Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1332 – Massacring All Directions

Chapter 1332 – Massacring All Directions

Ma.s.sacring All Directions

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*Argh…* *Argh…* *Argh…*

Innumerable blood-curdling screams rang out. Countless demonic devils thought as if they had received the cruellest punishment from the Heavens and Earth. There were wails and roars. When the Buddha Light landed on them, their bodies began to erode and rot, then eventually broke apart.

The demonic devils seemed to be suffering endless pain. They shrieked at the top of their lungs. The creepiness was indescribable. These devils now seemed like clowns that couldn’t withstand daylight, and Tyrant’s Buddha Light was the strongest brilliance of all.

That was the ancient light exuded from the Dao Light Buddha Body. It was the greatest enemy of demonic devils. No demonic devil would be able to bear the suppression of the Dao Light Buddha Body unless its cultivation was many times stronger than Tyrant’s.

The demonic devils fell bulk after bulk. This scene was even more spectacular compared to Jiang Chen’s. There was a saying that said ‘a man can be as strong as a million men as long as he could control the entire army’. This was exactly true to Tyrant’s current situation. He just stood there and the devils died. The human experts weren’t even needed anymore in the battle.

“My G.o.d! This is horrifying. This is truly too horrifying.”

“That’s the unparalleled incarnation of a peerless Buddha. That little monk is probably be the reincarnation of Buddha, otherwise, he wouldn’t be this powerful. The Buddha Light that he casted out did not affect us, but only to those demonic devils, it was like they had met their greatest enemy. The demonic devils who had a weaker cultivation than the little monk died immediately after they were struck with the Buddha Light.”

“As long as City Lord and the little monk are here, these demonic devils are destined to be defeated, these two abnormal humans are just too scary. No wonder the Evil Lord attached so much importance to the City Lord. With the help of City Lord and the little monk, it will only be days away before we truly defeat the Evil Clan and conquer the whole Evil Abyss.”


No one could keep their calm. Tyrant was way too terrifying. Such a scene was too shocking. Without experiencing it themselves, they wouldn’t be able to imagine how powerful Tyrant’s means would be.


Tyrant acted extremely solemn. At this moment, he was like the supreme Buddha that descended from above to redeem all sentient beings from torment. This was the demeanor of a supreme eminent monk. From the moment Tyrant entered the battlefield until now, it was only three minutes of time. Almost half of the devil army had already been killed. The devil army had gone disorientated and lost all of their morale.

“Dammit! Where did this monk came from?”

The intermediate Golden Immortal demonic chief spurted out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were blazing with flames as he did all he could to slip away from his opponent and attack Tyrant frenziedly. His hand was holding a 30 meter Devil Weapon.

“My Buddha’s Mercy. Acala Seal.”

Tyrant lifted his eyes to glance at the demonic chief. There was no trace of fear in his eyes. By using the powerful Dao Light Buddha Body, he struck out the Acala Seal once again. The Acala Seal was the highest dharma seal in Buddha Sect. It was from the secret scripture of Buddha Sect. So when it was casted out with the Dao Light Buddha Body, no one could tell how powerful it was.

The key wasn’t just the power of the Acala Seal, but more importantly, the Buddha essence radiated from it. It could suppress the demonic chief to a certain degree. If the opponent was a normal intermediate Golden Immortal human expert, Tyrant would find it extremely difficult to deal with, however, it was a different case when it came to fighting demonic devils.

Under the suppression of the Buddha Light, the demonic chief couldn’t even exert his normal power. Such a suppression was almost the same as the suppression caused by the True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire.

*Hong Long…*

The enormous dharma seal was akin to a huge mountain. This was the Buddha Mountain. Its surface contained countless lines of Sanskrit that seemed like a scripture that put people’s heart in awe.

When the devil’s Devil Weapon clashed with the Buddha Mountain, it created a large spark. Although the demonic chief had a powerful combat strength, it was still no match for the Acala Seal. The chief was sent flying away from the scene.

*Pu Chi!*

At this time, the intermediate Golden Immortal human expert took the chance and penetrated the devil’s skull with his sword.


The demonic chief went mad. The strike was fatal. His vital force lost rapidly. After a few struggles, he eventually died. The subsequent battle was already certain and there wouldn’t be any more accidents. As soon as the human forces struck back, it wouldn’t take long before all the demonic devils were exterminated, not leaving a single one alive.

“Eminent monk’s divine might is admirable.”

The intermediate Golden Immortal clasped his fists at Tyrant. He expressed his admiration from the bottom of his heart. No matter where or when it was, people would always wors.h.i.+p the strong. In Evil Abyss, Tyrant was destined to be famous.


Tyrant retracted his Dao Light Buddha Body. He didn’t stay in the battlefield. Immediately, he turned into a ray of light, heading towards another battlefield.

Plenty of eyes stared at Tyrant’s image until he vanished completely. Then, they launched the final blow against the devil army.

Compared to Jiang Chen and Tyrant, Big Yellow was the most ferocious. Given his fierce arrogance, he had already gotten rid of two battlefields in a short period of time and was at the edge of the third battlefield now. The battle situation here was the most intense of all because there was a late Golden Immortal demonic devil here.

After arriving at this place, he saw the demonic chief battling with another human expert. The human expert was losing his grip over the battle. It seemed like he was also a late Golden Immortal expert, but he was still no match for the demonic chief.

“The physique of the demonic devils is far more powerful compared to humans. This had given them a great advantage over the human opponent of the same level. However, it seems like this dude is still able to persist a little longer. Meanwhile, Master Dog will go and ma.s.sacre all of them and boost the morale of the human race.”

Big Yellow’s pupils glittered. Given his wisdom, he could already grasp the situation of the battle in a glance.


Big Yellow let out roars that sounded like a dragon’s. His body then began to grow, and then he rushed straight into the battlefield like a small golden hill.

Presently, his cultivation had already reached the peak of the early Golden Immortal realm, one more step to advance to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. He had crazy combat strength. In the previous two battlefields, he had bitten the intermediate Golden Immortal demonic chiefs to death in just a bite.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Big Yellow was like a barbaric bull, rampaging across the battlefield. Every demonic devil that was. .h.i.t was ripped apart. The skull of Big Yellow was particularly deadly. It could kill more tragically than a very sharp Divine Weapon.

*Roar…* *Roar…* *Roar…*

The whole devil army was in disorder. Wails were heard, and countless devils were killed. Blood flowed across the entire battlefield. The ground was cracked. Some Golden Immortal demonic devils quickly surrounded Big Yellow upon seeing what had happened. Unfortunately, their ending wouldn’t be any better than those demonic devils who were already killed. Not even a powerful Great Luo Golden Immortal could stand against Big Yellow’s strike. They couldn’t resist and were run over to death.

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