Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1350 – Elder Daoist Came to the Rescue

Chapter 1350 – Elder Daoist Came to the Rescue

Elder Daoist Came to the Rescue

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*Ka Cha!*

The sound of broken bones was heard, along with a mournful cry. An arrow of blood shot up from his leg. This step was circulated with the momentum of Azure Dragon Five Steps. The Vice Hall Master couldn’t resist at all and was trampled to death on the spot.

Such a scene was overly scary and b.l.o.o.d.y. Many of them couldn’t take it. Every one of their faces turned incomparably unpleasant. At this point, almost no one doubted Jiang Chen’s audacity anymore, much less doubt Jiang Chen’s resoluteness to rescue his master. All the Golden Immortal elders in the Law Enforcement Hall were killed except for Yang Shu and another Vice Hall Master whose face had already darkened so much.

The eyes on Yang Bufan’s composed face slightly trembled. He sighed in his heart, admitting the fact that Jiang Chen was surely the most heaven defying person he had ever met. If he was compared to Jiang Chen in terms of talent, he was sure that he would be the inferior one.

Yang Bufan was an extremely arrogant person. Someone with such pride rarely admired a person, unless that person was truly extraordinary.

Naturally, all the Golden Immortal elders of Skycloud Pavilions weren’t limited to only the elders in the Law Enforcement Hall. There were also many other Golden Immortal elders in others divisions of Skycloud Pavilion. Currently, there were already some elders standing afar, watching the scene.

If the pavilion was in trouble, they should do something to help, but now, they didn’t seem like wanting to help. From the beginning, they thought that the Law Enforcement Hall was capable enough to deal with Jiang Chen, but now, they had lost the courage to fight. After witnessing the late Golden Immortal being trampled to death ruthlessly, they knew that charging forward now was akin to seeking death.

Jiang Chen had grown very powerful, unlike the Jiang Chen who had just joined Skycloud Pavilion. They knew that no one else besides Tian Muyun and Doaist Yufeng could suppress him.

Jiang Chen didn’t stop after killing one Vice Hall Master. His killing intent didn’t reduce by a bit. His blood-red eyes s.h.i.+fted to Yang Shu and the other Vice Hall Master.

He made his way to Yang Shu. His every step shook the ground below. Even though he remained silent, the invisible deterrent force he exuded gave everyone the creeps. Even Yang Shu felt a trace of fear in his heart.

There was no way for him to stay unafraid. He was almost certain that he was no match for Jiang Chen as his combat strength was only a little stronger than the previous Vice Hall Master.

“Dammit! I should have gotten rid of this little monster last time. Now, he has grown so much and became a huge threat to us. I regret my inaction now.”

Yang Shu regretted not killing Jiang Chen when they first met. Last time, he had plenty of chances of killing Jiang Chen. It was a pity that he didn’t even put Jiang Chen in his eyes at that time. How could he have thought that Jiang Chen would grow so quick? Such speed of growth completely caught him off guard.

However, it was already too late for regrets.

“Hall Master, what should we do? This brat has fully grown up. Even with you and me combined, we won’t be a match for him. Pavilion Master and Daoist Yufeng haven’t appeared yet.”

The Vice Hall Master spoke softly. As Jiang Chen continued to approach, the chilling killing intent made his skin tingle. He no longer felt that he was facing a human, but a devil king, a peerless killing G.o.d.

“What are you afraid of? Tianji Zi is still in our custody.”

Yang Shu had a face of coldness, then grabbed Tianji Zi on the shoulder, pulling him to his side.

“Jiang Chen, if you move another step forward, I will kill Tianji Zi.” Yang Shu said spitefully.

However, Yang Shu’s threat didn’t make any impact on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen stopped walking, but his eyes were full of confidence, seemingly almost certain that Yang Shu wouldn’t dare do anything to Tianji Zi. That was the confidence that originated from his bones. It was something that couldn’t be feigned.

“Yang Shu, you don’t even have the courage to touch my master in front of me.”

Jiang Chen’s words pierced Yang Shu’s heart like sharp thorns, which was a kind of humiliation that accurately coincided with Yang Shu’s mind. Jiang Chen was right. Even though he had Tianji Zi in his custody, he wouldn’t dare touch Tianji Zi, because at this time, Tianji Zi was his own trump card. As long as Tianji Zi was in his hands, he would still have the chance to live. If he killed Tianji Zi out of anger, he would completely lose his trump card and would successfully infuriate Jiang Chen, the devil king. By then, he wouldn’t have a chance to survive even if he had nine lives.

Using Tianji Zi’s life for his life was something he wouldn’t want to do. He felt that his life was n.o.ble and at least more precious than a crippled man. And there was also the truth that he was afraid of death.


The Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in Jiang Chen’s hand, constantly flickering with red light. The dragon shadow above it made the sword look extremely divine, while the Five Elemental Spheres surged out of his body. The incredible domain turned into an invisible cage. Like the other elders, Yang Shu and the Vice Hall Master were enveloped within.

After entering the Five Elemental Spheres, Yang Shu’s and the Vice Hall Master’s facial expression changed slightly. They could already feel the invisible pressure coming from the domain. Finally, they were convinced that Jiang Chen was really a lot stronger than them. Unless a half-step Immortal King expert interfered, otherwise, no one else in the pavilion could stop Jiang Chen.


Just as this moment, a loud shout rang out all of a sudden from afar. In the next second, a silhouette emerged at the square. He was an elder wearing a Daoist’s robe, with demeanor of a transcendent being. The Qi that he was exuding was frightening. No doubt, he was a true expert, a mighty half-step Immortal King.

“Elder Daoist, this frenzied Jiang Chen has killed all the elders of our Law Enforcement Hall. I plead Elder Daoist to take action now by killing this monster to avenge the death of the elders.”

Upon seeing Daoist Yufeng’s arrival, Yang Shu felt as if he had discovered his saving grace and shouted hastily. In his point of view, the emergence of Daoist Yufeng could definitely suppress Jiang Chen. After killing so many of the elders, Daoist Yufeng would never let Jiang Chen go.

Daoist Yufeng saw the b.l.o.o.d.y scene and the scattered corpses, and smelled the stench of blood in the air. The scene made him feel difficult to breathe. He was shocked as his eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. In fact, it wasn’t just shock, it was beyond that. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen had actually grown so powerful that he could even kill late Golden Immortal experts. Judging from the Qi that was radiating from Jiang Chen’s body, it was no doubt that Jiang Chen’s strength had already surpa.s.sed half of the late Golden Immortal experts. This was his first time seeing such a monstrous being.

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