Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 12 – The Massive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills

Chapter 12 – The Massive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills

Chapter 12–The Ma.s.sive Influence of 100%Effectiveness Pills

Everyone was excited and thrilled.Not only did the Jiang family have a genius alchemist, he had also saved the pill business…There was no way for them to not be excited about that.

“We’ll start selling the 100%effectiveness pills tomorrow, sending the final blow to the Mu Rong family’s pill shop.”

The fat old man said.

“But, only the young master can produce Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness.There’s a very high demand for Restoration Pills in Fragrant Sky city, especially for those big families…Young master alone won’t be able to fulfill the demand.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a frown on his face.

“From now on, three of us will not be needed here…This is a hard blow.”

The skinny old man spread his hands showing his helplessness in saving the pill business.For the first time since he became a respected alchemist, he felt worthless.If the pill shop started selling Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness…There was not much they can do to help.

Jiang Chen who stood aside suddenly had an idea, “Synthetic pills!”

“Synthetic pills?”

The trio looked at Jiang Chen simultaneously, they couldn’t figure out what Jiang Chen meant.

“Concocting pills is a very complex process, but synthetic ones are very simple.I don’t want to hide this from you, but I know one method that can create synthetic pills…Give me two 60%effectiveness pills.I can combined them into 100%effectiveness pills easily.You will continue concocting pills, and I will synthesize them.Furthermore, we are not only selling Restoration Pills in this shop.There is one other pill I will need you guys to concoct.”

Jiang Chen said.This was a perfect idea, producing synthetic pills was an impossible task for ordinary alchemists, but for Jiang Chen who was once the Greatest Saint, pills such as Restoration Pills can be easily synthesized without much effort.

“What?Combine two 60%effectiveness pills into a 100%effectiveness pill?How can this be possible?”

The fat old man felt like vomiting blood again;he had never heard of this method before.

“I know this comes as a shock you guys, but this method really does exist…To tell you frankly, I did eat a lot of pills and gained a lot of experience in concocting pills as a result, but I was also taught by a great teacher…Here’s a skill that can help you train your soul, it should provide great help!”

Jiang Chen had written down a simple skill on a piece of paper that can train one’s soul…It can’t compare with the Mighty Soul Derivation skill, but it’s still better than an ordinary soul training skill.

Jiang Chen handed over the piece of paper to Zhou Bei Zhen.

“Soul Training Skill.”

Zhou Bei Zhen’s voice was shaking as he spoke;as an alchemist he knew better than anyone else how rare a soul training skill is.The soul and Soul Power were the most important things for an alchemist, and the reason why they can’t concoct high level pills was mainly because they don’t have enough Soul Power.If they managed to obtain a Soul Training Skill, it would definitely provide great a.s.sistance.

The two others looked thrilled as well, the trio stood next to each other and stared at the script, the more they read the more excited they became.When they finished reading, they turned their heads.

Jiang Zhen Hai was not an alchemist so he couldn’t understand the value of a Soul Training Skill, but looking at the trio’s expressions, he felt shocked as well.Obviously the script Jiang Chen gave them was another priceless skill, it was something they could only acquire in their dreams.

“What actually happen to Chen’er, did he really meet a great master?”

Jiang Zhen Hai had been surprised by Jiang Chen so many times…First his cultivation level, then Jiang Chen’s great way of dealing with enemies, the Xuan Yuan skill and the Soul Training Skill…He was even able to concoct pills with 100%effectiveness!All of the changes had made Jiang Zhen Hai surprised.

Jiang Zhen Hai couldn’t hold his excitement.Jiang Chen was his son, and he was obviously proud to have such a great son.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the other two old men knelt down, for them it felt like that piece of paper in their hands weighed more than a thousand pounds.

Jiang Chen wasn’t surprised by the trio’s reaction, the skills he had given them was not something ordinary.The Soul Training Skill may be nothing to him, but even the most famous clans in the Qi province would fight to get it.

“Zhou, what are you guys doing, get up quickly.”

Jiang Zhen Hai never expected the trio to react so extremely.

“Young Master, we will never forget your kindness for the rest of our lives!”

Zhou Bei Zhen said seriously.

“Uncle Zhou, get up quickly, this is just an ordinary Soul Training Skill.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile, helping the trio get up.

Hearing Jiang Chen tell them that this was just an ordinary Soul Training Skill…The trio almost fainted.The young master must be pretending he doesn’t know just how extraordinary this skill was, it was so rare that the trio had only heard of it…They just now witnessed it for the first time in their lives.

Jiang Chen was very satisfied with the trio’s reaction.Even though they are loyal to Jiang Zhen Hai, the human heart had always been unpredictable.You had to give them something so that they will remain loyal.

Jiang Chen would leave the Fragrant Sky city sooner or later, his ambition was the whole Saint Origin universe.Before he left he wanted to stabilize everything here, he wanted to help Jiang Zhen Hai buy people’s loyalties.The Soul Training Skill was one of the means to make Zhou Bei Zhen and other old men stay loyal to Jiang Zhen Hai.

The pill business was the main source of income for the Jiang family.Zhou Bei Zhen and the other two old men were the alchemists here, therefore Jiang Chen gave them the Soul Training Skill.

“With this soul training skill, I will have more concentrated Soul Power.It will just get stronger and stronger, I believe I will soon be able to concoct higher level pills.”

“That’s right, with the help of this Soul Training Skill it can even raise our Yuan power, making us achieve higher levels in cultivation.”

