Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1333 – Dog’s Head, Divine Might

Chapter 1333 – Dog’s Head, Divine Might

Dog’s Head, Divine Might

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“It’s Big Yellow. Big Yellow has emerged!”

“How fierce! Big Yellow is even scarier than before now. The Golden Immortal demonic devils were all run over by him to death. Haha!”

“Scary… Let’s not stand idly by. Kill all these demonic devils!”


Similarly, Big Yellow’s appearance had given every human expert a stimulant that rekindled their morale once more. Each of them roared with full of fighting spirit as they charged forward. This was all thanks to the Evil Lord’s foresight, handing the war situation of the outer region to Jiang Chen and his two brothers. If they were replaced by another group of experts, the effect wouldn’t be as good.

A huge number of demonic devils died a tragic death. Big Yellow was like a killing machine. When the demonic devils at the back saw Big Yellow, they couldn’t help but retreat and flee. This had thrown the entire devil army into chaos. During an intense battle like this, it was imaginable what the outcome would be once the forces went uncontrolled.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

There were howls, wails and sounds of slaughter. These were the sounds of the battlefield. The air in the battlefield was lingering with the stench of blood. The remnants of the devils – including broken limbs – were left on the scene. This was a battlefield, the cruelest place in Evil Abyss.

“Humph! Where does this dog come from? How dare he mess with my army?”

The demonic chief in the sky harrumphed coldly and struck out the Wheel of Evil, the unique combat technique of the Evil Clan. It was extremely powerful. The late Golden Immortal human expert was already at a disadvantage in the battle. With a powerful strike like the Wheel of Evil, he was forced backwards.

After freeing from the enemy’s entanglement, the demonic chief turned into a devil mountain, rus.h.i.+ng towards Big Yellow. He had to get rid of this dog first before killing the leader of the human army.

The demonic chief had planned well, but unfortunately, Big Yellow couldn’t be killed so easily. All along, those who wanted to kill Big Yellow were killed by him in the end instead.

In terms of cultivation base, the demonic chief naturally wouldn’t put Big Yellow in his eyes. After all, Big Yellow seemed just like an ordinary early Golden Immortal expert. Even if he had already reached the peak of the early Golden Immortal realm, there was still a huge difference that couldn’t be easily overcome between him and a late Golden Immortal expert.

“*Jie* *Jie*, want to kill Master Dog? You are going to pee like a tortoise.”

Big Yellow smirked. A s.h.i.+mmering light glowed on his head as he charged towards the demonic chief.

“Haha! I thought it was some powerful opponent. It turns out to be a dumba.s.s.”

Upon seeing Big Yellow’s actions, the demonic chief couldn’t help but laugh and sneer. In his point of view, something must be wrong with Big Yellow’s head. Who would use his head to attack? Besides, there was a large gap between them. Was he seeking his death this way?

Of course, those who had never been hit by Big Yellow’s skull would never understand how horrifying it was.

“Dare to call Master Dog a dumba.s.s? This alone will guarantee you a terrible death.”

Big Yellow was infuriated when this demonic dude insulted his intelligence. He could never accept such an insult. He swore that he would make this devil pay an incredible price for what he said.


The demonic leader struck out a terrifying devil claw, precisely at Big Yellow’s head. As a matter of fact, the Divine Beast Qi of the Purest Yang exuded from Big Yellow’s body had shocked the demonic chief. The demonic chief was horrified to find that the Qi had a strong suppression against his devil essence, affecting his combat strength to a certain degree, causing him to be unable to exert his full strength.


In the face of the demonic chief’s palm, Big Yellow didn’t have any intention to dodge. He accelerated instead. He had never evaded his opponents attack in battle, because his head was his powerful weapon.

*Ka Cha!*

The sound of a broken bones suddenly rang, but surprisingly, it did not come from Big Yellow’s head. It came from the demonic chief’s palm. Under the impact, the devil’s palm was bent unnaturally and all of his st.u.r.dy fingers were broken.


The demonic chief exclaimed, he immediately changed the way he looked at Big Yellow completely. There was no way that he wouldn’t be shocked. As the demonic chief, he had an extremely st.u.r.dy physique he was very confident about. But now, his palm was broken by smas.h.i.+ng the dog’s head. If words of this spread out, how else could he lift his head in the future?

“Kaka! Bulky dude. Quickly kowtow before Master Dog and Master Dog might consider granting you a quick death.”

Big Yellow laughed loudly and his body enlarged once more, turning into an unfathomable and ma.s.sive big yellow dog. Layers of golden scales covered the surface of his body, making him look almighty. A horn emerged from between his brows that was flickering with electric light. That was the dragon horn formed out of metamorphosis.

A dragon-horse didn’t have a third horn, but Big Yellow has and this was his specialty.

“Go to h.e.l.l.”

A pair of wings sprouted on Big Yellow’s back. He moved at incredible speed. The brilliance on his head became even more dazzling as he lunged at the demonic chief the second time.

In such a close distance, and with such extreme speed, the demonic chief was terrified. It was fundamentally impossible for him to escape from such situation.

“The Wheel of Evil.”

The demonic chief reacted very quickly. Knowing Big Yellow’s power, he didn’t dare show any neglect. Immediately, he struck out the mighty Wheel of Evil. The enormous devil wheel was like a black sun, smas.h.i.+ng against Big Yellow.

“Behold Master Dog’s divine might!”

The power of the Wheel of Evil sent out by a late Golden Immortal demonic chief was unimaginable, but Big Yellow didn’t show any weakness either. He wasn’t concerned about the Wheel of Evil at all. The dragon horn between his brows began to move. A ray of brilliant electric light shot out from his dragon horn all of a sudden.


Lightning was Big Yellow’s unique innate ability. He had never used it during normal days. Now that his opponent was a lot stronger than him, he had to use it. When the lightning fell on the Wheel of Evil, it was completely enveloped by the lightning immediately, creating crackling sounds. Suddenly, it broke to pieces and turned into dust.

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