Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1336 – Genius Mo Ying

Chapter 1336 – Genius Mo Ying

Genius Mo Ying

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The stench of blood was everywhere, but it was very quickly absorbed by some invisible force. That was due to the credit of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but many of them were clueless about what was going on. Everyone knew that the war had been going on for quite some time now and the nose-stinging stench had always been there. However, as soon as Jiang Chen appeared, all of the stench had vanished, as if it was all absorbed by some intangible thing.

Anyhow, the people were able to guess that this must have something to do with Jiang Chen, because the b.l.o.o.d.y stench wasn’t the only thing that disappeared, but also the corpses of the devils. The scene was the total opposite of what they had imagined.

“Brother Liu, the situation here has already been stabilized. You may go and help the other battlefields.” Jiang Chen commanded.

“Yes, Sir Commander.”

Liu Qingshan held his fists at Jiang Chen, the way he addressed Jiang Chen had totally changed. Before this, he was no doubt grateful to Jiang Chen, but now, what he had for Jiang Chen was admiration and respect.

In the following time, the battle condition continued to stabilize. Many cities that were in critical condition were saved right after Jiang Chen and his two brothers appeared.

The three of them were invincible. They conquered every place they went.

After more than two hours of intense fighting, all the battles ended. All the cities in the outer region triumphed. All of the fallen cities, except for one, were reclaimed by Jiang Chen. It was an astounding victory.

Compared to the humans’ victory, the Evil Clan had suffered a great loss. Thousands of devils had died, it was a fatal blow to them. It could be described as having fractures in their bones.

However, there was one city that was fully controlled by the demonic devils, it had already become their hive when a ma.s.s number of them fled during the war.

The situation in the outer region had already settled down. Jiang Chen had obtained incredibly huge benefits from this battle. The condensation of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already reached the twenty-seventh level. That’s right. It was already at the twenty-seventh level now, making it a step closer to Jiang Chen’s target level – thirty-third level.

Apart from advancing the paG.o.da to the twenty-seventh level, Jiang Chen himself had also acquired something great. The two levels of condensation helped him produce 20 000 dragon marks, pus.h.i.+ng the total to 820 000. This made him a lot stronger than compared to when he just advanced to the late Divine Immortal realm.

More importantly, Jiang Chen’s name would certainly rise to fame after this war. His name wouldn’t just spread within the outer region this time, but the entire Evil Abyss and in the Evil Clan.

In fact, it’s not only Jiang Chen, but also Big Yellow and Tyrant’s reputation. Everywhere in Evil Abyss would be filled with their myths and legends.

“Amazing! That’s too amazing! Did you all see City Lord using that ray of light? It could make even the late Golden Immortal demonic chief listen to City Lord’s orders and killed its own kind. How heaven defying!”

“City Lord is truly powerful. In the future, his achievements will certainly be greater than the Evil Lord. His skills were the bane of the Evil Clan. And that monk has the same skill as City Lord. That’s simply incredible.”

“Don’t forget about that dog, too. At least three late Golden Immortal demonic chiefs had died in his hands. I call that ferocious. If it wasn’t for their timely appearance, I wouldn’t be able to imagine how much our race would lose and if we would still be able to stand here and talk.”

“I’m afraid that this war has hurt the Evil Clan badly. At least 100 000 devils have died. This is our race’s greatest victory in the history of Evil Abyss.”


Everyone was overjoyed at the victory and Jiang Chen allowed them to see the future and hope.

Evil City!

The war had already spread to the central city. Yang Bufan was sitting on top, his mouth was overflowing with smile.

“City Lord has made a wise decision by sending Jiang Chen into the battlefield. It would have been impossible to win such a great battle if the commander wasn’t Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. This Jiang Chen is truly an extraordinary genius. His body was flowing with earth-shattering fortune and his advancement speed is incredible. How long has it been since he left Evil City to the outer region? he has already advanced to a terrifying height.”

“What’s more important is that Jiang Chen has a special ability to deal with those demonic devils. I can infer that with Jiang Chen’s help, sooner or later, City Lord is going to conquer the whole Evil Abyss, and I believe this day won’t be far away.”


All the higher ups praised Jiang Chen, none of them were needed in the war. Moreover, Yang Bufan was doing this to test Jiang Chen’s strength. Sure enough, Jiang Chen didn’t let him down.

“You all are right. Jiang Chen is indeed a rare genius in ten thousand years. His talent is far above mine. With his help, it won’t be long before I rule the whole Evil Abyss.”

Yang Bufan was incomparably delighted. This war would be the prelude of his final war with the Evil Clan. The performance of Jiang Chen and his two brothers could only be described as astounding.

“However, one city in the Outer Region has fallen completely into the hands of the demonic devils. I heard that a genius of the Evil Clan will personally go there to meet Jiang Chen,” someone said.

“I heard that genius is called Mo Ying. He’s an extremely fierce devil. He has already reached the incredible late Golden Immortal realm. If a real fight broke out, I wonder if Brother Jiang can handle it,” someone said worriedly.

“City Lord, if that Mo Ying appears, do you have to lend Brother Jiang a hand?”

A half-step Immortal King spoke. Although Jiang Chen could edify a late Golden Immortal demonic devil, this Mo Ying was no ordinary demonic devil. He was the most powerful and ferocious genius of all. No matter how amazing Jiang Chen’s ability was, he is merely a late Divine Immortal. The gap between him and Mo Ying was too great.

“No need. I don’t think Brother Jiang will want our help. That genius is going to excite Brother Jiang.”

Yang Bufan smiled. Given his intelligence, although he didn’t know Jiang Chen very long, he knew what kind of person Jiang Chen was. Both of them were people of the same kind, who had their own pride. Besides, he believed in Jiang Chen’s abilities and that Jiang Chen could defeat that Mo Ying.

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