon that Jiang Chen is holding looks like Ouyang He’s Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Why did this weapon fall in his hand?”

Xuan Yangyi said in surprise when he suddenly saw the Immortal Weapon of Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. It’s indeed the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd of Ouyang He. What’s going on here? Could it be that this battle is related to Ouyang He? What’s Jiang Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with Ouyang He anyway?”

Subsequently, everyone s.h.i.+fted their attention to Jiang Chen’s Immortal Weapon. They were of the same generation as Ouyang He. They had lots of dealings with Ouyang He and was very familiar with the halberd. Thus, it was impossible for them to be mistaken.

The incident of Jiang Chen causing havoc in Law Enforcement Hall wasn’t spread to the public. This was because Tian Muyun had been humiliated from that event and strictly ordered everyone to keep their mouth shut about the incident. That was why the six mighty experts didn’t know about it.

“Who cares what their relation is. This has nothing to do with us. They are going to die today anyway, or perhaps, we are the ones going to die.”

Huangfu Yaotian spoke maliciously. Although he sounded cruel, it also contained a trace of helplessness. This was a matter that the three major powers couldn’t retreat from. Today was going to be their final chance. If they didn’t act today, what awaited them would only be extinction.

In the sky, many rounds of intense exchanges had been going on between the two, but still, the result remained the same. No victor could be determined.

Moreover, the Immortal Qi in their Qi Sea was so rich, as if they could never be used up. At the rate the battle was going, they were afraid that the battle might take three days and three nights.

“Jiang Chen, you surely surprised me. But still, you aren’t a match for me. I will show you the power of an Immortal King.” Tian Muyun said, then disappeared with a flick of his body.

This was the unique skill of an Immortal King, the control of s.p.a.ce. It allowed an Immortal King to tear open the void and go inside, launching attacks from inside the void.

The next second after Tian Muyun disappeared, the void next to Jiang Chen exploded and a sword struck out at Jiang Chen.

Such an unheralded attack was close to sneak-attack. Who could bear a sneak-attack of an Immortal King? It was just too fast. They were afraid that an ordinary expert wouldn’t even have the chance to react.

However, Jiang Chen was no ordinary person. The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd appeared all of a sudden, deflecting the attack like it had already been predicted.


An exclamation of surprise came from the inside of the void. Tian Muyun wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen could react so quickly. No, this wasn’t about reaction speed. It was because Jiang Chen was able to antic.i.p.ate his move. This was what made Jiang Chen terrifying.

“It was just luck.”

Tian Muyun absolutely didn’t believe that Jiang Chen could predict his move in advance. Once again, he hid into the void and launched another strike.

Unfortunately, no matter how Tian Muyun attacked, Jiang Chen was able to predict where the attack would come from by attacking strike first, destroying Tian Muyun’s attack before it could leave the void.

“Your trick is no use to me. The Great Divination Art is certainly useful in a true battle.”

Jiang Chen sneered in his heart, totally not putting Tian Muyun in his eyes. The combination of Great Divination Art and Great Soul Derivation Technique kept his senses extremely sharp. Besides, the Great Divination Art endowed him with the ability to antic.i.p.ate his opponent’s moves. Therefore, it was simply impossible for Tian Muyun to rely on spatial control to get rid of him.