The fat and skinny old men both said.

“There will be more rewards waiting for you in future as long as you guys stay loyal to the Jiang family.”

Jiang Chen promised them.

“Don’t worry young master, from now on, our lives are in yours and the Mayor’s hands.”

The fat old man said without hesitation.

Jiang Zhen Hai nodded his head, Jiang Chen had used a great tactic to get their loyalty.

“En, spread the news, tell everyone that starting from tomorrow, our pill shop will sell Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness!”

Jiang Chen said while smiling.

“Haha, that’s great!I wonder how the Mu Rong family will react after we start selling pills with 100%effectiveness tomorrow!”

The skinny old man started laughing out loud.

“Chen’r, in my opinion, those synthetic pills can be valuable.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

“Of course, we will place a sign with our prices at the front door tomorrow.A single Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness will be 4 gold coins.At the same time, we will promote that we can turn useless pills into precious ones.Two pills with 60%effectiveness and 3 gold coins can be exchanged for a Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness.”

Jiang Chen said while laughing.

“Young master, a Restoration Pill with 60%effectiveness is worth one gold coin, is it alright to sell Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness for 4 gold coins?These people will have bought pills with 60%effectiveness for 1 gold coin, so they will end up paying 5 gold coins for one 100%effectiveness Restoration Pill.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a frown on his face.

“Don’t worry Uncle Zhou, once we start selling the Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness…No one will want those 60%effectiveness Restoration Pills.There are many rich families in Fragrant Sky city able to afford the high prices, especially for someone who still has 60%effectiveness pills with them.I’m sure they will come and exchange with us.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Haha, you’re so brilliant young master, using their 60%effectiveness pills and synthesizing them, then selling them back to him to get a profit of 3 gold coins…You are a business genius as well!”

The fat old man said to Jiang Chen while giving him a thumb’s up.

“More importantly, we won’t exchange with the Restoration Pills that the Mu Rong family produced…I want no one to buy any pills from them.”

Jiang Chen said with a cruel look on his face.

Jiang Zhen Hai and trio looked at each other, they all had cruel smiles on their faces.With Jiang Chen’s idea, no one will buy anything from the Mu Rong family’s pill shop, and sooner or later they will have lost their entire pill business in Fragrant Sky city.

“One more thing, don’t tell anyone that I am the alchemist.Just tell them we hired a new master alchemist.”

Jiang Chen said.It was wise to never let your opponent know what you got.

“Alright, Zhou, you are the master of the pill shop.I will let you handle everything related to selling the pills.”

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

“Rest a.s.sured, Mayor.”

Zhou Bei Zhen said with a smile, he was very confident in these 100%effectiveness Restoration Pills.

“Oh, dad, please help me gather all the ingredients listed here.”

Jiang Chen took out the list of ingredients required to concoct the Tiger Restoration Pill and handed it over to Jiang Zhen Hai.He was thinking about asking Zhou Bei Zhen to help him gather the ingredients, but since his dad was here he will just ask him to help gather them.

A frown appeared on Jiang Zhen Hai’s face after looking at the ingredients on the list, “I can find all the ingredients listed here, but soul of a Tiger Demon at the Qi Hai level is going to be hard to find.”

Beast Demons usually had a great amount of Qi and a strong body, if they fought against a human at the same level then the human would usually lose.A Qi Hai level Tiger Demon was very strong and difficult to defeat.Although Jiang’s family possessed many kinds of Beast Demons, a Tiger Demon at the Qi Hai level was just too rare.

“You can’t get it?Try your best and get me one, it must be the soul of a Tiger Demon.”

Jiang Chen said with a frown on his face, he knew that his dad wasn’t lying to him.The soul of a Qi Hai level Tiger Demon was incredibly rare, and if they really can’t find it then he will have to start searching for alternatives.

“Alright, I will get one for you for sure.”

Jiang Zhen Hai kept the ingredients list and left the pill shop.

At the dawn of the next day, a chaotic scene appeared in Fragrant Sky city, all because of a notice by the Mayor–‘Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness for sale today’.

100%effectiveness restoration pill, just by the name it will cause chaos in Tian Xian city.In just an hour after the notice was published, the news had spread to everywhere in Fragrant Sky city.

“Mayor wants to sell 100%effectiveness Restoration Pills, is this for real?”

“I don’t think this is fake news, the Mayor would never release a fake announcement.If they did then their reputation would suffer.A few days ago the Mu Rong family started selling Restoration Pills with 70%effectiveness, and today the mayor’s pill shop just started selling Restoration Pills with 100%effectiveness…The compet.i.tion between the two families is getting fiercer.”

“I’ve never seen a Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness before.I heard that not only does it contain strong powers, there’s not even a slightest bit of impurities in them as well…Every warrior dreams of having one!”

“Let’s go and take a look.If this is real, maybe we will have the chance to see who created those pills!”

With just a single announcement from the Mayor, the entire Fragrant Sky city was sent into chaos.Almost everyone hurried over to the Mayor’s pill shop.Of course, not even one of them could afford a Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness costing4 gold coins, but they can still witness it.The intense compet.i.tion between the Mayor’s family and Mu Rong’s family was also a reason why the public was interested.

At the front entrance of the pill show, huge crowds had gathered and the lively atmosphere could be compared to what happened when the Mu Rong family came to fetch the bridegroom a couple of day ago.The attraction of Restoration Pill with 100%effectiveness