Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1335 – Loyal Slave

Chapter 1335 – Loyal Slave

Loyal Slave

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Liu Qingyun was incomparably shocked, but the demonic chief felt even more astonished. He hadn’t imagined this even in his dream that one day he would be forced back by a puny Late Divine Immortal human.

“I have already advised you not to defy me. Be my slave and fight for me.” Jiang Chen said flatly.

“Courting death. Wheel of Evil!”

The demonic chief was ferocious. He would never take orders from a human or let any human become his master, even if he was threatened with death. The demonic leader immediately brushed off his underestimation against Jiang Chen and struck out the horrifying Wheel of Evil. The demonic devils didn’t have much combat technique and the Wheel of Evil was one of their more powerful techniques. This technique was the innate ability of demonic devils, so almost all of them could cast such a skill.

“This trick again? It’s so fragile…”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He had already witnessed the Wheel of Evil before. He could easily destroy it with his current combat strength. The Heavenly Saint Sword let out a roar and turned into a true dragon, and then slashed the Wheel of Evil.


The Heavenly Saint Sword was fierce. Being Jiang Chen’s Natal Weapon, it was destined to grow stronger as Jiang Chen grew. This was an undeniable fact. The Heavenly Saint Sword contained the purest Yang that could suppress demonic devils. Besides, the sword was now coated with raging flames. The suppression had only gotten a whole lot stronger.

When the Heavenly Saint Sword slashed the Wheel of Evil, the supposedly indestructible wheel was no match against Jiang Chen’s sword, the wheel was cut into two pieces and broke part. The demonic chief couldn’t help but retreat as he felt an intense force of backlash. His blood and Qi began to boil.


Just at this critical moment, a brilliant light appeared before the demonic chief and made his expression change dramatically. He knew this ray of light. This was the ray of light that he had seen earlier and plenty of devils had been edified by it, leaving them at the mercy of Jiang Chen. Presently, this light was das.h.i.+ng towards him. He could clearly feel the unprecedentedly terrifying suppression from it. That was the feeling of encountering the greatest enemy.

The speed of the Edifying Light was just too fast and the demonic chief was in no position to react. The Edifying Light moved like a spiritual serpent, drilling into the devil’s forehead in a whiz.


The demonic chief let out a shrill and creepy cry. He clasped his head and spun continuously, seemingly struggling in agony against the Edifying Light. Unfortunately, the power of the Edifying Light was related to Jiang Chen’s cultivation. It would become stronger as Jiang Chen’s strength increased. It was already imaginable what the outcome would be as soon as the Edifying Light took over the devil’s body.

“Sure enough, Brother Jiang has a great technique. Let me kill him for ya.”

Liu Qingshan was ready to end the devil’s life upon seeing that the devil had already been restrained by Jiang Chen.

“Don’t kill him. He can be useful to me.”

Jiang Chen waved off Liu Qingshan. This demonic chief could be a great help to him. Once he edified it, the devil army would automatically break apart.

Liu Qingshan was stunned at first, but after that he recalled Jiang Chen’s means before, a tremble went down his body. He initially thought that this skill only applied to low-level devils, but now, it seemed like the demonic chief was no exception and Jiang Chen would surely enslave him.

Sure enough, after a minute of struggle, the demonic chief settled down. The madness in his eyes faded. He dragged his huge body to Jiang Chen and saluted deeply.


Jiang Chen had already gone through so many of such scenes, so he never put it in his heart, however, this had petrified Liu Qingshan completely. This was his first time seeing such an incredible skill despite being an elder in the Evil Abyss. He had lost count of how many times he had fought the demonic devils, and he had a very good understanding about them. The demonic devils were incomparably ferocious and violent and would never succ.u.mb to humans. Even the mighty Evil Lord couldn’t subdue a demonic devil.

Today was an eye-opening day for Liu Qingshan as he had seen it with his own eyes, unlike before when he had only heard about it. To him, it was like a miracle, especially when he witnessed that such a powerful demonic devil was subdued by Jiang Chen.

“Go and kill all the demonic devils here. From now on, you can only take orders from me.” Jiang Chen commanded.

“Yes Master.”

The demonic chief accepted the order without a question, which shocked Liu Qingshan even more. One should know that Jiang Chen’s command was asking the demonic chief to eliminate his own tribe, including his own relatives and families, however, the demonic chief took the command without hesitation. This stirred up his fear in Jiang Chen’s skills, it had far exceeded his expectation.


The demonic chief turned and flew towards the battlefield. With every wave of his huge palm, a group of devils died a tragic death. His eyes were filled with coldness and ruthlessness, totally unclear of what he was doing. Currently, his mind only had Jiang Chen and Jiang Chen’s order was everything to him. Even if Jiang Chen ordered him to slit off his throat, he wouldn’t hesitate to end his own life.

“Chief, what are you doing? Argh…”

“Chief, why are you killing our people? Could it be that you have already been enchanted by that brat too?”

“It’s over. We are finished. The chief has already been under the twisted spell. That human is too terrifying.”


The devil army was in complete disorder. It was only a small scale of self-destruction before, but now, with their chief killing their own kind, their death multiplied. To those who were still alive, their hearts were filled with bitterness.


However, no matter how much the devils roared or shouted, the demonic chief didn’t stop his ruthlessness. In just a few breaths of time, a ma.s.sive number of demonic devils died in the chief’s hands. Numerous devils began to despair. Compared to before, they were now full of grief. They weren’t able to put the deaths that were caused by their most respected chief in words.

Liu Qingshan looked at the scene and Jiang Chen, and couldn’t help but sigh.

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