Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 13 – Money Sent to our Doorstep

Chapter 13 – Money Sent to our Doorstep

Chapter 13 – Money Sent to our Doorstep

Without waiting too long, a long wooden table was placed in front of the pill shop. The fat old man sat down next to it with a peaceful look on his face.

Jiang Cheng placed the big signboard near the entrance, “For those who want to buy Restoration Pills, read this carefully.”

Jiang Cheng held a huge amount of respect towards his young master, and he immediately volunteered himself when he heard that the pill shop was going to sell Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness. Jiang Chen gave him this task to help with the launch.

The crowds became quiet once Jiang Cheng placed the sign, they were all staring at the sign and its big black letters.

【100% effectiveness restoration pill – 4 Gold Coins each】

【Two 60% Effectiveness Restoration Pills plus 3 Gold Coins can be exchanged for one Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness】

【Limited to 3 pills per person every day】

The signboard clearly stated the rules when buying Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness. Buying Restoration Pills required money, and when you spend the money, you still had to follow their terms. This was the first time anything like this had happened in Fragrant Sky city.

However, the Restoration Pills were just too attractive, people wouldn’t complain even with a buying condition. Most of the people thought that this was a good decision, limiting the quant.i.ty of what one could buy daily prevented the rich families from buying them all.

“A single Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness is worth 4 gold coins, that’s 4 times as much as the previous price of a Restoration Pill!”

“The price should be considered fair, these are Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness after all. Their value can’t be compared with Restoration Pills that have a 60% effectiveness. It’s already difficult to cultivate, plus it’s so time consuming getting rid of the impurities in Restoration Pills… Furthermore, we can’t completely get rid of those impurities, instead those impurities are storing up in our bodies. But if we had Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness, we wouldn’t have to worry about those impurities. I’m just curious about whether or not the Jiang family really do possess these Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness. I hope they’re not making fun of us all.”

“WA! The Jiang family wants to buy back the Restoration Pills with 60% effectiveness, but… The price it’s just too expensive… I spent 2 Gold Coins on buying 2 Restoration Pills with 60% effectiveness, and if I wanted to exchange them for a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness then I would need to add another 3 Gold Coins, making it a total of 5 Gold Coins… That’s more expensive than just buying a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness directly!”

“This isn’t right at all l, this is highway robbery! But, if the Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness really do exist, I would rather spend more and sell my Restoration Pill with 60% effectiveness!”


Crowds were discussing amongst themselves in front of the shop entrance. The trade rules had successfully attracted a large amount of attention. It was pricey, but if the Jiang family really could provide Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness… Who would be stupid enough to use Restoration Pills with 60% effectiveness?

“Are there really any Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness here?”

Someone shouted. The crowd was still having doubts about this.

“Stop hesitating. Queue up if you want to buy, if not just get lost!”

Jiang Cheng stood on the stairs and pointed his finger towards the crowd, he had an arrogant look on his face.

“I want to buy a pill, here’s 400 Silver Coins.”

A fat man wearing fancy clothes walked up and threw a fat chunk of Silver Coins onto the table. This man was one of the richest people in Fragrant Sky city, and he was a 7th level Qi Jing master, just one step away from reaching the 8th level. If he managed to get a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness then there was a huge chance he would be able to break through.

Four gold coins were not a small amount. A normal family in Fragrant Sky city would not be able to afford it.

There was a saying that on the path of cultivation, talent wasn’t everything that mattered; money was equally important when cultivating. If a person wasn’t talented in cultivation and had no money, then it would be arduous and difficult for him to achieve anything on the path of cultivation.

“Alright, here’s your Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness – hold it properly.”

Zhou Bei Zhen handed over a palm sized box to the fat man. The fat man took the box and opened it, taking the pill out.

“A very powerful pill, the color is warm and translucent… The 70% effectiveness Restoration Pill I bought from the Mu Rong family can’t compare with this… This really is a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness! 4 gold coins is incredibly cheap!”

The fat man shouted with a look of excitement on his face. The surrounding crowds saw the pill in his hand and noticed its color. It was something they had never seen before… They knew this pill was an excellent one!

“Wow, this really is a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness! Although the price is four times higher than before, the quality has been raised by 30% with no impurities in it… The Mayor is so generous to sell it at this price!”

“I want to buy one, even if I have to sell everything I own… I am a 5th level Qi Jing warrior. If I can get a Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness then I will be able to reach level 6 in no time, and I’ll be able to get a decent job!”

“A Restoration Pill with 100% effectiveness, I have never seen one of these before.”

The crowds were roaring, it had been confirmed that the 100% pills were not a hoax. Everyone was excited, for a cultivator at the Qi Jing level, a 100% effectiveness pill was a priceless treasure. Plus, they wouldn’t be able get one even if they had the money.

“Give me one, I will sell all my belongings to buy one!”

“I want one too!”


The fat old man couldn’t help but laugh, the pills were excellent and the crowd was interested. The demand was huge, and they would run out of stock soon. They were guaranteed to make a profit!.

“s.h.i.+t, they are using the Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness to aid their cultivation, the 70% effectiveness pills that we can produce is rubbish… I should just trade them.”

A man walked up and pulled out two 70% effectiveness Restoration Pills together with 3 Gold Coins, he wanted to trade them for a 100% effectiveness Restoration Pill.

“We don’t trade with pills from the Mu Rong family.”

