Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1383 – The Intense Fight

Chapter 1383 – The Intense Fight

The Intense Fight

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The atmosphere in Skycloud Pavilion suddenly turned incomparably tense. Everyone fixed their attention on the battlefield. The scene was extremely silent. In their hearts, they understood what this battle meant. It could change the situation of Skycloud Pavilion completely. Now that Tian Muyun’s secrets had already been revealed, if Jiang Chen couldn’t kill him today, most of them certainly wouldn’t have a good end. Tian Muyun was a mad man that didn’t even hesitate to kill Daoist Yufeng.

In the sky, both men had opened up a vast battlefield, standing opposite to each other, both radiating a strong Qi of King.

This battle would determine who would live and die.

“What a heartless and cruel b.a.s.t.a.r.d…”

Below, Daoist Yufeng’s body s.h.i.+vered. Tian Muyun was just too cold-blooded and ruthless, and almost killed him. If Jiang Chen didn’t interfere just in time, he would be dead by now.

It made him feel grateful that Jiang Chen was around, that Ouyang He had found someone like him. Or else, Skycloud Pavilion would surely perish in Tian Muyun’s hands. This was beyond any doubt.

Presently, Daoist Yufeng and the other experts of Skycloud Pavilion had the same thoughts, hoping that Jiang Chen could kill Tian Muyun. Putting the future of Skycloud Pavilion in Jiang Chen’s hands was way better than in Tian Muyun’s.

“Jiang Chen, you have overestimated your abilities.” Tian Muyun said coldly.

“There’s nothing much for me to talk about with the likes of you. Attack now! Today, I will certainly kill you using the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.”

The halberd in Jiang Chen’s hands let out a buzzing sound. Without waiting for Tian Muyun to attack, Jiang Chen lunged and struck out the Frenzied Dragons Leave the Pool. A dozen frenzied dragons rushed out from the halberd, shaking their heads and tails, lunging towards Tian Muyun.

“This is definitely the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes Technique. Instead of imparting it to me, that old man imparted it to an irrelevant outsider. I regret not having killed him that day.”

Tian Muyun’s eyes immediately revealed a trace of hate when he saw Jiang Chen casting the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes.

“Sweeping the Horizon!”

Tian Muyun still didn’t put Jiang Chen in his eyes, but he launched a very powerful combat technique. He wouldn’t want to waste time with Jiang Chen. So, he wanted to use the most brutal and quickest way to kill Jiang Chen, which would also help established his reputation of ferocity.

*Hua La…*

Boundless energy began to erupt, blotting out the whole sky above, and then, the energy turned into a sharp sword, slas.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen.

An incredible momentum burst out from the attack. This was the strike of an Immortal King. It contained dense spatial energy. Its degree of power could never be compared to any ordinary expert.

*Hong Long…*

The huge sword and Jiang Chen’s frenzied dragons collided. The sky above was about to be shattered. The tremendous impact immediately threw the battlefield into chaos. The figure of the two mighty experts had been submerged by the vast ocean of energy.

Many people’s faces changed. Despite them being so far away, they could still feel the throbbing feeling from the battlefield. That was too scary. The combat strength and destructive power of an Immortal King was beyond their imagination.

After the energy storm dispersed, Jiang Chen and Tian Muyun became visible. Their conditions were still the same. It could be seen that the clash just now was a draw.

As a matter of fact, given Jiang Chen’s current strength, he could kill any ordinary Immortal King expert, but Tian Muyun wasn’t an ordinary Immortal King. Thus, it was only normal that Jiang Chen tied with him.

In other words, it wouldn’t be an easy thing for Jiang Chen to kill Tian Muyun today. Of course, it was also the same for Tian Muyun, killing Jiang Chen certainly wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

“That’s breathtaking. That’s the combat strength of an Immortal King, a height that we won’t be able to reach.”

“Jiang Chen’s even scarier. He’s merely an intermediate Golden Immortal, but he was able to tie with Tian Muyun, which made him a true monstrous genius. How could I ever believe such a startling scene if I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes?”

“I have witnessed the various skills of Jiang Chen. His existence can be described as a miracle. But I didn’t know that he could actually tie with Tian Muyun. This is going to put Tian Muyun in a very dangerous situation. When Tian Muyun is killed, everyone in Skycloud Pavilion will surely cheer.”


No one wasn’t surprised. The power of an Immortal King had gone beyond their imagination. But Jiang Chen’s strength was more unbelievable, and this had given everyone a glimmer of hope.

In the sky, Tian Muyun’s eyes were icy cold. He fixed his gaze at Jiang Chen who was just opposite of him. His heart was filled with surprise. Initially, he thought that no matter how strong Jiang Chen was and even if Jiang Chen had the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, Jiang Chen was still no match for him. At least, he wouldn’t have problems suppressing Jiang Chen. He couldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen could actually force him to a draw even after he sent out the terrifying Sweeping the Horizon.

Jiang Chen’s power had already made him not dare to underestimate Jiang Chen again.

“Are you afraid now?” Jiang Chen said plainly. It was important to start a psychological warfare at this moment.

“Afraid? I, Tian Muyun, have never feared anything. Today, you will die for sure.” Tian Muyun replied.

His Qi soared once more. He was like the source of energy, infinite energy storms raged out of his body. The energy could be described as a solid big mountain, locking on Jiang Chen’s Qi, and smas.h.i.+ng down on Jiang Chen.

“Come on, let’s continue our battle.”

Jiang Chen lunged at the mountainous energy holding the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. As he had just advanced to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, he needed a battle just like this to horn his combat strength. Fighting Tian Muyun was the ideal battle.

*Hong Long…*

The battle between these two incomparable geniuses caused the sky to turn dark. Due to Jiang Chen being too powerful, Tian Muyun was forced to summon his Immortal Sword.

Such ma.s.sive battle waves might not alarm ordinary people, but for the mighty experts of the other three major powers, there was no way for them not to detect it, especially the six One-Line Immortals.

“What a powerful battle wave! This is the Qi of an Immortal King. It came from the direction of Skycloud Pavilion.”

“Could it be that Tian Muyun has already advanced to the Immortal King realm? Who’s fighting who? Let’s go over there and find out.”

The Patriarch of Yun Family, Yun Zhonghe and Yun Zhonglong vanished in a flash. The emergence of an Immortal King was a huge matter that would directly affect the entire situation of One-Line-Sky. As such, they couldn’t ignore it.

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