Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1351 – The Suppression of Immortal King

Chapter 1351 – The Suppression of Immortal King

The Suppression of Immortal King

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“Jiang Chen, are you the one who killed them? Do you know what you have done? You were once a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. How could you commit such murder?”

Daoist Yufeng seemed in pain. He was a great elder of Skycloud Pavilion and was a follower of Ouyang He in the past. All these dead elders were also highly respected elders in the pavilion. They died not in the hands of the enemies, but in the hands of their own disciple. This was a fact which Daoist Yufeng couldn’t accept.

“That’s right, they were all killed by me. Daoist Yufeng, are you here to stop me?

Jiang Chen darted a cold stare at Daoist Yufeng. The killing intent from his body didn’t reduce by a bit. He would never let today’s matter end so easily. Many were destined to die.

“Elder Daoist, this monster has already gone out of his mind. I plead Elder Daoist to exterminate him immediately. Or else, there’s going to be a huge problem.”

Yang Shu gritted his teeth and spoke. He no longer had the intention to kill Jiang Chen himself. Now, he could only hope that Daoist Yufeng could eliminate this monster, which was the best outcome of all.

“Jiang Chen, I want you to stop immediately and accept the punishment of the pavilion, you have committed a heinous crime,” said Daoist Yufeng.

“I’m no longer a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion. Why should I accept your punishment?” Jiang Chen chuckled sneeringly.

“Jiang Chen, you have destroyed the Law Enforcement Hall, this is something that has never happened before in the history of Skycloud Pavilion. So you must be punished. Or else, where could Skycloud Pavilion place its face at?”

Daoist Yufeng spoke coldly. He stood on the standpoint of Skycloud Pavilion, and today, he had to punish Jiang Chen. Otherwise, Skycloud Pavilion would lose its foothold in One-Line-Sky. Now, he began to regret why went into seclusion. If he was here earlier, such a ma.s.s slaughter could’ve been avoided and Jiang Chen wouldn’t have fallen into an irrecoverable state, because in truth, he still had some hopes for this genius disciple.

Unfortunately, there was no room for that anymore. What Jiang Chen did had already pushed him into the deep abyss.

As a matter of fact, even if Daoist Yufeng appeared earlier, he still couldn’t change the outcome, because Jiang Chen wasn’t the one who would fall into an irrecoverable state.

“Humph! Reputation? I don’t know if reputation matters or your life! Kill him, Brother Yang.”

Jiang Chen snorted coldly, then looked back at Yang Bufan who had never moved and was always silent all this while. Jiang Chen didn’t have the least bit of sentiment with Daoist Yufeng. If Daoist Yufeng wanted to stop Jiang Chen, he would end up like the others, dead. Although he wouldn’t let Yang Bufan kill Tian Muyun, he didn’t have an opinion at all when it came to Daoist Yufeng.


After hearing this, Daoist Yufeng was angered. A powerful force rushed out of his body, seemingly ready to strike at Jiang Chen, but just at this moment, an invisible pressure landed on his head from above and spread across his whole body.


Daoist Yufeng took a cold breathe of air. The pressure was too strong for him to bear. All the momentum in his body was extinguished under this invisible pressure. The pressure was like an invisible mountain that made his breathing difficult. He could even feel a threat of death from it.

It was a feeling that he had never experienced before. When he discovered the source of the invisible might, his head turned and saw a man in black robe standing there, staring at him with cold eyes.

“Immortal King expert!”

Daoist Yufeng was astounded. As a half-step Immortal King, he was very sensitive to the Qi of Immortal King. He was almost sure that this black-robed man was a powerful Immortal King.

Everyone should know that was an Immortal King! No expert of such level had ever appeared in One-Line-Sky. The gap between a half-step Immortal King and a true Immortal King was unimaginable. Although Doaist Yufeng was one of the One-Line Eight Immortals, he was as vulnerable as an ant in front of a true Immortal King.

“You’d better not do it.”

Yang Bufan spoke for the first time since he arrived in Skycloud Pavilion, but such a simple sentence already made Daoist Yufeng’s head beaded with sweat and his body began to tremble.

At this time, numerous attention was s.h.i.+fted to the black-robed man. They all knew that this was the helper brought by Jiang Chen, but due to this man hadn’t been moving and concealing his Qi, no one was able determine his true cultivation base. The only explanation why a simple sentence could freeze Daoist Yufeng was that this black-robed man was way too powerful.

“My G.o.d, who’s that black-robed man? Could it be that he’s a mighty Immortal King? Is that why he could suppress Daoist Yufeng so easily?”

“Whoa! I never thought he was an expert. No wonder Jiang Chen is acting so unscrupulously today. However, I have never seen this man before. If there’s really such a supreme expert in One-Line-Sky, we should’ve heard it before.”

“He’s very likely to be a formidable Immortal King. Will he really kill Daoist Yufeng?”


No one wasn’t surprised. The scene was getting more and more shocking. None of them thought that the indifferent black-robed man was actually a highly powerful expert.

“He’s indeed powerful. I wonder who he is.”

Tianji Zi’s facial expression changed. He now confirmed his inference after seeing Daoist Yufeng’s reaction.

“Tu Er, don’t kill Elder Daoist.”

Afraid that the black-robed man would really attack Daoist Yufeng, Tianji Zi said in a hurry because Daoist Yufeng shouldn’t be killed. There was one person whom he still respected, and that person was Daoist Yufeng.

His words were spoken very quick as if he was afraid that being a little slower would lead to the death of Daoist Yufeng. When an Immortal King wanted to kill someone, he didn’t need a reason.

After listening to Tianji Zi’s words, Yang Bufan turned his eyes to Jiang Chen. Seeing Jiang Chen’s nod, he withdrew his pressure and crossed his arms, returning to his previous appearance, standing there immobile, just like a statue.

The pressure vanished. Daoist Yufeng wiped the sweat on his forehead. He glanced at Yang Bufan with fear, he was about to enter the gates of the h.e.l.l just now. Just like what Tianji Zi worried about, when an Immortal King wanted to kill someone, the person would certainly die without a question.

“Daoist Yufeng, my master not wanting to have you killed indicates that you’re a good man. Today’s matter has nothing to do with you. I hope you won’t get involved in it.”

Jiang Chen said. This was his last reminder to Daoist Yufeng. If he continued to go against Jiang Chen, then he shouldn’t blame Jiang Chen for any impoliteness.

Daoist Yufeng had completely lost his former momentum. Standing before an Immortal King, he didn’t even dare to release his Qi. He looked at Tianji Zi, giving him a grateful look, but when he saw the condition of Tianji Zi, his facial expression changed dramatically, fury surged out of his body.

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