The fat old man said without any hesitation. There were unique and different logos on the pills sold by the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family, so it was very easy to differentiate them. In addition, only the Mu Rong family was selling 70% effectiveness Restoration Pills.

What? Won’t accept the trade?

The man felt annoyed, but he recalled the intense relations.h.i.+p between two families.

“Everyone listen carefully, we won’t accept any pills from the Mu Rong family. If you have pills from the Mu Rong family then you will not be able to trade with us.”

Jiang Cheng shouted out loud.

“Oh G.o.d… Yesterday I bought 10 Restoration Pills from the Mu Rong family…”

“The Jiang family and the Mu Rong family are enemies, it’s only logical that they don’t want to accept pills from the Mu Rong family. f.u.c.k, I won’t buy any pills from the Mu Rong family’s pill shop anymore!”

“f.u.c.k, everyone is going to use 100% effectiveness pills to aid their cultivation… I won’t use anything less than that, if I had known about this earlier then I would have never bought anything from the Mu Rong family… I’m in deep s.h.i.+t now.”

Many people expressed their remorse and were regretting the fact that they bought pills from the Mu Rong family. As for the condition that the Jiang family wouldn’t accept trades involving pills from the Mu Rong family, they didn’t really feel offended considering they all knew about the intense rivalry between the two families.

For the next three days, the Jiang family’s pill shop was performing incredibly . The Restoration Pills with 100% effectiveness were just too good. The demand was so large that they had run out of stock several times. This was mainly thanks to the rich families that kept finding ways to buy more 100% pills.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the skinny old man were extremely occupied as well. They were concocting pills as well as cultivating the Soul Training Skill that Jiang Chen gave them. As for Jiang Chen, he just needed to combine the 60% effectiveness pills into 100% effectiveness pills. This was an easy task for him, much easier than drinking water.

These synthetic pills were being sold for 4 Gold Coins, while the pills that were traded in were mostly ones that they had previously sold. Now they were combining these into 100% effectiveness pills, this was akin to growing money trees.

During these 3 days, the once popular Mu Rong pill shop hadn’t seen a single customer. The pill business in Fragrant Sky city had been monopolized by the Jiang family, even the people once loyal to the Mu Rong family had turned to the Jiang family.

Humans were very realistic, if they can get 100% effectiveness pills then they wouldn’t settle for anything less. Just imagine that while everyone else was using 100% effectiveness pills to aid their cultivation, you were still using something inferior like 60% effectiveness pills. You would no doubt be left behind very soon.

At dawn of the fourth day, there was still a gigantic queue at the entrance of the pill shop, and it had become even longer than the previous three days.

Jiang Chen took some time off after producing a stockpile of 100% pills and making sure that there were enough pills for everyone. At the entrance to the pill shop, he placed two tables down and sat cross legged between them.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the skinny old man sat down beside him, while Jiang Cheng stood behind Jiang Chen, like a loyal bodyguard.

“Young Master, our business has been blazing during these last three days!”

Jiang Cheng said with a joyful look on his face.

“En, not bad.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head, he had expected all of this.

After an hour of witnessing the intense sales and trades of the pills, Jiang Chen started yawning and began to feel bored.

At this moment, two men wearing black clothes and bamboo hats that covered half of their face came up to the counter, these men immediately attracted Jiang Chen’s attention.

“I want three restoration pills, here’s 12 Gold Coins.”

A bag containing 12 Gold Coins was tossed onto the table. The voice underneath the bamboo hat was loud and arrogant, one could tell that he was a young man.

Jiang Chen could immediately tell that this man was a 9th level Qi Jing master, and the other one was at the Early Qi Hai level.

“Take off your bamboo hat.”

Jiang Chen said with a lazy voice.

“I came here to buy restoration pills, why do you care about my bamboo hat?”

The man said again, but this time the arrogance in his voice had increased.

“Because of the situation within Fragrant Sky city, if you need to hide your ident.i.ty and buy our pills… I bet you are from the Mu Rong family.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face. He could easily tell who they were because of the fact that they were hiding their own ident.i.ties, buying pills was not something one should be ashamed off – unless they were from the Mu Rong family.

Many people laid their sights on the two men. Upon hearing “Mu Rong family”, Zhou Bei Zhen and the other also glanced towards them.


The young man let out a cold humph, as he was about to take off his hat the man behind him stopped the young man.

“Uncle Hui, there’s no need to further disguise ourselves, we’ve already been recognized.”

The young man said as he took off his bamboo hat. He was a handsome young man, and it looked like he was about 17-18 years old, with an arrogant look plastered onto his face.

The man standing behind the youngster sighed, he took off his bamboo hat as well. It looked like he was a 50 year old man, and a strong Qi could be sensed from him. He was a strong cultivator at the Early Qi Hai level.

Jiang Chen looked at the young man. It was rare to see a young man capable of reaching the 9th Qi Jing level at his age. He looked familiar as well, hence Jiang Chen searched through his memories and found details regarding this young man.

This was the most talented man in the Mu Rong family, Mu Rong Hao. He reached the peak of the 9th level Qi Jing when he was 19 years old, and was close to breaking through to the Qi Hai level.

A person like this had the qualifications to act arrogant, but it was too bad… He was facing the wrong guy in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

“Humph! Mu Rong Hao, you must have come here to cause havoc.”

Zhou Bei Zhen let out a cold grunt, and grabbed the Golden Coins on the table pretending to throw them away, but he was stopped by Jiang Chen, “Uncle Zhou, why would you want to throw away the money that was sent to our doorstep?”